Diablo IV Tending Nature Side Quest Walkthrough

by Vlad
June 14, 2023

Diablo 4 Tending Nature is one of the two Scosglen side-quests you can play after you conquer the Tur Dulra stronghold in the second region of the video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

Alongside The Diviner, Diablo IV Tending Nature unlocks new side-quests in Tur Dulra, and it is recommended to complete it the moment it becomes available.

For this side-quest, your objective is to help Bearfa, or Moireach’s pet who was severely injured, by crafting a medicine using the following ingredients:

  • Bitterleaf Root
  • Spectral Essence
  • Woodwraith Bark

After you cure Bearfa, you’ll also have to find the poachers that wounded the poor bear. As such, our Diablo 4 Tending Nature walkthrough explains how to complete all objectives and where to find all ingredients needed to save Bearfa.

How To Start the Tending Nature Quest in Diablo 4

To start Tending Nature in D4, you must reach Sanctuary’s second region and start Act 2. Next, you must head west, towards the edge of the map, where you’ll find the Tur Dulra Stronghold.

Clearing the Tur Dulra Stronghold is mandatory for the side quest to become available, and after you turn it into a friendly settlement, the Druids will return. One of them is Moireach, who has a quest for you at the location marked below.

Diablo 4 Tending Nature starts in Tur Durla

When talking to Moireach, she’ll introduce you to her pet Bearfa, a bear injured by poachers.

Your first objective is to find the ingredients on Moireach’s list so she can mix them into a cure for the giant bear.

Open your map, and south of Tur Dulra, you’ll see two search areas; you must explore to find the Tending Nature ingredients. Here is how to get them.

Where To Find Bitterleaf Root in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Bitterleaf Root is a quest item found by harvesting Bitterleaf bushes. It is relatively easy to find, provided you thoroughly explore the search areas on your map.

As you can see below, the D4 Bitterleaf bushes are brown. Keep in mind that while the drop rate is high, it is not a guaranteed drop. This means you’ll likely have to interact with more than one Bitterleaf bush.

To get the Diablo 4 Bitterleaf Root, harvest Bitterleaf Bushes

How To Get Spectral Essence in Diablo IV

Diablo IV Spectral Essence is another Tending Nature quest item, but you’ll have to fight a bit for this one.

That’s because the Spectral Essence is dropped by Vengeful Spirits. Within the search areas, you’ll find many of them, and they look like ghosts.

Again, the drop rate is high, but it’s not a guaranteed drop, so deal with as many Spirits as you can until the Spectral Essence drops.

Diablo 4 Spectral Essence drops from Vengeful Spirits

Diablo 4 Woodwraith Bark Location

The last ingredient on the list you get from Moireach is the Woodwraith Bark.

D4 Woodwraith Bark is found south of Tur Dulra Stronghold, within the search areas, and it is a quest item dropped by Wildwood mobs.

Wildwoods are large walking trees you most likely know from the Chronicling the Old Ways side-quest. Deal with them until the Woodwraith Bark drops.

D4 Woodwraith Bark drops from Wildwoods south of Tur Durla

After you get all three ingredients, head back to Moireach, and she’ll ask you to mix them using the mortar and pestle near Bearfa, the bear.

Interact with the mortar, then heal Bearfa by interacting with her. Now that you saved the bear, it is time to find the poachers who wounded her.

Where To Find the Clues in Diablo 4 Tending Nature

Start by heading south and meet Moireach at the location marked on your map. After talking to her, she’ll want to track the poachers, and you’ll need to find two clues within two search areas. Specifically, you must find and interact with the following:

  • Mutilated Bear – A skinned bear in the center of the first search area
  • Altan – An NPC found in the center of the second search area

After talking to Altan, he’ll reveal the location of the poachers’ camp, which happens to be southwest of his location.

Kill the poachers in the camp to complete the Diablo 4 Tending Nature quest

Head to the last area marked on your map and clear the camp before talking to Moireach one last time.

For finishing the Diablo 4 Tending Nature, you’ll receive 20 Scosglen Renown Points, Gold, XP, and a Leather Cache.

Finally, now it is recommended to check our Diablo IV Scosglen side-quests locations list if you wish to finish all remaining quests in the second region of the game.

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