Disney Dreamlight Valley You’re My Favorite Deputy: Where To Find The Origami Animals

Vlad Susanu Written by Vlad Susanu
January 6, 2023

Now that you have gathered the two Yellow Daisies and the powerful adhesive Buzz Lightyear gave you in Disney Dreamlight Valley, You’re My Favorite Deputy Realm quest; the next objective is to find the five Origami Animals which are scattered through the Toy Stoy Realm.

Woody is happy that the Yellow Daisies are giving a nice touch to Bonnie’s farm, but the farm still seems empty without the five missing Origami Animals.

The small paper animals are pretty easy to find, but if you don’t want to waste time, check our guide below, and we’ll help you locate all five of them.

Where To Find The Two Origami Animals

These quest items are small folded paper animals scattered around Disney Dreamlight Valley Toy Stoy Realm.

Disney Dreamlight Valley You're My Favorite Deputy Where To Find Origami Animals

Just be aware that there are five different animals in all colors.

Origami Animal #1: Next To A Red Book

To find the first of the Disney Dreamlight Valley Origami Animals, go to the right after speaking to Woody.

More precisely, in the corner, you should see a purple butterfly near a red book with an egg on the cover. You can pick it up by interacting with it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley You're My Favorite Deputy Origami Animals Locations

Origami Animal #2: Behind A Pile Of Books

After you collect the first Origami, continue to the right, and after you pass the two cactuses, you should see a pile of books under the car race track.

The second item is located behind the books and looks like a penguin.

Where To Find Disney All Dreamlight Valley You're My Favorite Deputy Origami Animals

Origami Animal #3: Between The Race Car Track And The Carpet

From the second paper animal location, go back a few steps and make a left turn.

You should see a blue elephant between the race car track and the carpet, as in the following screenshot.

Disney Dreamlight Valley You're My Favorite Deputy How To Get Origami Animals

Origami Animal #4:  Near The Realm’s Exit

Continue forward, and you should find the Realm’s exit in the corner.

The fourth Origami Animal is to the right of a red backpack.

Disney Dreamlight Valley You're My Favorite Deputy Origami Animals Guide

Origami Animal #5: In The Dresser

To find the last paper animal, you must go left and enter the huge dresser.

Now that you’re in the dresser, look to the right, and you should see a tiny green turtle hiding behind the dresser’s door.

Disney Dreamlight Valley You're My Favorite Deputy Toy Story Realm Where To Find Origami Animals

Great job! You gathered the five Disney Dreamlight Valley Origami Animals. Now, you can go back to Woody in the other corner of the room and give him the quest items. Bonnie’s farm is now complete.

Now place Woody’s Carousel in your Village, and You’re My Favorite Deputy quest is finished.

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