God Of War Ragnarok A Stag For All Seasons Favour Guide

November 23, 2022

God Of War Ragnarok A Stag For All Seasons is a Favour or Side Quest very similar to The Lost Lindwyrms because to complete it; you’ll need to find four Mythical creatures for Ratatoskr.

Unlike The Lost Lindwyrms explained here; however, GoW Ragnarok A Stag For All Seasons Favour is a bit shorter because you only have to find 4 Stags, and they are located only in one Realm.

The God Of War Ragnarok Stags are amazing creatures, and you’ll most likely want to find all of them, especially if you aim to get 100% completion in the video game developed by Santa Monica Studio.

Besides the fact that they count as collectibles that will help to complete 100% of the areas where they are found, the Four Seasons Stags must be found to finish Ratatoskr’s quest which is one of the 47 Favours in the game.

Furthermore, by finding all of them, you’ll also unlock the Pure of Hart Trophy for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

How To Start A Stag For All Seasons Favour

A Stag For All Seasons Side Quest can be started automatically by finding the first Stag while playing the Favor named For Vanaheim covered here.

Alternatively, you can start it by talking to Ratatoskr when you return to Sindri’s House. He will eventually call for you, and if you speak to him, you’ll start his second quest.

God Of War Ragnarok A Stag For All Seasons Walkthrouhg

Assuming you answer Ratatoskr’s call for help and start the quest by talking to him, he’ll ask you to take the Feed from the blanket in front of him. This Feed is similar to the Trap he gives you to catch the Lindwyrms, meaning that you won’t be able to approach the Stags without it.

If you don’t talk to Ratatoskr but find one of the Stags, you’ll have to get back to the cute squirrel and get the Feed.

Luckily, the first Stag you’ll find is very close to a Mystic Gateway. Specifically The Overgrown Tower Mystic Gateway in The Plains area of The Crater.

This Mystic Gateway is used to help Birgir return home. On the left side (pictured below), you can see The Stag of Winter.

God Of War Ragnarok A Stag For All Seasons Stags Locations

When you find one of the GoW Ragnarok Season Stags, all you need to do is approach and feed the creature. Now he’ll follow the Arrogant Squirell back to Ratatoskr.

God Of War Ragnarok Stags Locations

Since the Stags count as collectibles, the table below reveals all the locations where you can find them.

By following our guides, you’ll find each Stag and all collectibles you’ll need to achieve 100% completion.

No.Season StagLocationRealm
1.Stag Of WinterThe PlainsVanaheim
2.Stag Of SummerThe JungleVanaheim
3.Stag Of AutumnThe SinkholesVanaheim
4.Stag Of SpringThe Plains (Wishing Well)Vanaheim

After finding the last Stag, the Pure of Hart Trophy unlocks, but remember to return to Ratatoskr if you want to get the rewards for finishing the God Of War Ragnarok A Stag For All Seasons Quest.

You’ll receive the Rond of Disruption and 75 Whispering Slabs, as well as XP for Kratos and Atreus.

Now that you know where to find the four Stags make sure you feed them, and if you need help with other Side Quests or all collectibles in the game, check our Wiki Hub here.

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