God Of War Ragnarok In Service Of Asgard Favour Guide

November 9, 2022

God Of War Ragnarok In Service Of Asgard is the first Favor you can complete while following The Quest For Tyr main quest in the video game developed by Santa Monica Studio for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

God Of War Ragnarok In Service Of Asgard Favor becomes available in the dwarf town named Nidavellir, and you’ll be able to start it after finding Raeb, the local dwarf bard, inside the tavern.

In Service Of Asgard God Of War Ragnarok Favor requires you to find and shout down 3 Mining Rigs scattered around the Bay of Bounty area in Svartalfheim, or the first Realm you’ll get to explore as Kratos and Atreus.

To shut down the three furnaces, you’ll have to access the following locations:

  • Althjof’s Rig
  • Radsvinn’s Rig
  • Modvitnir’s Rig

Besides the fact that the Mining Rigs will help the Nidavellir dwarves, they also count as objectives that will help you obtain 100% completion in the locations listed above.

This means that they are mandatory alongside all collectibles in their regions. Last but not least, by finishing In Service Of Asgard Favor, you’ll obtain Nidavellir Ore, 500 XP for Kratos, and 125 XP for Atreus.

As such, if you need help completing the first God Of War Ragnarok Favor, throughout the following In Service Of Asgard walkthrough, we’ll tell you where to find the 3 Mining Rigs and how to shut them down.

How To Start In Service Of Asgard Favor In Svartalfheim

In Service Of Asgard can be started by talking to Raeb, the dwarf inside the Nidavellir tavern. It is the same bard you’ll have to visit after reaching Nidavellir during The Quest For Tyr.

Once you talk to him to progress the main quest, a small blue marker appears above his head.

Talk to him again, and he’ll joke about Mimir, who will eventually tell you that it is best to find the three Mining Rigs and destroy them.

God Of War Ragnarok In Service Of Asgard Walkthrough

Now, In Service Of Asgard is triggered, and you can track it in the Goals menu. Your objectives are:

  • Shut down Althjof’s Rig
  • Shut down Radsvinn’s Rig
  • Shut down Modvitnir’s Rig

Now, let’s take them one by one and see what you have to do.

Shut Down Modvitnir’s Rig

God Of War Ragnarok Modvitnir’s Rig is the first rig we’ll cover because it’s the closest one.

But first, you have to exit the Nidavellir tavern, so while facing Raeb, head left through the small wooden door that leads to the other side of the town.

Once you exit, you’ll trigger a small tutorial that will teach you how to use the markers on your map after you get Sindri’s compass.

Now, after the tutorial, head down the alley ahead of you, and you’ll get to a dock. Remember to scout the area looking for as many Nidavellir collectibles as possible. Refer to our complete Nidavellir collectibles guide here to get them.

Upon reaching the dock, hop into the boat, and follow the river ahead as it leads to the Bay of Bounty.

Now open your map, and head northwest towards the large furnace with some black smoke above. You can see it below.

God Of War Ragnarok Modvitnir’s Rig Location

Upon getting close to Modvitnir’s Rig, dock your boat near the beach. Now your objective is to reach the upper section.

Obviously, on your way up, you’ll want to get all Modvitnir’s Rig collectibles we covered here. To reach the rig from the beach, climb the stone ledge ahead and deal with the small critters.

Now, head right and climb the next ledge using your Blades of Chaos; then, you’ll see a gate.

Use the Leviathan Axe and throw it at the plate on the right side to open the iron gate.

God Of War Ragnarok Modvitnir’s Rig Gate

Jump over the gap behind the gate, then climb the wooden structure. Now head left around it, then go up.

On top of the tower, deal with the Wild Wretches that attack you, then open the Legendary Chest to get a Musphelheim Seed Half.

While standing on top of the structure where you found the chest, look up to notice a grappling point on top of a crane—Press O to launch yourself over the next gap.

The next part is a bit trickier because there is another gap you’ll need to cross.

Turn left while facing it, and notice the yellow plates on the crane (pictured below).

God Of War Ragnarok In Service Of Asgard Modvitnir’s Rig Crane

Throw the Leviathan Axe and hit the plate on the right side to rotate the crane once, then use the same grappling point to jump over the gap.

Now, you’ll want to climb the hill ahead of you using the chain. On top of the mountain is the Modvitnir’s Rig, guarded by a troll.

To shut down Modvitnir’s Rig in God Of War Ragnarok, first deal with the troll and the mobs around it.

Now, approach Modvitnir’s Rig furnace (also pictured below), and interact with it, then push the left thumbstick in the direction prompted on your screen.

God Of War Ragnarok In Service Of Asgard Modvitnir’s Rig Shut Down

For shutting down Modvitnir’s Mining Rig, you’ll get the following rewards:

  • 2 Forged Iron
  • 500 Hacksilver
  • 1 Nidavellir Ore

Great job! Now, head back to the beach to find the next Mining Rig.

Shut Down Radsvinn’s Rig

The second God Of War Ragnarok Mining Rig we’ll shut down for In Service Of Asgard Favor is Radsvinn’s Rig, located northeast of the previous furnace.

Use your boat to get to the marker on the map, and you’ll find The Watchtower Boat Dock.

After docking your boat, move inland, and on the left side, you’ll find one of Sindri’s Shops.

Head northeast from the shop and climb the first hill using the Blades of Chaos. Now, climb the wooden platform pictured below, and you’ll find Radsvinn’s Rig.

God Of War Ragnarok In Service Of Asgard Radsvinn’s Rig Location

As you can notice, this Mining Rig is more accessible, and follows the same logic, meaning that first, you’ll need to deal with all enemies in the area, then you’ll need to approach the furnace’s gate.

Upon shutting down the God Of War Ragnarok Radsvinn’s Mining Rig, make sure you get all collectibles available in the area (check our guide here), then head back to the boat.

Shut Down Althjof’s Rig

The third and final Mining Rig you’ll need to shut down to complete the God Of War Ragnarok In Service Of Asgard Favor is Althjof’s Rig.

It is located northwest of the second one above, so get in your boat and head toward the last marker or the last furnace with black smoke.

Once you reach Althjof’s Rig Boat Dock, get ready for a small puzzle and follow the steps below to complete it.

From Althjof’s Rig Boat Dock, climb the golden chain to the next section, where you’ll see a wheel.

Go around it; then, on the right side, you’ll notice a grappling point (pictured below).

God Of War Ragnarok In Service Of Asgard  Althjof's Rig Guide

Use the Blades of Chaos to pull the platform down, then head back to the wheel on the right side and push it up.

This will lower a second platform in the center of the area. Go back to the first platform you lowered and jump on it, then use the grappling point on the second platform to get across the other side of the area.

Excellent job; now destroy the red barrels on the left side using your Blades of Chaos, then head left.

Above another red wall, you can destroy, you can see a climbing point. Use it to go up, then hit the metal plate on the left side to create a shortcut to the starting area.

Next, you’ll want to open the large iron gate on the right side; then, while looking down, you’ll see another red barrel you can set on fire to remove the red walls next to it.

God Of War Ragnarok In Service Of Asgard  Althjof's Rig Location

From your current location, drop to the lower level, then head left, following Atreus. Climb the wooden wall, then move left, following the drawings on the wall.

When you reach the other side, pull yourself up, and while standing at the edge of the wooden platform, press O to launch Kratos into the air and smash the stone slab on the floor below.

In the area below, first, deal with all enemies, then look for another red grappling point in the center of the Mining Rig (above the water).

Release it using the Blades of Chaos, then head back to the upper floor and the wooden wheel.

Interact with the wheel, but this time pull it down, and you’ll raise the platform in the distance (pictured).

God Of War Ragnarok In Service Of Asgard  Althjof's Rig Puzzle

Awesome! Now, from the wooden wheel, head left and use the shortcut you created by removing the plate earlier, and you’ll get to the upper floor.

Here you’ll want to use the central platforms to move to the other side of the Mining Rig, where the furnace awaits.

Simply climb the next wall and get to Althjof’s Rig in Svartalfheim. Obviously, you’ll have to deal with a pack of enemies before interacting with the furnace.

After you shut down the Althjof’s Rig, you’ll get the following items:

  • 2 Slag Deposits
  • 1 Nidavellir Ore
  • 500 Hacksiler

Last but not least, you’ll receive all rewards for completing the God Of War Ragnarok In Service Of Asgard Favor, so feel free to explore the location looking for all Althjof’s Rig collectibles we outlined here. Alternatively, you can check our God Of War Ragnarok Favours list here.

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