Sonic Frontiers Kronos Island M-016 Challenge Guide

Written by Alexandru Popescu
Edited by Vlad Susanu
November 9, 2022

Sonic Frontiers M-016 is a Challenge required to unlock the Kronos Island Explorer Trophy/Achievement.

That means you’ll need to explore the Kronos Island area to find this Challenge and figure out how to complete it.

So, if you encounter any problems with Challenge M-016, don’t forget to check our guide below.

Sonic Frontiers Challenge M-016 Location

As shown on the following map, you’ll have to venture to the north side of the Kronos Island area to find this Challenge.

Sonic Frontiers M-016 Challenge Location

The M-016 sign is right in the middle of a zone surrounded by six very tall pillars, which are hard to miss.

Sonic Frontiers Where To Find Challenge M-016

Or, if you’ve just completed Challange M-015, you are already close, so head southwest for a short distance.

How To Complete M-016 Challenge On Kronos Island

Once you’ve found this Challenge sign, you can see a couple of plates on the ground near it, one of them being orange.

If you already did the M-004 Challenge, you can follow the same logic here.

So you first have to step on the orange plate to start the puzzle.

You should see that some of the plates are now blue.

The trick is to walk over the blue plates without touching the other ones.

Once you’ve stepped on a blue plate, its color changes, and you mustn’t return to it.

It seems complicated, but you should eventually succeed, and if you don’t, let me tell you the exact route you must take, starting from the orange plate: up for two squares, left for one square, up for two squares, right for one square, down for one square, right for one square, down for two squares, right for one square, up for one square, right for one square, up for one square, left for one square, and finally up for one square.

Sonic Frontiers How To Complete Challenge M-016

If you make a wrong step, don’t worry! You can restart the puzzle as many times as you want by going to the orange plate again.

Great job, friend! You are done with the Sonic Frontiers Kronos Island Challenge M-016, and you can now focus on other Challenges.

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