Starfield Mantis: Where To Find the Secret Outpost

September 8, 2023

Mantis is a very profitable side mission in Starfield, and if you complete it, you’ll get a pretty powerful ship and a legendary spacesuit set.

Starfield Mantis mission also features a lot of enemies that can drop interesting loot and a bunch of locked safes.

Since the safes have an expert security level, make sure to pack at least fifteen digipicks before you start the mission, or you’ll miss out on extra loot.

But be aware that the Starfield Mantis side mission is quite challenging because you have to fight powerful enemies and complete a puzzle as well.

As such, don’t hesitate to check the walkthrough below if you get stuck at any point while completing it.

How To Start the Mantis Side Mission in Starfield

Starting the mission can be tricky as you need to find a data slate named Secret Outpost!

The problem is that the slate drops randomly from the Spacers you kill throughout the video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios.

Starfield Mantis mission starting point

However, the chance is high, and you should come by the data slate at the beginning of your Starfield journey.

Once you’ve found the slate, you must access the notes section of your inventory to read it and learn that you can find a Secret Outpost on the Denebola I-b moon in the Denebola system.

Apparently, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life if you don’t go there; thus, don’t pass on the opportunity.

Starfield Secret Outpost Location

Now, to get to Denebola I-b, you can open your menu, select the mission’s objective, and press X on your Xbox controller to set a course.

If your ship doesn’t have enough fuel capacity, you’ll need to jump to a closer system along the route, then jump to the Denebola system.

When you finally land on Denebola I-b, you’ll be greeted by Spacers immediately.

Take them out, and provided you have the mission tracked, follow the blue marker to a building guarded by more Spacers.

Secret Oupost is found on Denebola I-b, a moon in Denebola system

Deal with these ones as well and enter the building, which, as you can see, is named Lair of the Mantis.

Exploring the Lair of the Mantis

Once inside, you must advance through the linear building, killing anybody who shoots at you.

Don’t forget to loot the corpses and look for locked safes and chests.

As you progress, you’ll soon enough reach a larger room with powerful Spacers.

Be careful because one of them, which has a blue marker above his head, will not shoot at you, and you can talk to him after clearing the area.

Look for a Livvey, an unarmed, is found in a larger room with powerful Spacers

Assuming the Spacer with the blue marker wasn’t killed by mistake, speak with him to learn he is named Livvey.

The unarmed NPC will tell you he can help, warning you about a dangerous trap corridor.

You then have three options: kill Livvey, let him help you for a taste of the cache inside, or send him away.

If you let him help out, he will die later trying to betray you.

Now, continue, and you’ll soon get to the trap corridor Livvey was talking about. You can recognize it by all the dead bodies around, as shown in the next image.

Solve the Lair of the Mantis Floor Puzzle to pass trough the trap corridor

To get through the corridor safely and not be attacked by turrets, you must solve the Lair of the Mantis Floor Puzzle.

Once you get to the other side, you must carry on, but be careful because you’ll encounter a couple of powerful robots that will want to kill you.

After dealing with the robots, you’ll get to a room with a lot of consoles and an elevator.

Ignore the elevator for now and head to the next area, where you can see a ship.

As soon as you enter this large area, you’ll get two new objectives:

  • Claim the Mantis’s Starship
  • Claim the Mantis’s Spacesuit

Where To Find the Mantis Spacesuit

Upon entering the large area, head down the ramp to the left, then turn left again and follow the blue marker.

You’ll soon get to a mannequin with the following items:

  • Mantis Spacesuit
  • Mantis Space Helmet
  • Mantis Pack
Mantis's Spacesuit is found on a mannequin

Get them all to complete the objective, and you can also equip them while you are at it, as they are pretty strong.

Now, get back to the large area with the ship.

Mantis Starship Location in Starfield

You’ve probably already figured out that the ship in here is Mantis’s Starship, which is actually named Razorleaf.

To add it to your fleet, you must first press the switch with the blue marker near the ship.

Press the switch near the Mantis's Starship to get it topside

Then, you must retrace your steps back to the room with the consoles and the elevator.

Next, take the elevator up, go through the security door by opening it from the computer to the left, and follow the blue marker to a device you can activate to hear an automated message from Doriane Voclaine.

Furthermore, continue following the blue marker to get out of the building and get to the Razorleaf ship.

When you approach Razorleaf, the Starfield Mantis side mission ends, and if you take off with the ship, you make it your Home Ship. However, you can now put your new toys to use by tackling a heavy fighting-focused mission, like Failure to Communicate.

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