Starfield Leader of the Pack: Where To Find the Ashta

September 11, 2023

Leader of the Pack is a Starfield side mission available in Akila City, for which you’ll have to help Keoni Alpin yet again.

Keoni is worried about Davis Wilson, who she thinks is making way too many patrols, and asks you to check up on him.

But Davis has reasons to believe there is a bigger Ashta out there, and he is looking for it.

If you decide to help out, it would be best to check the following Starfield Leader of the Pack mission walkthrough and make sure you are prepared for anything.

How To Start the Starfield Leader of the Pack Mission

To start Leader of the Pack, you must first complete the previous two side missions from Keoni Alpin, Defensive Measures and False Positives.

Then, upon completing the latter, you must wait 24 hours and go find Keoni.

If you want to pass the time quickly, head to any bed, like the one on your ship for example, and sleep for at least 24 hours.

Once you wake up, make sure you have the mission tracked from your menu, and head to Akila City to find Keoni by following the blue marker.

Keoni is located near some stairs and a red flag, as shown in the image below.

Starfield Leader of the Pack mission starting location

She will tell you that she finally has a better relationship with Davis Wilson, and she is now worried about him because he is pushing himself over the edge, making too many patrols.

As Keoni is better with circuits and statistics than with people, it is up to you to see what is wrong with Davis.

Therefore, you must now find Davis and speak with him.

Where To Find Davis Wilson in Starfield

You’ll find Davis near a gate if you follow the blue marker, as you can see in the next screenshot.

Davis Wilson is found near a gate

The gate leads out of the city, and that is where you must go if you speak with Davis because he will tell you how he saw some tracks that seem to belong to a bigger Ashta.

This can be problematic, and you must go with Davis to investigate.

The Bigger Ashta’s Location in Leader of the Pack

To continue, gear up, then tell Davis you are good to go and start following him.

You’ll have to walk for a while, making conversation with Davis in the meantime, and eventually, you’ll get attacked by the Alpha Ashta.

The bigger Ashta is found by following Davis outside of the city

When this happens, you’ll get the optional objective: make sure Davis Wilson survives.

As such, you need to defeat the powerful Ashta before it kills Davis.

So use a big damage gun, like a shotgun, and take it out quickly.

Once the beast is down, talk to Davis, and he will tell you that he would have been a goner if it weren’t for you.

Also, the NPC thinks he should swallow his pride and ask you to tell Keoni that her data wasn’t wrong.

Thus, head back to Keoni in Akila City and tell her what you discovered and how she should focus on her data.

She will then reward you with credits, XP, and the Despondent Assassin legendary rifle.

It’s worth mentioning that if Davis dies, the rewards don’t change, but you’ll have a more depressing dialogue with Keoni.

Congratulations, my friend! The Alpha Ashta was no match for you, and you’ve completed the Starfield Leader of Pack. Now you can tackle another Akila City side mission, like Blast Zone.

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