Diablo IV The Traveling Scholar: Where To Find the Druid Artifacts

June 15, 2023

The Traveling Scholar is a Diablo 4 escort quest you can complete in the Scosglen region of the latest video game published by Blizzard Entertainment, and it involves an NPC named Aria.

Diablo 4 Traveling Scholar is mandatory if you want to finish all 47 Scosglen sidequests, and unlike other quests in the Tur Dulra area, it is a bit longer.

The Traveling Scholar also features multiple objectives that require a keen eye, as Aria wants you to find some Druid Artifacts.

Don’t worry, though, because our Diablo IV The Traveling Scholar walkthrough covers all objectives you must complete alongside Aria.

How To Start The Traveling Scholar Quest in Diablo 4

To be able to start The Traveling Scholar quest in Diablo 4, first, you must reach the second act of the video game, thus entering the region known as Scosglen.

Next, you must check the western side of Scosglen, where you’ll find one of the Strongholds named Tur Dulra.

After clearing the Tur Dulra Stronghold, you’ll unlock multiple side-quests because the Druids will return to their former settlement.

One of them is The Traveling Scholar, which starts by talking to Aria, found on the road south of Tur Dulra, at the location marked on our map below.

Diablo 4 The Traveling Scholar unlocks after clearing Tur Durla Stronghold.

After you find Aria near the road, talk to her, and she’ll tell you that she is a scholar of druidic studies and wants to get to Tur Dulra, but the road ahead is too dangerous.

She’ll ask you to accompany her, and on your way to the settlement, she’ll ask you to visit specific landmarks to learn more about the Druids.

The first area she wants to visit is some ruins northwest of your current location, where you have met Aria.

Diablo 4 Traveling Scholar Druid Artifacts Locations

In the Dark Thicket ruins, Aria wants you to find three druid artifacts. These artifacts have fixed locations, and there are three objects you have to interact with.

Interact with the Battered Shield, Stone Pile and Crumbling Basket within the ruins.

Specifically, you’ll want to find and interact with the following:

  • Battered Shield – near the wall of the ruins
  • Stone Pile – on the left side of the Shield
  • Crumbling Basket – on the right side of the ruins

After you find the D4 Travelling Scholar artifacts, head north toward the next search area.

Climb down the mountain wall, and you’ll be able to spot a small altar. Interact with the Worn Carving pictured below.

To progress the D4 Travelling Scholar search by the water for a Worn Carving

Now, you’ll want to get the Worn Carving to Aria in the ruins you explored earlier. When you show it to her, she’ll tell you that it’s a talisman used by Druids to learn to shapeshift.

Where To Find the Waterfall Overlook

Before returning to Tur Dulra, Aria wants to make one last stop by the waterfall overlook. Check your map to see the next search area marked north of your current location.

Travel to the area on your map, and while standing on the stone bridge in front of the waterfall, talk to Aria.

Talk to Aria while standing on the stone bridge

When you start talking to Aria, you’ll get ambushed by a pack of werewolves. Clear all enemies, then speak to the NPC again to complete The Traveling Scholar quest in Diablo 4 and receive your reward consisting of a Gem Cache, 20 Renown Points, XP, and Gold.

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