Diablo IV Late Shipment: Where to Find the Battered Shipment

June 18, 2023

Late Shipment is a secret quest in the Kehjistan region of Diablo 4 that requires you to collect the Battered Shipment quest item and deliver it to Aih’Setal in the capital city of Gea Kul.

But the Battered Shipment quest item is randomly dropped by a specific type of enemy in a particular area of Kehjistan.

So, we’ve done some research and found the best spot to obtain the D4 Battered Shipment quest item.

As such, in the following Diablo IV guide, we will explain how to start the Late Shipment side quest and what you must do to complete it.

How To Start the Late Shipment Quest in Diablo 4

The D4 Late Shipment side quest can be started by picking up the Battered Shipment quest item, randomly dropped by a bandit-type enemy called Scrapper in the Southern Expanse area of Kehjistan.

There are plenty of Scrappers in the Shipwreck Cove area south of the city of Gea Kul.

How To Start the Late Shipment Quest in Diablo 4

You can also start the When the Tide Comes In side quest by speaking with Yasir in the Shipwreck Cove area.

As shown on the map below, we’ve managed to get the Battered Shipment from a Scrapper on the path to the Shipwreck Cove area. It is quite a common drop, so you shouldn’t have trouble grabbing the quest item.

Where To Find the Late Shipment Quest in Diablo 4

Where To Find Aih’Setal in Diablo IV

After you’ve put your hands on the Battered Shipment, it’s time to bring it to Aih’Setal, the Innkeeper in the city of Gea Kul.

When you give the Battered Shipment to Aih’Setal, she shows interest in what happened to that Shipment and concludes that you should receive a reward for its recovery.

She also mentions the importance of having supplies to feed the guests at her inn.

Where To Find Aih'Setal in Diablo IV

As a reward for your service, you will receive XP, Gold, a Salvage Cache, and 20 Renown Points for the Kehjistan region.

There is another side quest that can be finished at Aih’Setal titled Timely Correspondence, which is quite similar to the Late Shipment quest.

Also, our Kehjistan side quests locations guide contains all the necessary information to finish all the side quests within the region.

Moreover, please refer to our Diablo 4 Wiki Hub Page if you missed any side quests or Altars of Lilith in the other regions.

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