Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Level Up Ariel’s Friendship

Written by Alexandru Popescu
Edited by Vlad Susanu
October 2, 2022

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, Ariel is a tricky character to level up because she doesn’t leave the water, at least not until you complete Prince Eric’s quest, Part Of His World (covered in this guide).

However, you have to level up Ariel until you get to do Eric’s quest, so you need to find a way for the little mermaid to reach level 10 without relying on the XP that normal characters get from hanging out with you.

Therefore, checking the guide below is a good idea if you need pointers on how to level up Ariel, who you probably know from Disney’s animated film The Little Mermaid (1989).

How To Get Ariel To Friendship Level 10 In Disney Dreamlight Valley

First of all, you have to unlock the little mermaid, and you can do it easier by following our How To Unlock Ariel Guide here.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Level Up Ariel

Then you can focus on leveling her up, but assigning her as a companion is impossible because she can’t leave the water.

The best increase in XP is gained by having your daily discussion with the little mermaid and gifting her the three favorite things of the day.

But again, you run into a problem because you can use these methods only once a day, and if you are in a hurry, you need an alternative.

So as you probably figured out, there is only one thing you can do: give the little mermaid a lot of gifts.

However, it’s essential to give her things that significantly boost XP because otherwise, you’re wasting time and resources.

Thus, I suggest you gift Ariel only Flowers and Gems; and hopefully, Prince Eric doesn’t get the wrong idea.

Gems provide the most XP, followed by Flowers, so start farming these two resources.

Gems may be a little harder to find, but you should have no problems with the Flowers.

Of course, the more Biomes you have unlocked, the faster you’ll get enough resources.

Now, get the little mermaid to level 10 to unlock more quests and rewards.

Ariel’s Friendship Level Up Rewards

Below you can see the complete list of rewards you get for leveling up the mermaid, just in case you want to know what they are.

Friendship LevelReward
Level 2Furniture Item: Lagoon Mirror
Level 3Fork outfit overlay that can be placed on your customized clothes
Level 4500 Star Coins
Level 5Wardrobe item: Green Off-the-Shoulder Shell Shirt
Level 6Bubbles outfit overlay
Level 71000 Star Coins
Level 8Furniture item: Coral Reef Lounge
Level 9Colored outfit overlay
Level 10Wardrobe items: Ariel’s Seafoam Gown & Ariel’s Seafoam Suit
Disney Dreamlight Valley Level Up Ariel Friendship Rewards

Great job, Villager! You’ve leveled up Ariel and got all the nice rewards from her in the Early Access version of the video game developed by Gameloft. Now, you can do the same for Ursula and level her up easier by following our tips here.

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