Star Wars Jedi Survivor Gorge Crash Site Databank Locations

April 30, 2023

The Gorge Crash Site region on Koboh features four Databank collectibles required if you aim to get 100% completion on the second Star Wars Jedi Survivor planet Cal visits while searching for his old friend Greez.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Gorge Crash Site Databank collectibles require a keen eye, but luckily all of them can be obtained when you first visit the first Koboh region, so you don’t have to backtrack after you unlock new skills or abilities for Cal Kestis.

While it may look confusing at first, Gorge Crash Site is pretty linear, which means that if you take your time exploring it, you’ll be able to find most collectibles in a single run.

Assuming you need help with the Databank scans in the SW Jedi Survivor Gorge Crash Site area, the following locations guide explains where to find them in chronological order.

Koboh Gorge Crash Site Databank Locations Map

On the Star Wars Jedi Survivor collectibles map below you can notice that two Databanks are found close to the Gorge Crash Site Meditation Point, which you’ll find after taking an elevator down from the starting location.

The remaining two require a bit of progression through this area but don’t worry because we’ll tell you how to get to them.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Gorge Crash Site Databank Locations Map

Following the same order as the one on our map, let’s see where to find the objects BD-1 must scan.

Databank #1 (Broken Dredging Machine): In The Middle Of A Pond

The first Databank collectible marked on the map above is pretty easy to spot if you explore the large clearing at the bottom of the elevator.

Once you leave the elevator, head right, and you’ll see a small pond. In the middle is a metal machine. Get close to it, and press - GameClubz/- GameClubz to sense the Echo.

After scanning the Broken Dredging Machine, make sure you also collect the Seed Pod nearby.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Gorge Crash Site Databank Locations

Databank #2 (Broken Mining Droid): Behind The First Databank

After you scan the machine above, only several steps behind it is the second Databank collectible.

Head toward the edge of the area, and you should be able to spot the torso of an old Mining Droid (pictured below).

Make sure you scan it by pressing Down on your - GameClubz the moment BD-1 gets close to it.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Koboh Gorge Crash Site Databank Locations

Databank #3 (Crushed Prospector): Inside A Tunnel

For the next Gorge Crash Site Databank collectibles, you must progress through the area, following the linear path. Eventually, you’ll reach a tunnel, and at the entrance, you’ll have to deal with several Droids.

After defeating them, head inside and look for the second Gorge Crash Site Treasure.

Now return to the main tunnel, and when you take the first right turn, look on the ground to spot the skeleton of a prospector.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Gorge Crash Site Databank Collectibles Locations

Databank #4 (Koboh Tar): In The Middle Of The Tar Pit

For the last Databank in the first area of Planet Koboh, you must push forward, looking for Greez, until you get to a large Tar Pit.

To progress, you must solve the Tar Pit Puzzle, which requires raising the yellow metal platform in the middle of the black swamp.

While standing on the platform looking for a way out, ask BD-1 to scan the black substance.

SW Jedi Survivor Koboh Gorge Crash Site Databank Locations

Now that you have found the last Databank in the Gorge Crash Site area, feel free to continue looking for Greez and if you need help with other collectibles in this region, visit our Star Wars Jedi Survivor Wiki Hub here.

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