Starfield Loose Ends: How To Deliver Neshar’s Package to Yannick Legrande

by Vlad
September 14, 2023

Starfield Loose Ends is the first side mission you’ll get to trigger after reaching Neon City in Bethesda‘s latest action role-playing game, and it introduces a series of NPCs you don’t want to miss.

The Loose Ends mission is a bit longer than other side missions but mandatory if you want to level up faster and get your hands on more Credits.

While playing this mission, you’ll get the chance to help a smuggler named Neshar Osmani, learn more about Yannick Legrande’s illegal booze business, and decide Felix Sadler’s fate.

So, if you wonder how to complete the Starfield Loose Ends side mission, throughout the following guide, I’ll tell you everything about it.

How To Start the Loose Ends Mission in Starfield

When it comes to starting Loose Ends in Starfield, things are very accessible because all you need to do is reach Neon in the Volii System.

Getting to Neon is an objective for multiple Starfield missions, such as Shadows in Neon Freestar Collective Faction mission for example.

After landing on Volii Alpha, head to the city’s main gate, and after passing the security gates, you’ll witness an unusual scene involving an NPC arrested by two guards. Meet Neshar Osmani, the NPC who needs your help.

Starfield Loose Ends starts when you find Neshar Omani in front of Neon City's gates.

Before entering Neon City, pay close attention to the conversation between Neshar Osmani and the two guards to discover that the NPC was caught while trying to smuggle Aurora into the city.

If you wonder what Aurora is, then as you can probably guess, it’s a drug that slows time. While somehow legal in Neon City, the Starfield Aurora drug is not accepted in other cities or planets; therefore, smuggling it either in or out of the city is forbidden. Hence Neshar’s unfortunate situation.

The guards won’t fall for Neshar’s attempt to bribe them, and they’ll take him straight to prison. So, head inside the elevator nearby to enter Neon and start the Loose Ends mission.

Loose Ends Neshar’s Jail Location

After getting inside the elevator, you’ll reach Neon. Exit the elevator and turn right, heading towards the objective marker on your screen.

Keep moving down the street, and on the right side, you’ll see the Neon Security HQ building. Get inside, then look for Neshar in a cell behind the grated wall.

Find Neshar inside a cell in the Neon Security HQ building.

Now, approach the door and interact with it to trigger a conversation with Neshar Osmani. Feel free to tell him you’ll hear him out, and he’ll let you know that he needs to square things with Yannick Legrande. Specifically, Neshar wants you to deliver a package to Yannick Legrande.

At this point, you can ask him additional questions about the package and Yannick Legrande to find out that the latter is running an illegal booze operation. Tell Neshar you’ll help him, and he’ll send you to retrieve his package from Ebbside Block 02.

Starfield Sleepcrate Manager Ebbside Block 02 Location

To find the Sleepcrate Manager and the Starfield Ebbside Block 02, head outside Neon Security HQ, turn left, and you should be able to see the Enhance! building.

Around the corner is a small door, and above it, you can spot the Ebbisde billboard below.

The Starfield Sleepcrate Manager is in Ebbside.

Head through the door, continue down the alley, and on the right side, you’ll see a small booth. Inside, you’ll find Izna Sundararaman or the Sleepcrate Manager.

Talk to Izna Sundararaman and tell her you “need access to Neshar Osmani’s sleep crate.” Without asking too many questions, Izna agrees to open the Sleepcrate if you give her the code, which is Alpha-3-Kilo-4.

Where To Find Sleepcrate C-153 in Starfield

Great! Now that you can access Sleepcrate C-153, it’s time to get Osmani’s package. Sleepcrate C-153 is fairly easy to find.

From Izna Sundararaman’s booth, head left, then right around the building. As you can see below, Sleepcrate C-153 is in the back of the building in front of Izna’s booth.

Starfield Sleepcrate C-153 is in the back of the building.

Open the door marked in the screenshot above, and you’ll find a yellow crate on the right side. Get Neshar’s package from the crate.

Yannick Legrande Dialogue Choices

With Neshar’s package in your inventory, it’s time to complete his delivery and find Yannick Legrande. From your current location, head back to Izna and continue down the alley in front of her booth.

Take the stairs down, then turn right to see a door. On top of it is a billboard on which you can read Bayu Plaza.

Once you go through the door, follow the stairs up, take a left turn, and keep following the large alley. On the right side, you’ll see a store with a billboard reading: Legrande’s Liquors.

Find Yannick Legrande inside Legrande's Liquors store.

After Yannick introduces himself, tell him that Neshar sent you to deliver the package and let Yannick know he is loyal. For this delivery, you’ll receive at least 2500 Credits.

Now, feel free to ask all your questions about Yannick’s Blend, and eventually, Legrande will try to convince you to work for him. Since there are a lot of Credits involved, make sure you accept, mainly because, as Yannick outlines, Neshar is useless to him.

The next person who is quite useless to Yannick is Felix Sadler, but mainly because he’s not very smart and has become dangerous for the booze operation. As such, Yannick wants you to find Felix and send him on a permanent vacation.

Tell him to consider Felix taken care of, and you’ll receive the next Loose Ends objective.

Starfield Loose Ends Felix Sadler Location & Choices

To find Felix Salder, exit Yannick’s shop, then turn left. As you move down the street, go around the Freestar Rangers building and head through the door leading to Ebbside (look for the neon sign).

The moment you step through the door, you’ll be approached by Digger Zemin. When you talk to him, you’ll start the side-mission named The Audition. Now, continue following the alley ahead, take a left turn, then slightly go right to reach the back of a building.

You should see a yellow container and a door leading to Warehouse 01 next to it. Before going inside, make sure you are ready to dispatch several Syndicate Thugs. Once you clear the area, head upstairs to find Felix Sadler.

Felix Sadler is found in Warehouse 01.

When you talk to Felix Sadler, you’ll have the following dialogue choices:

  • Actually, about Yannick. He wants you to leave Neon forever.
  • Yannick gave me a choice with you. Either you die or go off-world.
  • Yannick’s operation is in trouble. You have to get offworld. For your own safety.
  • [Attack] I am not here to talk to you.
  • Why was the Syndicate gunning for you?

As you can see, there are only two possible options here. Either kill Felix or send him away. While both are valid options to complete the Loose Ends mission, one of them will affect your relationship with your companions. As you can guess, the violent one.

So, it’s recommended to send Felix away; however, don’t tell him about the other choice. Play it safe and pick these lines:

  • Actually, about Yannick. He wants you to leave Neon forever.
  • You understand I’m saving your life?
  • Just go so I don’t have to kill you.

Now that you sent Felix Sadler away, it’s time to head back to Yannick Legrande, following the same path and the objective marker on your screen.

Impressed with how you handled Felix, Yannick will tell you that he has another job for you and that he wants you to infiltrate Xenofresh Fisheries because the most important ingredient for Aurora and his Blend is the oil obtained from a specific type of fish that lives only on Neon. Since Yannick is running low on Aurora, he needs your help getting the oil; otherwise, the Blend production will stop.

Now, the Starfield Fishy Business mission starts, and you’ll receive your rewards for completing Loose Ends.

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