Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Unlock Stitch

Written by Alexandru Popescu
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January 7, 2023

Disney Dreamlight Valley Stitch is a blue alien who looks like a koala and first appeared as a fictional character in the Lilo & Stitch franchise.

And after the release of the Disney Dreamlight Valley Toy Story Update, you can actually bring Stitch to the Village.

However, you first have to complete three hidden quests, and the bad news is that it will take you at least ten days in real time to do so.

So, if you don’t carefully explore the Valley after the update’s release date, you might never see the little blue alien in the video game developed by Gameloft.

Therefore, in the following guide, we’ll go over all the quests you must complete to eventually get Stitch to join you in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How To Complete The Mistery Of The Stolen Socks

To start the first quest required for unlocking Stitch, you need to head to the Dazzle Beach Biome.

More precisely, to Skull Rock, the small island in the southeastern corner of the area, the one with the giant skull rock (yes, it’s all in the name).

Once there, look for a Slimy Stocking on the sand; the exact location may not be the same for all the players, but the island is pretty small, and the quest item should be around, just like in the following screenshot.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Unlock Stitch

Because the stocking has the initials “DD” sewn into the lining, you can figure out that it belongs to Donald Duck, so head to the Villager and see what he has to say.

It seems all sorts of stuff started disappearing from his house, and the NPC has been seein’ a bunch of funny lights streaking across the sky (this has Stitch written all over it).

Now you have to go to Donald’s house and see what you can find.

Once in the house, look for a clue by removing the trash.

You’ll soon find a Strange Device, which you should take to Donald.

When the angry duck gets the Strange Device near the Slimy Stocking, the screen displays the following message: DNA MATCH. AUTHORIZATION 33% COMPLETE.

So, it seems you must find more DNA to get full authorization. However, the Disney Dreamlight Valley Mistery Of The Stolen Socks quest ends.

But don’t worry; you’ll find another sock to start the following quest.

The sad part is you’ll have to wait five days for it to appear.

How To Complete The Sock-Stealing Space Alien Strikes Again

After five days in real-time, go to the Peaceful Meadow Biome and look for the next sock by the pond closest to the stairs leading to Dazzle Beach.

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Unlock Stitch

However, the quest item might not be in the same place for you, so look around for an orange sock, as shown in the image above.

Upon picking up the Chewed-Up Sock, you have to find the Villager who owns it.

This sock has a “G” sewn into it, so go see Goofy.

You’ll hear the same story as you did from Donald, missing stuff and funny lights in the sky.

The next step is to go to Goofy’s house and look for a clue.

You know the drill, remove the trash, and the clue will be yours. It’s some Blue Fur, and you can bring it to Donald to see what the Strange Device says.

This time you have the message: DNA MATCH. AUTHORIZATION 66% COMPLETE.

It seems we’re getting close, and it becomes clearer that the DNA belongs to Stitch.

But for now, Disney Dreamlight Valley The Sock-Stealing Space Alien Strikes Again quest comes to an end, and you must wait another five days. Annoying, right?

How To Complete Built To Destroy

Fast forward five days into the future, and another sock can be found, this time in the Forest Of Valor Biome.

We found the quest item near the Frosted Heights’ entrance by the stream.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Where To Find Sock

The owner of this sock is a little trickier to find because you have to ask around a bit.

So, you’ll have to go see and talk to:

  • Mickey
  • Kristoff
  • Merlin

After doing so, you need to go to Merlin’s house and find yet another clue by removing the trash, just like the previous two times with Donald and Goofy.

This time you’ll find a Mysterious Claw which, of course, you should bring to Donald.

Let’s see what the Strange Device says.

It seems you finally have 100% authorization, but now you’ll also get this message: PLEASE PLACE BEACON TO INITIATE LANDING PROTOCOL. KEEP CLEAR FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY.

So, you come to the conclusion that you should put down the beacon on Skull Rock to be safe.

As such, head to Dazzle Beach one more time and place the beacon on the small island in the southeastern corner (where you found the first sock for Donald).

Find a clear space and select the Homing Beacon from the Furniture tab of your inventory.

Then place the beacon and enjoy a short cutscene.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Stitch Unlocking Condition

After the cutscene ends, you’ll have Stitch on the island with you.

Talk to the angry alien, then talk to Donald and find a place for Stitch’s new house.

Now tell Stitch about his new house to complete the Built To Destroy quest.

That’s it, friend! This is how to get Stitch as your neighbor in Disney Dreamlight Valley. He is like every other Villager, so you can give him gifts to level him up and get quests from him.

Also, if you need more guides like this one, check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley Wiki Hub here.

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