Disney Dreamlight Valley Wanted Aliens: Where To Find The Alien Toys

January 6, 2023

Disney Dreamlight Valley Alien Toys are items you must find for Woody in the Wanted: Aliens friendship quest featured in the Toy Story Update of the video game developed by Gameloft.

After you craft a new Claw Machine in the Wanted: Alien quest, it’s time to find the remaining 4 Alien Toys, which is not that easy because you only have general locations to look for the little green guys.

So, provided you don’t want to leave Woody hanging, follow the guide below and easily collect the 4 Disney Dreamlight Valley tiny green toys.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Alien Toys Locations

First, here is where the video game tells you to look for the toys:

  1. Under Dazzle Beach’s sand.
  2. Frozen in ice near a waterfall.
  3. In Scar’s Cave.
  4. In the ground near the Giant Willow.

To help you find the quest items faster, here is a map with their exact locations.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Alien Toys Locations

And if you want additional instructions for each item, here is how to get them.

Alien Toy #1: Buried In The Sand

The first Alien Toy is buried in the sand of the Dazzle Beach area.

More precisely, in the northeastern part of the Biome, near the entrance to the cave where you met Ursula for the first time, at the location marked on our map.

The Shovel tool is needed to get the toy.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Alien Toys Locations Guide

Alien Toy #2: By The River

For the next quest item, you’ll have to go to the Frosted Heights area at the second spot pinpointed on the map above.

Look for the green toy in a block of ice by the river.

You’ll have to use your trusty Pickaxe to get the toy out of the ice.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Alien Toys Where To Find

Alien Toy #3: In Scar’s Cave

The third Disney Dreamlight Valley Alien Toy in the Wanted: Aliens quest is pretty straightforward, taking you to Scar’s Cave.

If you forgot where to find Scar’s Cave, just go to the northeastern corner of the Sunlit Plateau area, as shown on our map.

Once in the Cave, head to the other side, and you’ll find the green toy lying on the ground.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Alien Toys How To Get

Alien Toy #4: Near A Wooden Bridge

Now go to the Giant Willow in the Glade Of Trust area for the last Alien Toy.

The Giant Willow is found in the middle of the Biome, and the quest item is buried near a wooden bridge close to the big tree.

You’ll have to use your Shovel again to get the little guy out.

Where To Find All 4 Disney Dreamlight Valley Alien Toys

Nicely done, Villager! You can now give the 4 Disney Dreamlight Valley Alien Toys to Woody, finishing up the Wanted: Aliens friendship quest.

Remember to check our Disney Dreamlight Valley Wiki Hub here if you need help with other quests in the game, and if you have questions, let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. I got the first 8 alien toys and the rest of them haven’t shown up anywhere over the last week.. I check everyday and even talked to Buzz to see if I am missing something.. getting fustrated! Can’t finish the quest. I have read everything on it and nothing helps

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