Diablo IV Settling the Tab: Where To Find Torben

June 28, 2023

Settling the Tab is an accessible Diablo 4 side-quest you can complete while exploring The Shrouded Moors area in the Scosglen region of the video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

As such, Diablo 4 Settling the Tab is part of the 47 Scosglen side-quests, and you’ll need to finish all of them, assuming you want to achieve 100% completion in the second explorable region.

In Settling the Tab, you must deliver a message from Niall, a male NPC, to the Under the Fat Goose Innkeeper.

D4 Settling the Tab shouldn’t be hard at all, but just in case you encounter problems, we’ll provide step-by-step instructions in the walkthrough below on how to complete the Scosglen side-quest.

How To Start Settling the Tab Quest in Diablo 4

The side-quest becomes available only after meeting a few requirements.

First, you need to reach Act 2 and the Scosglen region by progressing with the main story.

Then, you need to focus on completing the Dark Omen main-quest.

Finally, you must visit Tirmair, a small village on the south side of The Shrouded Moors area.

It’s worth mentioning that Tirmair has its own Waypoint you can use to fast travel, provided you’ve already been here and have unlocked it.

Once you get to the village by whatever means, fast travel, mount, or simply on foot, you must take the road east of the Waypoint, go down the stairs, and talk to Niall, the NPC leaning on the wooden sticks.

We’ve marked the location of the NPC on the D4 map below, just in case you still can’t find him.

Diablo 4 Settling the Tab becomes available after completing the Dark Omen main-quest

Niall starts talking about how you’re looking like the worldly sort and asks if you can travel to the Under the Fat Goose Inn to let Torben, the Innkeeper, know that he will be there shortly and pay what he owes.

Your new friend likes to drink, and the said Inn has the best ale in these parts.

The task is deemed worthy for a hero like you, so let’s see where exactly you can find this Torben.

Where To Find Torben in Diablo 4

After talking to Niall, you must head to the Under the Fat Goose Inn, which is located in the northwestern corner of the Highland Wilds area, as shown on the next map.

Under the Fat Goose Inn is located in the northwestern corner of the Highland Wilds area

The Inn has a Waypoint of its own as well; you know the drill; if you have the Waypoint unlocked, you can use it to fast travel.

When you’ve reached the Inn, go inside to find Torben in the middle.

Torben is found in the middle of the Under the Fat Goose Inn

Now speak with the Innkeeper to give him Niall’s message; however, it seems you’re the fifth person he’s sent this week.

Doesn’t matter; even if you were sent on a fool’s errand, you got some laughs and the following rewards: XP, Gold, Renown points, and a Cache.

Congratulations are in order, friend! Because you’ve completed Diablo 4 Settling Tab quest and can now focus on other Scosglen side-quests, like The Seer.

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