Starfield Runaway: How To Obtain Red Harvest Reserve Whiskey

September 15, 2023

Starfield Runaway is a side mission focused around Rivkah Ovaida, a woman miner located in Cydonia on planet Mars of the Sol system.

Rivkah needs help as she suffers from a medical condition she can’t treat because her father could track her down and have her arrested.

Runaway is one of the Starfield missions where your choices matter for the outcome and reward.

No worries, though, because I’ve got you covered, and throughout the following Starfield Runaway mission walkthrough, I’ll go over all the possible choices so you can make an informed decision.

How To Start the Starfield Runaway Mission

To start Runaway, you first have to complete the Red Tape Reclamation mission and then find Rivkah, who is located in the mining area on the bottom level of Cydonia.

There is a chance you’ve already started the Speak with Rivkah Activity, and if you did, you can track it from your menu and then follow the blue marker to reach the NPC a lot easier.

If not, just head forward upon entering the mining colony, and when you reach the railing, either go all the way down using the stairs or jump directly using your Boostpack when you get close to the ground.

Then, if you explore the area, you should find Rivkah Ovaida mining, as shown in the image below.

Starfield Runaway mission starting location

Now, talk to Rivkah to learn she has medical problems and is afraid to visit a doctor because her father, who means her harm, might find out her location.

If you offer to help Rivkah with her father, Natan, she will tell you that he should be on Neon for a conference, and he always stays at Hotel Volii.

However, to get an audience with him, you should get a bottle of Red Harvest Reserve Whiskey, his favorite.

Starfield Red Harvest Reserve Whiskey Location

At the moment, you should go see Jack at the Broken Spear bar because he might have a bottle of the expensive whiskey.

To quickly get to Jack, make sure you’ve tracked the mission, then follow the blue marker to him.

You’ll have to take the elevator up to the main level of Cydonia, then head left up the stairs and the ramp.

After going up the ramp, the entrance to the Broken Spear bar will be on the left side. Now, head inside to find Jack behind the bar.

Jack is found behind the bar in the Broken Spear

Talk to the bartender and tell him you want a bottle of Red Harvest Reserve Whiskey.

To continue, you have three options:

  • Buy the bottle of Red Harvest Reserve Whiskey with 15,000 credits.
  • Persuade Jack to give you a bottle of the expensive whiskey for only 600 credits.
  • Steal a bottle of Red Harvest Reserve Whiskey from Governor Hurst’s office.

You should stay away from the first option except if you are swimming in credits.

Persuading the bartender to lower the price can be really tricky, especially if you didn’t invest any points in the social skill tree, as you need to fill eight persuasion bars in three turns.

I suggest you save the game before talking to Jack, then try to persuade him, and if you fail, load the game and try again. You can do this until you succeed.

To steal a Red Harvest Reserve Whiskey bottle, you have to follow the blue marker to Governor Hurst’s office on the main level of Cydonia.

You should see the bottle on a table in the Governor’s office.

You can steal a Red Harvest Reserve Whiskey bottle from Governor Hurst's office

Now, if you don’t want to get arrested for stealing the bottle, there is a trick you can use.

First, locate an item in the office that doesn’t count as stealing if you pick it up. A good example is the yellow notebook on the table with the flower pot next to Hurst’s desk.

So get close to the notebook, then aim at it and hold A on your Xbox controller to pick it up.

Using the notebook, push the bottle of whiskey off the table.

Then, continue using the notebook to push the bottle out of the office and find a place where there are no people.

I pushed the bottle in front of Deimos Staryard Corporate Quarters, to the right as you exit Hurst’s office, and waited until there was no one around.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how you get the bottle of Red Harvest Reserve Whiskey for the outcome of the mission. However, it matters if you don’t want to waste credits.

Now let’s go see Natan on Neon.

Natan’s Location in the Starfield Runaway Side Mission

Once you’ve procured the expensive whiskey bottle, head to Neon on planet Volii Alpha in the Volii system.

If you have problems locating Neon, open your missions menu, select Runaway, and press X to Set Course.

After landing on the planet, follow the blue marker to reach the Volii hotel, where you should talk to the receptionist, Minerva Clement.

Talk to Volii hotel's receptionist to learn where to find Natan

When she asks if you are interested in booking a room, tell her, you have a delivery for Natan Ovadia.

Next, you must take the elevator to the third floor and go through the door to the left to find Natan in his room.

Natan is found on the third floor of the Volii hotel

You are now presented with multiple choices:

  • Attack Natan and kill him.
  • Persuade him to forgive his daughter.
  • Pick the line: Whatever. Look, I just came here to get you to leave her alone so she can get medical treatment.

If you pick the latter, you’ll have to make another decision:

  • Attack and kill him.
  • Make a deal with him and tell him his daughter’s location.
  • Tell him to call security because you won’t turn in Rivkah.

If you choose to attack and kill him, you must return to give Rivkah the news. She won’t be too happy, but at least she will be safe.

Choosing to tell Rivkah’s location will get her arrested, and you’ll have to talk to Trevor to complete the mission.

Telling Natan to call security will land you in jail, and Rivkah will have to get treatment with the risk of being caught.

However, if you manage to persuade Natan to forgive his daughter, which I recommend, it will make Rivkah happy, and she can get treatment without any risk.

But keep in mind that you need to fill eight persuasion bars in three turns for this to work.

Note that depending on what method you choose to deal with the situation, you’ll receive more or less credits at the end of the mission.

Great job, friend! The Starfield Runaway side mission comes to an end, and you can focus on other Cydonia quests, like Heart of Mars.

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