Starfield False Positives: Where To Find the East Gate

September 10, 2023

Starfield False Positives is the second mission you complete for Keoni Alpin, a woman NPC located in Akila City.

The mission requires you to find out if Keoni’s sensors got sabotaged. In case you forgot, you placed the sensors in the previous mission from Keoni, named Defensive Measures.

The problem is that you’ll have to go outside the city, which can be dangerous because of the Ashta.

Therefore, make sure to check the following walkthrough if you want to complete the Starfield False Positives mission without encountering any problems.

How To Start the False Positives Mission in Starfield

To start False Positives, you must wait 24 hours after completing the Defensive Measures mission.

If you don’t feel like waiting, all you have to do is find a bed and sleep for 24 hours.

It’s worth mentioning that you have a bed on your ship.

When enough time passes, the current mission’s objective should be to talk to Keoni Alpin about Ashta data.

Now, track the mission and follow the blue marker to get to Keoni in front of the Stoneroot Inn in Akila City.

Starfield False Positives mission starting point

Upon talking to the NPC, you learn that she needs your help because the data she is getting from the sensors seems off.

Keoni suspects someone has been messing with the system, and she needs you to investigate.

As such, you can go to Davis Wilson and see what he has to say.

Davis can easily be found on the city’s wall by following the blue marker.

When you try to get some answers from Davis, you somehow agree to join him on a patrol outside the city.

Thus, gear up because you might run into Astha and head to the east gate, where you’ll meet Davis.

False Positives Akila City’s East Gate Location

The gate is actually really close; all you have to do is go down the nearby stairs, head forward for a few meters, turn left, and there it is.

If Davis hasn’t arrived yet, wait for him, then tell the NPC you are ready to head out.

Once outside the city, you must follow Davis around while listening to what he says.

Soon enough, you’ll get to some Ashta tracks, and if you follow them, they will lead you to a security bot.

Davis thinks someone sent the bot to mimic the Ashta, but the question is why.

However, there is not much time to think because you’ll get attacked by three Ashta.

Three Ashta will attack you after finding a security bot

Slay the beasts before you become their food, and after, talk to Davis.

The NPC is impressed with how well you handled yourself while fighting the Ashta and wants to find out who is responsible for this.

He will ask you to go to the city’s barracks, access the computer logs, and look for who signed last.

Where To Find Akila City’s Barracks in Starfield

Finding the barracks is pretty easy, especially if you have the mission tracked because you can simply head back to the city through the east gate and then follow the blue marker.

Akila City's barracks location

Once inside the barracks, head through the door that says PRIVATE, turn right, and you should see a computer on the wall, next to a table.

Interact with the computer to access the Akila City security database and learn that Bailey Kirklin was the last entry in the Robot Updates section of the Access Logs.

To continue, you must confront Bailey and see what she has to say in her defense.

You can find Bailey right outside the barracks, and when you tell her you know what she did, she will say that she only wanted to help Davis.

Her plan was just to mess up Keoni’s data because Davis had been so stressed out with the whole thing.

Going forward, you must choose between:

  • Hinting that you want a bribe so that Davis will never find out.
  • Or you can also tell Bailey that Davis must learn what she did.

The bribe will get you a very low amount of credits; thus, it might not be worth it.

Now it’s time to go to Davis and give him the news, and you’ll also have multiple dialogue choices:

  • You can lie and tell him that the computer logs were corrupted, and there is no way to tell who is guilty.
  • Or tell him Bailey Kirklin did it.

Note that no matter what you choose, you’ll receive the same amount of credits and XP for completing the Starfield False Positives side mission. Also, Davis will tell you to give Ms. Alpin some time to get clean data because her research might prove useful after all. So wait 24 hours, then speak with Keoni to start the Leader of the Pack mission.

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