Starfield The Audition: Where To Find the Disciples’ Slate

September 15, 2023

Starfield The Audition is a side mission you don’t want to miss in Neon, as it allows you to join one of the two rival gangs controlling the corrupted city: the Disciples and the Strikers.

While The Audition mission in Starfield features only a fetch objective, knowing how to deal with the leader of the Strikers, or Briggs, is mandatory for unlocking new missions from him.

Due to how events unfold for Biggs and his gang, you may want to check the following Starfield The Audition walkthrough to make the best choices without upsetting your companions.

The idea behind The Audition mission and the whole questline it starts is to choose between two evils, so you’ll need to help the lesser one, even though this may go against your peaceful intentions.

How To Start Starfield The Audition Mission

In the video game developed by Bethesda, The Audition can be triggered while playing another side mission named Loose Ends.

During Loose Ends, you’ll be asked by Yannick Legrande to deal with Felix Sadler, an NPC found in Ebbside. As you enter Ebbside, you’ll be approached by Digger Zemin near Madame Sauvage’s Place.

Starfield The Audition starts by talking to Digger Zemin near Madame Sauvage's Place

Assuming you encounter difficulties finding Digger Zemin, feel free to refer to our Loose Ends walkthrough.

Now, after meeting Digger Zemin, he’ll warn you that you are in the bad part of town and you should turn around before the Disciples get you. Feel free to ask him about the Disciples, and he’ll also mention the rival gang known as the Strikers.

Zemin outlines that the Strikers are also bad, but the Disciples are worse, and unfortunately, they can’t be stopped by the Strikers because they are holed up in Madame Sauvage’s. After finding everything Zemin has to share, he’ll ask you for a donation.

While you can complete the current mission without spending 1000 Credits, if you want to please your companion, make sure you pay up.

Meeting the Starfield Ebbside Strikers

After triggering The Audition mission, head inside Madame Sauvage’s building nearby. You should see a yellow billboard above the door.

Once inside, you’ll first want to talk to Andrea Sandoval near the bar.

Talk to Andrea Sandoval to join the Strikers gang.

When you talk to Andrea, you must remember that your objective is to meet Briggs, but the only way to do this is by agreeing to join the Strikers. As such, pick the following lines:

  • Got it. Thanks for the warning.
  • What are the Disciples like?
  • Can you tell me about the Ebbside Strikers?
  • I’ve heard of your gang. I need to talk to the person in charge.
  • I’ve always wanted to be in a gang.

Great job! Now, you are ready to meet the Ebbside Strikers’ leader, Briggs. So, follow Andrea Sandoval upstairs, and she’ll introduce you to Briggs.

Talk to Briggs to join the Ebbside Strikers Starfield gang.

Your dialogue with Briggs follows the same idea, and your objective is the same: to join the Strikers. You’ll be given the following choices:

  • I’m only here to deal with the Disciples. They’re a menace.
  • I really am interested in joining a gang.
  • I’m not sure. I need to know more first.
  • [Neon Street Rat Only] I walked these streets like you. I remember what bastards the Disciples are.

Since there are no penalties from your companions, pick whatever line you like, and Briggs will explain more about the gang he runs. Now tell Briggs to sign you up, and he’ll ask you what you would bring to the Strikers.

If you want to play safe, choose: I’m a problem solver. You’d be lucky to have me. Now he’ll ask you if you did anything special. Assuming you complete the Mantis side mission, pick: Don’t tell anyone…But I’m the Mantis.

If not, pick any other available line, and Briggs will brief you on your first assignment. Specifically, he wants you to find out who has been arming the Disciples with military-grade hardware.

At this point, your only choice is to upset one of your companions since, to progress the mission, you’ll need to answer with: I’d like to end as many of the Disciples I can. Sarah won’t like this, but there is no other way.

How To Acquire the Disciples’ Slate in Starfield

As Briggs outlines, to complete your first test, you’ll need to retrieve a slate containing helpful information on the equipment used by the Disciples. You should be aware, though, that even if Briggs tells you to act stealthy, you won’t suffer any penalties if you start a bloodbath.

So, head outside Madame Sauvage’s, then head through the door in front of you leading to Bayu Plaza.

After entering Neon Core, head right following the objective marker on your screen, then go through the door leading to Ebbside (left side of TerraBrew Coffee Building). Finally, go around the Euphorika Building, and you’ll find a door leading to Warehouse 02.

The Starfield Disciples Slate is in Warehouse 02.

Before heading inside, be advised that there is a Disciple behind the door. Assuming you prefer a stealthy playstyle, wait for him to turn around.

Once inside Warehouse 02, follow the stairs to the lower floor, and you’ll find the Starfield Disciples’ Slate behind a forklift near some shelves. As you can see, it’s on the ground, inside a small yellow box.

The Disciples’ Slate is inside a yellow box.

Pick it up, exit Warehouse 02, and retrace your steps to Madame Sauvage’s, where Briggs awaits. Tell him that you got the slate and you’ll be rewarded accordingly (Credits and the Striker Maskwear),

Last but not least, Briggs asks you to check on other Strikers, thus unlocking the next mission in the questline, named Display Of Power.

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