Disney Dreamlight Valley The Mysterious Wreck: How To Repair The Wrecked Raft

Written by Alexandru Popescu
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September 17, 2022

Mysterious Wreck is a hidden Disney Dreamlight Valley quest you can complete in the Dazzle Beach area to get 500 XP.

The XP is always welcomed, but the best part of completing The Mysterious Wreck is that you unlock a quest where the reward is getting Ariel back to the Valley.

Ariel is another character in the video game developed by Gameloft, who comes with her own quests, so unlocking her will bring more playtime.

However, you might never get to do the said quest because, in order to start it, you have to find an item that can be easily missed if you don’t pay close attention to the environment.

But no worries, because in the walkthrough below, you have all the information needed to complete Mysterious Wreck.

How To Start Mysterious Wreck In Disney Dreamlight Valley

The first thing you want to do is go to the small island on the southeast part of the Dazzle Beach Biome; the exact location is marked on the following map.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Mysterious Wreck Quest Walkthrough

You have to go through water to reach the island, but you won’t have any problems in doing so because the water level is very low; you’ll barely get your feet wet.

Once on the small island, go to the south side, and you should see raft wreckage.

On the sand near the wrecked raft is a brown paddle which you have to pick up.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Mysterious Wreck Where To Find Brown Paddle

The Mysterious Wreck quest starts immediately after you pick the paddle from the beach of the small island.

Bring the paddle to Goofy, and he will tell you what materials you need to gather to repair the wrecked raft in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How To Get Hardwood

The first material you need to gather is 30 Hardwood, and you can find it in the following areas:

  • Forgotten Lands
  • Frosted Heights
  • Sunit Plateau
  • Glade of Trust
  • Forest of Valor

I suggest unlocking as many zones as you can from the list above because the material is quite rare, and you need plenty of it.

The Disney Dreamlight Valley Hardwood looks like reddish-brown branches, and they can be found on the ground, as shown in the next image.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Mysterious Wreck Where To Find Hardwood

How To Get Rope

Upon getting the Hardwood, let’s see how to procure the Rope needed for the reparation of the mysterious wrecked raft.

The process of getting the material is a little tricky so pay attention.

You first need to gather 5 Seaweed and use it to craft 40 Fiber.

Then, use the 40 Fiber to craft 7 Rope.

It sounds complicated, but it’s actually not because all you need is the 5 Seaweed which can be obtained really easily.

Go to any water source because you’ll have to fish the Seaweed. Check this guide if you didn’t master the art of fishing yet.

Equip your Fishing Rod by pressing the RT button on your Xbox controller, then aim the tool at the water and fish away.

Be careful not to aim at the ripples because you don’t want to catch fish this time.

You still can catch fish sometimes, even if you miss the ripples, but it should mostly be Seaweed.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Mysterious Wreck Where To Find Seaweed

Once you have the 5 Seaweed go to a Crafting Station and interact with it.

Select the Fiber in the Refined Material tab, put the necessary quantity, and press Make to craft the material.

Do the same but with the Rope, also in the Refined Material tab.

You should now have the 7 Rope so let’s move on.

How To Get Clay

Another material needed for the partially destroyed raft in Dazzle Beach is Clay which can be found in the following areas:

  • Glade of Trust
  • Sunlit Plateau
  • Forgotten Lands

I suggest getting the Clay in the Glade of Trust Biome because you have access to the area pretty early in the game, provided you have the Dreamlight to unlock it.

Once in the said area, all you have to do is equip your Shovel (press RT) and start digging everywhere.

There is a chance Clay will pop off from the hole you dug, but it’s not guaranteed, so you’ll have to spend a little time, not too much, though. Alternatively, refer to our Clay Farming guide here.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Mysterious Wreck Where To Find Clay

How To Get Iron Ingot

The last material you need to repair the raft is 10 Iron Ingots.

Iron Ingot can be crafted, and you need 50 Iron Ore and 10 Coal Ore to make just enough.

Coal Ore can be found everywhere, and Iron Ore can be found in these Biomes:

  • Forest of Valor
  • Glade of Trust
  • Sunlit Plateau
  • Frosted Heights
  • Forgotten Lands

Just like for the Clay, I suggest going to Glade of Trust because here you’ll have a higher chance of finding it.

After reaching the mentioned area, equip your Pickaxe (press RT) and start mining the black rock deposits on the mountain walls.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Mysterious Wreck Where To Find Iron Ingot

The deposits respawn often, so you should have no problems farming them and getting the needed materials fast.

Also, note that you can get both Iron Ore and Coal Ore in the same way, mining the black deposits.

How To Craft The Raft Repair Kit

Now that you are done with the materials, go see Goofy, and he will tell you to craft the Raft Repair Kit at a Crafting Station.

So, interact with a Station, go to the Functional Items tab, select the Raft Repair Kit from the list, and press the Make button.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Mysterious Wreck Quest Guide

Now return to the place where you’ve found the damaged raft and the brown paddle.

Interact with the raft to repair it and complete Disney Dreamlight Valley The Mysterious Wreck.

The Lonely Island Quest

Once you’ve repaired the Raft, you can embark on it and go to a lonely island where you’ll find Ariel, another character you can bring to the Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Mysterious Wreck Lonely Island Ariel

Upon talking to the little mermaid, you’ll have to return to Dreamlight Valley and place Ariel’s Sea Castle in the water near Dazzle Beach.

So, press Y, go to the Furniture tab, select Ariel’s icon under requests, and then press A on the icon with her Sea Castle.

Position the castle in the water so that the area under it is highlighted green, like in the next screenshot.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Mysterious Wreck Lonely Island Ariel House

Now you have to welcome Ariel to the Valley with fireworks and selfies.

Then all that you must do is find Ariel with the help of your map and talk to her, completing Lonely Island in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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