Starfield Psyched Side Mission Walkthrough

September 14, 2023

Psyched is one of the easier side missions you can complete in Starfield, and it is available in the mining colony Cydonia on planet Mars in the Sol system.

In the Starfield Psyched mission, you must help Gilly, a very busy psychologist working for Deimos, to deliver some questionnaires to three employees.

Then, you must go back with the filled questionnaires to Gilly so she can analyze them.

If by any chance you don’t find one of the employees or run into any type of problem in the Starfield Psyched side mission, don’t hesitate to check our walkthrough below.

How To Start The Psyched Side Mission in Starfield

Starting the mission can be tricky because you first need to complete the Red Tape series of quests: Red Tape Blues, Red Tape Runaround, and Red Tape Reclamation.

Then you need to go see Gilly in the Deimos Staryard Corporate Quarter on the main level of Cydonia. But you can do so only during the day.

Starfield Psyched mission starting location

The psychologist can also be found in the Broken Spear Bar, which is on the main level as well.

You’ve visited the two locations in the Red Tape mission series; Deimos Staryard Corporate Quarter is the office where you met Peter Brennan, and Broken Spear is the Bar where you found Hank Ferraro.

It is possible that while exploring Cydonia after completing the Red Tape Reclamation mission, you’ll start the following Activity: Speak with the Deimos Psychologist.

If this is the case, track the Activity and follow the blue marker to Gilly.

It’s worth mentioning that you could have started the said Activity without realizing it, so you should check your missions’ menu for it.

Once you find Gilly, talk to her to learn that she is extremely busy, and she could use your help to track three Deimos employees to whom you must hand psychological questionnaires.

The employees are named Leona, Samund, and Andres.

Where To Find Leona, Samund, and Andres in the Psyched Mission

Finding the three employees is pretty easy if you track the mission from your menu because after you finish talking to Gilly, each one will have a blue marker above his head.

Leona is located in the Deimos Staryard Corporate Quarter, where you might have also found Gilly.

Leona is found in the Deimos Staryard Corporate Quarter on the main level of Cydonia

After reaching Leona, start a conversation with her and tell the NPC you are here to help Gilly.

Then, hand Leona the questionnaire and wait for her to complete it.

Next, you must find Samund and Andres, who luckily are in the same place, in the mine on the bottom level of Cydonia.

To get to both of them quickly, follow the blue markers.

Samund and Andres are found in the mine on the bottom level of Cydonia

As you can see, the two miners are working; thus, be careful not to get hurt by their Cutters when you get close to them.

Tell each one to complete the questionnaire and head back to Gilly to tell her you’re done.

She will thank you and reward you with some credits. Congratulations are in order, friend, because just like that, you’ve completed the Starfield Psyched mission. To continue, you can focus on the Runaway mission, also available in Cydonia.

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