Diablo IV A Voice From the Past: Where To Find the Vizjerei Vessel

July 4, 2023

Diablo 4 A Voice from the Past is the second quest in the questline with the same name, and you’ll need to finish it for a challenge.

You can see your challenges progress in the collections tab of the game’s menu.

A Voice from the Past is also part of the 44 Kehjistan side-quests, all mandatory if you are a completionist.

The quest will require you to venture into a dungeon, making it a little trickier and longer than most.

As such, check our walkthrough below if you get stuck at any point in D4 A Voice from the Past side-quest.

How To Start A Voice From the Past Quest in Diablo 4

For Voice from the Past, you must first reach Act 4 and the Kehjistan region, then complete the first quest in the questline, The Speaking Stone.

Now that you’ve unlocked the A Voice from Past quest, you must head to the north side of the Southern Expanse area and interact with the Mysterious Shrine, Izel.

To aid you even further, we’ve marked the exact location of the Mysterious Shrine on the following map.

Diablo 4 A Voice From the Past becomes available after completing The Speaking Stone side-quest

It seems that there is somebody trapped inside the Shrine, more exactly, an arrogant woman named Izel.

The woman will allow you to assist her and says that in a nearby cave, there is a suitable vessel required for her transfer.

You need to look for a magically-sealed chest inside the cave, which is the Conclave dungeon.

Where To Find the Vizjerei Vessel in Diablo 4

Thus, to retrieve the Vizjerei Vessel, you must enter the dungeon, which is located in the northeastern corner of the Southern Expanse area, as shown on the next D4 map.

The Conclave dungeon is located in the northeastern corner of the Southern Expanse area

Once inside the dungeon, carefully explore it while completing its objectives.

At some point, you’ll find the Magically Sealed Chest, and when you open it, the Vizjerei Vessel will be revealed.

Magically Sealed Chest is found inside the Conclave dungeon

Note that when you get close enough to the chest, a blue waypoint will appear on your minimap, so keep an eye on it.

Also, we can’t provide the exact location of the quest item because the dungeon’s layout is random.

After getting the vessel, you can continue with the dungeon’s objectives to obtain some extra loot and the Aspect of the Changeling’s Debt.

Then, you can exit the dungeon and head back to the Shrine where you’ve started the quest.

Izel will be pleased in an arrogant way and will ask you to place the vessel in front of the statue.

Upon doing so, talk to Izel yet again to find out what’s next, and she will tell you that the vessel will house her until more permanent arrangements can be found.

Also, Izel’s athenaeum holds the answers, but for now, you’ve completed Diablo 4 Voice from Past side-quest. As you’re probably curious how the questline ends, you can start the next and final quest, Izel of the Vizjerei.

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