The Medium Darkroom Photo Paper Puzzle: How To Process Jack’s Picture

February 1, 2021

Released only 3 days ago, The Medium features a lot of puzzles Marianne has to solve, some of them leading to various collectibles. One of the first puzzles you have to figure out takes place in Jack’s house, where Marianne’s story begins.

The Medium darkroom photo puzzle is actually quite easy to figure out, especially if you have a passion for photography. If you don’t, well, don’t worry because in the guide below, we’ll talk about this mystery, and I’ll tell you what you have to do with the Medium Photo Paper you will most likely find.

So let’s start with the darkroom you’ll have to explore. This is accessed via the kitchen while exploring Jack’s house.

When you get inside, you’ll see a desk like the one below.

The Medium Photo Paper Puzzle Guide
Start by finding the Darkroom in Jack’s house

On the right side is a Photo Paper you can process in order to unlock a Memo that counts as a collectible.

If you pay close attention, on the wall, you can notice some instructions on How To Develop Photos.

The whole process requires you to follow 4 simple steps:

  • Illuminate the photo for 5 seconds
  • Dip in Multigrade for 3 seconds
  • Dip in Stop for 3 seconds
  • Finally, dip in Fixer for 3 seconds

Easy right?

The first step is quite straightforward, sure, but the last three are a bit trickier.

How To Solve The Medium Photo Paper Puzzle

Ok, so in order to unlock Jack’s Photo collectible or the first Memo in the video game, your goal is to follow the instructions above and process Jack’s picture.

So, start by picking up the Photo Paper and placing it on the wooden board in front of the illumination device, as you can see below.

Medium Darkroom Photo Puzzle
Illuminate the photo and count to 5

Now start the device, and you will hear a counter. Make sure you wait until you hear that distinctive sound 5 times. If you rush or wait too much, the Photo Paper is destroyed, but you can get another one.

After you illuminate the Photo Paper for 5 seconds, press the button on the device and pick up the Illuminated Photo.

Now, the fun begins because you’ll have to figure out which substances are inside the containers nearby. Or simply put, which is the Multigrade, the Stop, and the Fixer.

Keep in mind that if you dip the Illuminated Photo in the wrong substance, the puzzle resets, and you’ll have to start over.

In order to avoid that, simply follow this order.

While facing the darkroom desk, dip the Illuminated Photo in the first substance from left to right. That is the Multigrade.

Count to three and pick it up. Now you’ll have a Multigraded Photo.

The next step is to dip it in the Stop. Which is inside the container in the middle. Again place the photo and count to three, keeping in mind that if you delay this process, you’ll have to start over.

Now pick it up, and you’ll get a Water-Bathed Photo.

Finally, dip it in the Fixer, which is inside the last recipient.

Count to three, and you’ll get Jack’s Photo and your first collectible.

And that’s it. That is how you solve The Medium Photo Paper puzzle in Jack’s Dark Room and unlock the first collectible in the video game developed by Bloober Team. After Marianne says farewell to Jack, get ready to explore the Niwa Resort.

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