Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Mount Gustaf Well Location Guide

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May 16, 2023

Considering its size, the Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Mount Gustaf Well is one of the richest Wells in the Central Hyrule area of the video game developed by Nintendo, and also one of the most dangerous because once you enter the underground cave, you’ll be welcomed by two Like Like creatures.

Because of the high amount of materials, you’ll find inside, the Legend Of Zelda ToTK Mount Gustaf Well is nevertheless a landmark you’ll most likely want to explore; however, before visiting it, it’s best to stock up on Arrows, Fire Fruits and Bomb Flowers.

These items will help you get rid of the worm-like creatures known as Like Like, so you can freely explore the linear Mount Gustaf Well we’ll cover in the following location guide.

Where To Find The Mount Gustaf Well In Legend Of Zelda ToTK

Mount Gustaf Well is found just south of Ishodag Shrine on the road leading to the Hyrule Ridge area. You can see its location on the following map, and the exact coordinates are -0931,0344, 0032.

Mount Gustaf Well is found south of Ishodag Shrine

If you completed the Ishodag Shrine Puzzle, the fastest way to get to Mount Gustaf Well is to fast-travel to the shrine and then move south.

The Well is found in a deserted village by the road and is hard to miss. Once you find it, jump inside.

How To Get The Mount Gustaf Well Chests

Besides the crafting materials we’ll outline below, in Mount Gustaf Well, you can also find two Chests containing a Wooden Shield and Soldier’s Bow.

To get them, though, first, you must deal with the Like Like monsters hanging on the ceiling.

As such, after you drop into the Well, start with the Like Like on the left side while facing the tunnel ahead.

Maintain a safe distance from it, then shoot an arrow into the creature’s mouth. Aim for the center, and you’ll see a red tongue when the mouth opens.

Shoot a second arrow to stun the Like Like, which will fall to the ground allowing you to attack the tongue with your melee weapon.

Obviously, attaching various materials (especially Bomb Flowers) to your arrows will help you deal with the hanging tentacles faster. Regardless of how you decide to approach these monsters, make sure you kill both of them, and you’ll be able to loot the two chests they drop.

Kill the Like Like tentacles to obtain the chests in Mount Gustaf Well

After dealing with the two Like Like, get the following items from the ground:

  • Traveler’s Claymore
  • 2 Like Like Stones
  • Wooden Shield
  • Soldier’s Bow

Now, look around for two Bomb Flowers and 3 Brightbloom Seeds attached to the cave’s walls by the small pond.

Once you clear the first part of the cave, head deeper inside, where you should see four deposits you can destroy using a blunt weapon. If you don’t have one, Fuse a stone to any weapon in your inventory.

By smashing the deposits, you’ll get the following:

  • 3 Amber
  • 1 Opal
  • 1 Rock Salt

Finally, grab the last Bomb Flower on the wall in the second section of the Well, then head back to the entrance and use Link’s Ascend ability to get out of the Mount Gustaf Well.

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