God Of War Ragnarok For Vanaheim Favour Guide

November 23, 2022

God Of War Ragnarok For Vanaheim is the first Side Quest you’ll start in The Crater area of Vanaheim, and the most important one because it will lead to a dragon boss fight Kratos has to defeat.

God Of War Ragnarok For Vanaheim Side Quest is one of the 47 Favours in the video game developed by Santa Monica for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 and starts after you reach The Crater at the end of the Scent of Survival Side Quest covered here.

Because the GoW Ragnarok For Vanaheim Quest requires you to save Birgir, and because it will eventually lead to a Celestial Altar and the Western Plains Mystic Gateway, it’s best to focus on it the moment it starts.

To help you find Birgir in The Plains area of The Crater, throughout the following God Of War Ragnarok For Vanaheim walkthrough, we’ll outline the path you have to follow.

How To Start For Vanaheim Favor In The Plains

For Vanaheim starts after reaching The Crater at the end of the paper boat ride, which you’ll take as part of the Scent of Survival Quest.

Upon landing, you’ll be inside some ruins, so follow the tunnel on the left side and the linear path around the ruins.

After activating the Crater Entrance Mystic Gateway, while facing it, climb the wall on the left side, and you’ll trigger a cutscene showing a dragon.

In the distance, you’ll also see a flare coming from Birgir, who needs Kratos’s help. Now, For Vanaheim Quest starts.

God Of War Ragnarok For Vanaheim Walkthrough

How To Reach Birgir’s Location

Before going after Birgir, it’s worth pointing out that in this area, you’ll want to ignore all collectibles and other Side Quests, focusing on the task at hand.

That’s because most of The Plains Collectibles, you’ll need to get 100% completion, can’t be reached without flooding The Plains.

So, you’ll want to ignore them for now, then finish For Vanaheim Favour, followed by the Return of the River Favour, unlocking all areas you’ll have to explore.

With this being said, from where you start the For Vanaheim God of War Ragnarok Quest, jump to the area below, and head west.

Keep sprinting, and you’ll see a larger area behind two pillars (pictured).

God Of War Ragnarok For Vanaheim Favour Walkthrough

Keep moving forward past the pillars and drop into the next area. Approach the edge, hug the left side, and then jump to the next platform.

Your objective is to get to the branch marked in the following screenshot, where you’ll see a grappling point.

God Of War Ragnarok For Vanaheim Favor Walkthrough

After swinging on the other side, climb the wall ahead and turn left to spot the Celestial Altar in the distance. That is your next destination, except that it’s not very accessible.

Now, head towards the Celestial Altar, and look around to spot a gate blocked by some roots (marked by the right arrow in the screenshot below).

God Of War Ragnarok For Vanaheim Quest Walkthrough

The blocked Plains gate is the only obstacle standing between you and Birgir’s location, but you’ll need to change the time of the day to remove the roots. So, you’ll need to get to the Celestial Altar by following the path marked by the left arrow in the picture above.

Go past the large rock between the Celestial Altar and the blocked gate, then hug the left side of the mountain. After jumping over a stone pillar, you’ll get to the edge of the hill.

In the area below, you’ll see a rather large cave (see the following screenshot).

God Of War Ragnarok For Vanaheim Side Quest Walkthrough

Get inside the cave, then swing over the two gaps in front of you. In the next area, ignore the tunnel on the right side, and climb the large wall on the other side.

When you reach the top, turn left, and you’ll see the Celestial Altar below.

God Of War Ragnarok For Vanaheim Side Quest Guide

As mentioned, to reach Birgir’s location and complete the God of War Ragnarok For Vanaheim quest, you’ll need to use the Altar and switch from day to night.

This is a mandatory step for unlocking the gate we discovered earlier.

So, approach the Altar, and after interacting with it, you’ll want to destroy the metal plate at the edge of the area where the Altar is found. This will create a shortcut you can also use to descend to the ground.

God Of War Ragnarok For Vanaheim Side Guide

Great job! Now clear the area and deal with the Troll in front of the gate (pictured above on the left side).

After the area is clear, open the iron gate, and follow the linear path behind it until you get to a small crossroads.

On the left side, you’ll see a Red Chest you can open if you want to face a mini-boss named Vali The Oath Guard.

If you want to continue looking for Birgir, follow the path on the right, and squeeze through the wall. Stay alert because you’ll need to deal with The Plains Dragon in the next area.

After defeating the God of War Ragnarok Crimson Dread Dragon, look around to spot a Ygrassil Rift containing one of the Lost Lindwyrms. You can also find one of Odin’s Ravens in a hole.

When ready to find Birgir, climb the wall of the tower on the other side of the area

God Of War Ragnarok For Vanaheim Birgir’s Location

After reaching the top, you’ll find Birgir on the right side. Talk to Birgir and interact with The Overgrown Towrt Mystic Gateway nearby to complete the quest.

When you exit the tower, you’ll see one of the 4 Stags For All Seasons on the left side. If you have already started the A Stag for All Seasons Favour, make sure you interact with it.

God Of War Ragnarok For Vanaheim Favor Guide

Finally, if you want to save a lot of time, upon activating the Gateway above, head back to the Western Plains Mystic Gateway because now you’ll want to start the Return of the River Favor before attempting to retrieve any of The Plains Collectibles we’ve covered here.

As usual, check our GoW Ragnarok Wiki Hub if you need help with any other Favors or collectibles in the game.

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