Starfield Red Tape Reclamation: Where To Find Hank Ferraro

September 14, 2023

Starfield Red Tape Reclamation is the third and last mission Trevor Petyarre will give you, and you need to complete it to see how the quest line ends.

This time, Trevor doesn’t know why his employee Hank Ferraro is taking so long to get back with the new equipment he sent to pick up.

Since you got Trevor the approval for the new equipment in the first place, you should see he actually gets it.

Therefore, make sure to check the walkthrough below, where I’ll provide all the instructions you need to help Trevor yet again and complete the Starfield Red Tape Reclamation side mission.

How To Start the Red Tape Reclamation Mission in Starfield

To start Red Tape Reclamation, you must first complete the previous two missions from Trevor Petyarre, which are Red Tape Blues and Red Tape Runaround.

Upon completing the latter, you immediately start Trevor’s third and final miscellaneous mission.

Your first objective is to talk to Trevor, who can be found in his usual place, near a machine in the mine on the bottom level of Cydonia.

Starfield Red Tape Reclamation mission starting location

If you have problems locating the NPC, track the mission from your menu and follow the blue marker.

When you talk to Trevor, you find out that he now has a new problem; he ordered the new equipment, but the guy he sent to pick it up is taking too much time to return.

The man in question is named Hank Ferraro, and he is a difficult employee.

Trevor turns to you one more time as you’ve proven to be skilled in many ways, and if you accept to help, you should start your investigation at Cydonia Ship Services.

Ship Services Location in Red Tape Reclamation

The fastest way to reach Ship Services is to open your map and travel to Cydonia.

It doesn’t matter if you already are in Cydonia; if you fast-travel, it will take you closer to the Ship Services.

Immediately after reaching the entrance to Cydonia, turn left to see the Ship Services Technician. He is hard to miss because of the blue marker.

The Ship Services Technician is found near the entrance to Cydonia

After telling the Technician you are looking for information on Hank Ferraro, you’ll learn that he is actually named Henry Ferraro and came back into Mars space recently but didn’t land at the spaceport.

Instead, his ship diverted and landed outside the city.

Because something seems off about the whole thing, you need to go talk to Trevor again and tell him what you learned.

Your employer will also think something is up and suggest you look for Hank at the Broken Spear because he goes there to drink frequently.

Starfield Hank Ferraro Location

To continue, you need to take the nearby elevator up to the main level, climb the stairs to the left, and continue going forward until you see the entrance to the Broken Spear on the left side.

You should see Hank by the bar; he is easy to spot because of the blue marker, as shown in the next screenshot.

Hank is found by the bar in the Broken Spear

Start a conversation with Henry “Hank” Ferraro and question him about the new equipment.

No matter what lines you pick, you must follow Hank outside so he can lead you to the equipment.

Where To Find the Missing Equipment

After a long trip with Hank talking every now and then, you’ll reach the ship with the equipment.

However, it would have been too easy to end like this, so Hank pulls out his gun and starts threatening you.

Follow Hank until he leads you to the ship with the equipment

How To Talk Hank Down

You can now either persuade Hank to put his gun down or attack him.

Taking the NPC down is extremely easy, and you can get some extra credits from his corpse if you do so.

But the moral thing to do is to at least try to persuade him.

The problem is that to do so, you’ll need to accumulate eight persuasion points in only three turns.

This can be tricky, especially if you haven’t invested points in the social skill tree.

If you were successful in persuading Hank to put down his gun, you have two options to continue:

  • Either make Hank a hero and say that pirates attacked him, but he managed to fend them off.
  • Or make him turn himself in.

As you can guess, the first option allows Hank to keep his job, and the second will put him in jail.

If you choose the second option, you must follow the blue marker to get to Cydonia Security and talk to Booth, who will take Hank into custody.

Get Hank to Cydonia Security

After you choose what to do with Hank, you must return to Trevor and report.

No matter how you handle the Hank situation, Trevor will reward you with 50 Iron units, Deimos Spacesuit, Deimos Space Helmet, Deimos Cap, Deimos Balanced Pack, and some credits. Of course, you also get XP.

Very good, friend! You’ve finally got the new equipment for the miners and completed the Starfield Red Tape Reclamation mission. But if you’re up for more, you can tackle another Cydonia side mission, like Psyched.

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