Star Wars Jedi Survivor Gorge Crash Site Chests Locations

by Vlad
April 30, 2023

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Gorge Crash Site, or the first Koboh Planet region Cal explores while looking for Greez, features only two Chests collectibles you must look out for if you wish to unlock new customization options for your character.

The Gorge Crash Site Chests are relatively easy to spot if you pay close attention to your surroundings, compared to the Force Tear, for example, which is extremely hard to find.

Furthermore, both SW Jedi Survivor Gorge Crash Site Chests can be retrieved when Cal sets foot on Planet Koboh because they do not require any special skills or upgrades unlocked via story progression.

As such, the guide below explains where to find and how to get the two Gorge Crash Site chests in the latest action-adventure video game developed by Respawn Entertainment.

Koboh Gorge Crash Site Chests Locations Map

On the Gorge Crash Site map below, we have pinpointed the locations of both Loot Chests you must find in the first area of Koboh Planet.

As you can notice, one of them is close to the starting point, while the second one requires you to progress a bit and reach the exit point of the region.

SW Jedi Survivor Gorge Crash Site Chests Locations Map

Following the same order as the one on the map, here is where to look for them in the game.

Chest #1 (Skrapyard Photoreceptors): Close To The Meditation Point

The first SW Jedi Survivor Chest in Gorge Crash Site is found near the Meditation Point; you’ll reach it after a short elevator ride once you learn how Cal Kestis can use BD-1 binoculars.

Take the elevator down to the lower level, then turn left while facing the Meditation Point, and on top of a stone platform by the mountain wall, you’ll see the Chest.

To get it, you have to climb the yellow crates at the bottom of the stone platform. Before going up through, make sure you also collect the Seed Pod nearby.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Gorge Crash Site Chests Locations

Chest #2 (Short Bear): Near The Pit Droid

After opening the first Chest, for the second one, you’ll need to progress through this area and reach the Tar Pit. First, solve the Tar Pit Puzzle, and release the tar into the swamp to raise the metal platform.

Once you get to the next level, you’ll meet a Pit Droid seeking help.

Follow the path up the hill around the Pit Droid, but keep an eye on the right side as you move up to spot the second Chest collectible behind a bush.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Koboh Gorge Crash Site Chests Locations

After securing the second Chest collectible in the Gorge Crash Site region, follow the main path ahead, and you’ll enter the Derelict Dam, a large area filled with collectibles and puzzles.

If you need help with them, consider visiting our Star Wars Jedi Survivor Wiki page here.

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