Diablo IV Chronicling the Old Ways: Where To Find the Runic Tablets

by Vlad
June 13, 2023

Chronicling the Old Ways is the first Diablo 4 Scosglen side-quest you can tackle when entering the second region featured in the latest video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

Diablo 4 Chronicling the Old Ways is a fetch quest requiring you to find three Runic Tablets from wildlife for an NPC named Moreg.

To help you with this objective, our Diablo IV Chronicling the Old Ways walkthrough reveals three possible Runic Tablets locations you should consider investigating if you want to finish Moreg’s side-quest.

How To Start Chronicling the Old Ways Quest in Diablo 4

To start Chronicling the Old Ways in the fourth Diablo video game, you must enter the second region known as Scosglen, following the main quest triggered after the Prologue.

As you descend the hill where you discover Eldhaime Keep, you’ll eventually find Moreg at the location marked below.

Diablo 4 Chronicling the Old Ways starts by talking to Moreg in Westering Lowlands

When talking to Moreg, the druid tells you that the tablets he has, carry the work of his ancestors, but the Gaothmar Grassland wildlife went into a frenzy, thus destroying many of them.

Moreg wants you to find the remaining Runic Tablets—specifically three of them. Let’s see where you can find the three Chronicling the Old Ways Runic Tablets.

Where To Find the Diablo 4 Runic Tablets (Possible Drop Locations)

Diablo 4 Runic Tablets are quest items and random drops found by killing enemies in Gaothmar Grasslands, northwest of Moreg’s location.

The area known as Gaothmar Grasslands is full of enemies, including Blood Clan mobs and Wildwood trees.

While the Runic Tablets can drop anywhere, we recommend visiting the locations we have marked on the following map first.

Diablo 4 Runic Tablets drop from enemies killed within the Gaothmar Grasslands

While investigating them, you’ll be attacked by many Wildwoods, and these are the enemies you’ll want to kill to get the Runic Tablets.

These items do not drop from Blood Clan Khazra mobs, so prioritize the Wildwood trees and remember that they are random drops.

Here is what a D4 Runic Tablet looks like.

Kill Wildwood tress to get the Runic Tablets

After obtaining the 3 Runic Tablets for Moreg, before returning to him, it’s worth knowing that while dealing with the wildlife in Gaothmar Grasslands, there is also a chance to find A History of Scosglen quest item, which is required to complete Braega’s Chronicles side quest for Steward Wilfred.

You may remember him from A Plea for Aid, and if you bring him back A History of Scosglen, you’ll be able to complete not one but two of the Scosglen side quests we have listed.

Now, back to Moreg’s quest. Assuming you got the Runic Tablets, when you return them to him, he’ll tell you that there are many lessons, prayers, and seeds of wisdom to be learned from the tablets you brought.

He’ll reward you with a Herb Cache, and you’ll also receive 20 Scosglen Renown Points, Gold, and XP for completing Diablo IV Chronicling the Old Ways quest.

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