Starfield Defensive Measures Side Mission Walkthrough

September 7, 2023

Defensive Measures is a Starfield side mission that, just like The Great Laredo Caper mission, can be completed in Akila City.

In the Starfield Defensive Measures mission, you must help settle an argument between two people who are trying to keep Akila City safe.

The two are Keoni Alpin and Davis Wilson, and both have different strategies for keeping the city safe from the Ashta.

Keoni needs your help in showing that her method is valid, and if you succeed in helping her, you will complete the Starfield Defensive Measures side mission in the process.

Also, if you get stuck at any point while playing the said mission, make sure to check the following walkthrough.

How To Start the Defensive Measures Mission in Starfield

First, you must get to Akila City in the Cheyenne System and find Keoni Alpin arguing with Davis Wilson in front of the barracks on the left side of the city’s gate (facing the town).

To get to the barracks, head to the gate and go toward the city until you reach the second set of stairs on the left side.

Now go up the stairs, and you’ll be in front of the barracks building, which has a sign that can confirm you are in the right place.

Also, you should find Keoni and Davis arguing right in front of the building.

Starfield Defensive Measures mission starting point

Keoni says that they need to be smarter in the way they handle the Ashta, and Davis contradicts her, saying that if the method they are using now works, they should continue applying it.

Both of them have valid points, and after they finish their argument, you can go to Davis to speak with him.

He is pretty upset and explains to you why that is. Also, he says that if you think you can talk some sense into Keoni, you’re welcome to do it.

Thus, head down the stairs leading to the main road to find Keoni and start a conversation with her.

Keoni is found down the stairs leading to the main road

She will tell you that she is well-intended and only has the good of the city in mind.

Next, Keoni tells you she must prove that her work can make a difference and asks for your help.

If you do decide to help her, you must place some of her sensors in specific spots along the city’s wall.

Where To Place Keoni’s Sensors

Once you’ve finished talking to Keoni, make sure you’ve tracked the mission and turn around to see four blue markers indicating the spots where you must place the sensors.

Follow the 4 blue markers to get to the sensors spots

Head to each one and press A on your Xbox controller to activate them one by one.

It’s quite easy to find the spots if you follow the blue markers.

When you’re done, follow the blue marker again to get to Keoni, and when you find her, tell her the news.

However, the next part is a bit tricky because she needs to enter a guard tower and make a few modifications to the terminal inside.

To do your part, you have to distract the guard there because he is not going to let Keoni in.

How To Get the Guard To Leave the Tower

First, you must reach the tower with the guard, and you can quickly do so by following the blue marker, as shown in the image below.

Follow the blue marker to reach the tower and the guard

Then, speak with the Akila City Security guard and try to make him leave his post.

You have three options to make him do so:

  • Use Persuade lines on him.
  • Bribe him with 1000 credits.
  • Steal something in front of him.

I suggest you Persuade him as you’ll not lose any credits doing so. Persuade works pretty easy on him because you’ll need only four points, so you can play it safe.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that if you choose to steal in front of him, you’ll end up in jail and have to pay a fine to get out. Of course, you’ll lose what you stole as well.

Whatever method you choose, head back to Keoni, who has done her part, and talk to her yet again to complete the Starfield Defensive Measures side mission. However, Keoni invites you back tomorrow if you’re curious to see the result, and so does the False Positives mission start.

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