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The Medium Darkroom Photo Paper Puzzle: How To Process Jack’s Picture



Released only 3 days ago, The Medium features a lot of puzzles Marianne has to solve; some of them leading to various collectibles. One of the first puzzles you have to figure out takes place in Jack’s house, where Marianne’s story begins.

The Medium darkroom photo puzzle is actually quite easy to figure out especially if you have a passion for photography. If you don’t, well, don’t worry, because in the guide below we’ll talk about this mystery and I’ll tell you what you have to do with the Medium Photo Paper you will most likely find.

So let’s start with the darkroom you’ll have to explore. This is accessed via the kitchen while exploring Jack’s house.

When you get inside you’ll see a desk like the one below.

The Medium Photo Paper Puzzle Guide

Start by finding the Darkroom in Jack’s house

On the right side is a Photo Paper you can process in order to unlock a Memo which counts as a collectible.

If you pay close attention, on the wall you can notice some instructions on How To Develop Photos.

The whole process requires you to follow 4 simple steps:

  • Illuminate photo for 5 seconds
  • Dip in Multigrade for 3 seconds
  • Dip in Stop for 3 seconds
  • Finally, dip in Fixer for 3 seconds

Easy right?

The first step is quite straightforward, sure; but the last three are a bit trickier.

How To Solve The Medium Photo Paper Puzzle

Ok, so in order to unlock Jack’s Photo collectible or the first Memo in the video game, your goal is to follow the instructions above and process Jack’s picture.

So, start by picking up the Photo Paper and place it on the wooden board in front of the illumination device, as you can see below.

Medium Darkroom Photo Puzzle

Illuminate the photo and count to 5

Now start the device and you will hear a counter. Make sure you wait until you hear that distinctive sound 5 times. If you rush or wait too much the Photo Paper is destroyed but you can get another one.

After you illuminate the Photo Paper for 5 seconds, press the button on the device and pick up the Illuminated Photo.

Now, the fun begins because you’ll have to figure out which substances are inside the containers nearby. Or simply put, which is the Multigrade, the Stop, and the Fixer.

Keep in mind that if you dip the Illuminated Photo in the wrong substance, the puzzle resets and you’ll have to start over.

In order to avoid that, simply follow this order.

While facing the darkroom desk, dip the Illuminated Photo in the first substance from left to right. That is the Multigrade.

Count to three and pick it up. Now you’ll have a Multigraded Photo.

The next step is to dip it in the Stop. Which is inside the container in the middle. Again place the photo and count to three, keeping in mind that if you delay this process you’ll have to start over.

Now pick it up and you’ll get a Water-Bathed Photo.

Finally, dip it in the Fixer which is inside the last recipient.

Count to three and you’ll get Jack’s Photo and your first collectible.

And that’s it. That is how you solve The Medium Photo Paper puzzle in Jack’s Dark Room and unlock the first collectible in the video game developed by Bloober Team. After Marianne says farewell to Jack, get ready to explore the Niwa Resort.

Founder and senior content producer at GameClubz, I am the former CEO of & I've been playing video games since 1994, and I like to keep up with the latest video game releases. Feel free to get in touch with me if gaming is your passion.

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The Medium

The Medium Thomas’s Hidden Room: How To Solve The Picture Developing Puzzle




While trying to find Thomas in The Medium, after you reach his office and solve the Clock Puzzle, you’ll enter Thomas’s hidden room, where a new puzzle awaits; but unlike the previous one, it is a bit easier.

Your objective is to search the hidden room, and if you take a look around you’ll notice that this room is in fact a darkroom quite similar to the one you found in Jack’s House.

Or simply put Thomas’s hidden room in The Medium includes a puzzle that is almost identical to the one from Jack’s darkroom.

If you missed Jack’s puzzle, that’s ok, because the only thing you missed is actually a collectible. But Thomas’s hidden room puzzle is mandatory, meaning that you’ll have to solve it if you want to progress the story in the video game developed by Bloober Team.

And that’s exactly what I am going to show you below. How to search the hidden room in The Medium and how to process a picture that will help you move forward with Marianne’s incredible journey.

How To Search The Hidden Room In Thomas’s Office

The first thing that must be outlined here is that although your objective asks you to search the hidden room, in fact, all you have to do is to find several objects and use them to solve a puzzle.

These objects are a tray, and some substances you need to process a picture or a Photo Paper. As such, in order to keep this Medium guide to the point, everything that is not included in the list below is not required for the actual objective.

So let’s start with the objects required for our puzzle, then I’ll tell you how to complete it.

The first substance you need to get is the Fixer. It’s sitting on a chair next to the workbench, or the table where you’ll develop the picture. You can see it below.

The Medium Fixer Location

Get the Fixer first

Next, head towards the bookshelf and get the tray in the white plastic crate. It’s on the ground, on the left side; just like in my screenshot.

The Medium Hidden Room Tray Location

Third, you’ll need a Multigrade. The bottle containing this substance is on the right side of the same bookshelf.

It’s pretty easy to spot if you move several steps from the previous item.

The Medium Multigrade Location

Get the Multigrade from the library

Finally, you need one last substance called Stop.

Return to the workbench, and you’ll find it in the sink, on the left side.

The Medium Hidden Room Puzzle Guide

Last but not least get the Stop from the sink

These are the key items you need to move forward with the story; but obviously, you should fully explore the hidden room if you want to find collectibles and other clues; including some interesting books.

How To Solve The Medium Thomas’s Office Hidden Room Puzzle

Good, so now that we have all materials, it’s time to process a new photo.

The first thing you’ll want to do is to head back to the working table and turn on the red light. This step is mandatory as the note on the wall tells you.

Once you do that, place the tray you found in the empty slot.

Now, you’ll want to fill all three trays with the substances mentioned above.

To keep things easy to track just use the substances in the exact same order, as mentioned below (from left to right):

  • Add the Multigrade in the first tray on your left
  • Add the Stop in the central tray (the one you have found)
  • Finally, add the Fixer in the third tray (the one on the right)

When you are done, your working table should look like this.

The Medium Hidden Room Puzzle Solution

Ready to start the developing process

How To Develop/Process The Photo Paper

With all substances in place, let’s see what you have to do to process this new Medium Photo Paper.

First, pick the Photo Paper from the stack, then place it on the wooden board (pictured above).

Press the button on the device and count to 5. Pay close attention to the distinctive sound in the background. When you counted to five, shut down the device and pick up the Illuminated Photo.

Place the Illuminated Photo in the first tray on the left. It contains the Multigrade; however, the moment you place it inside count to three then pick up the Multigraded Photo.

Keep in mind that you have to keep the paper in each tray for exactly 3 seconds. Just count to three and you’ll be fine.

Now, sink the Multigraded Photo in the second tray from left to right. Or the one in the middle. It contains the Stop substance. Again, count to three and pick up the Water-bathed Photo.

Finally, place the Water-bathed Photo in the last tray, which contains the Fixer. Count to three and you’re done.

Obviously, you won’t see the face in the picture, but you’ll start a cutscene at the end of which you may want to get ready for some running.

And that’s it! That’s how you solve The Medium Hidden Room Puzzle.

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The Medium

The Medium Thomas’s Office: How To Solve The Clock Puzzle




The Medium Thomas’s Office is a key location Marianne has to explore once she enters Niwa Hotel, and this office comes with a puzzle, we will call the Clock Puzzle.

By solving it, you’ll be able to find Thomas’s Hidden Room, where another puzzle awaits. It’s quite similar to Jack’s Darkroom Photo Paper Puzzle, but it features more elements.

Before we talk about the Hidden Room though, first you’ll need to find it, and this happens only if you complete The Medium Thomas’s Office Clock Puzzle.

And that’s what we’ll cover in the video game guide below.

How To Investigate Thomas’s Office

The moment you enter Thomas’s Office there are several items you may want to focus on if you wish to learn more about the story in the video game developed by Bloober Team.

As such, here is what you should find first.

  • Check the Hotel Niwa Plan on the wall behind the desk. Focus on the lower-left corner to spot Thomas Rekowicz signature
  • Now turn around and investigate the desk. Start with the phone on the left side
  • Also on the desk but on the right side, there is some salt
  • In the right-side drawer, you’ll find the To-Do List memo (collectible)
  • On the ground in the drawer, you’ll find a Flashlight.
  • When you pick up the Flashlight, you’ll find a Small Key in the same drawer. Make sure you don’t miss it because it’s the most important object
  • Finally, there is a picture on the bookshelf in the corner of the room. Nothing important here for now, but remember its location

Great so these are the items you need to find. Now, let’s focus on the puzzle.

How To Solve The Medium Thomas’s Office Clock Puzzle

As you can probably guess this puzzle is focused on the clock in Thomas’s Office. Basically, by setting the clock at specific hours, you’ll be able to discover specific events in the spirit world. You’ll see them on the right side of the screen.

The first thing you’ll want to do here is to interact with the clock and use the Small Key you found to open it.

At this point, you’ll see the clock that looks like the one in my screenshot.

The Medium Thomas's Office Clock Puzzle

Check this clock in Thomas’s Office

If you want to figure out how to solve this puzzle on your own, the hints (hours) are mentioned in Thomas’s To-Do List. If not, simply follow these steps:

  • Move the clock hands to 4 o’clock, and notice that in the spirit world a spirit well appears on the desk. Get close to it, and absorb the energy
  • Now, move the clock hands to 5 o’clock and you’ll see a hidden entrance in the corner of the room. Also in the spirit world
  • Step away from the clock, and use the “out of body” ability to control Marianne in the spirit world
  • Head inside the hidden room, and unleash the energy on the switch on the wall. You can see it below
The Medium Investigate Thomas Office

Find this switch and release your energy on it

Once you do this you’ll see some sparks on the wires above you.

Now, The Medium Clock Puzzle ends, but there is one last thing you’ll have to do. And this is the trickiest part as the game offers no hints or tips.

How To Find Thomas’s Hidden Room In The Medium

In order to continue Marianne’s story, or move forward, you’ll need to find Thomas’s Hidden Room, and this room requires you to solve the puzzle above first.

Once you do that you’ll have to find a switch, so the real world Marianne can access the same room as the one in the spirit world.

Assuming you finished the said puzzle, while in the real world, head back to the library in the corner of the office.

Now, use the Insight ability (press Ctrl on PC) and look at the picture you see in my screenshot below. Notice the switch?

The Medium Thomas Office Walkthrough Guide

Find the hidden room using this switch

Interact with it (aka press the green button) and you’re in.

Now both versions of Marianne can advance, but in the next area, you’ll have to solve Thomas’s Office Hidden Room Puzzle.

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