Diablo IV Weight of Sin: Where To Find the Bracelets

June 19, 2023

Diablo 4 Weight of Sin is a rather tricky gather quest you can complete while exploring the Act 3 Dry Steppes region of the video game released by Blizzard Entertainment on June 6, 2023.

Your main objective in the sad quest is to find two bracelets for Nekhii, a woman NPC.

The bracelets belonged to Dawa and Naraa, who apparently were close to Nekhii until the Triune took them away.

However, finding these bracelets can be hard, and it might take you some serious time if you don’t have a keen eye.

As such, you should check the walkthrough below to learn where to find the bracelets and complete D4 Weight of Sin side-quest quickly.

How To Start Weight of Sin Quest in Diablo 4

To start Weight of Sin, which is part of the 38 Dry Steppes side-quests, you must first advance with the main story until you reach Act 3.

Then you must go to the southern part of the Chambatar Ridge area in the Dry Steppes region and look for Nekhii, the quest giver.

After you reach the spot, you should see Nekhii sitting on a blanket next to a pool.

For the exact location of the NPC, don’t hesitate to check the following D4 map.

Diablo 4 Weight of Sin quest becomes available from the start of Act 3

When you ask the woman what is wrong, she will tell you that the Triune came and took everyone, spared no life.

They were all shacked and brought to the mountain north.

Nekhii wants you to find Dawa and Naraa because she can’t let them remain among the horrors of the Triune; they deserve to be given proper rest.

To help you find them, Nekhii tells you they wore carved bracelets, each bearing eagle wings.

Where To Find the Bracelets in Diablo 4

Upon talking to the woman, you can open your map to spot two search areas on the north side of the Chambatar Ridge area.

So, you must head there, to the mountain, and find the bracelets.

If you can’t find the bracelets yourself or don’t have the time to spare, you should check the next map where we’ve marked their exact locations.

The bracelets are found on the north side of the Chambatar Ridge area

Once you reach any of the spots, you should find Charred Remains, with which you must interact.

Interact with both Charred Remains to obtain the bracelets

The southern remains will drop Naraa’s Bracelet, and the northern ones will drop Dawa’s Bracelet.

Also, be aware that you’ll encounter a lot of enemies on the mountain, including Elites.

Slay them all, grab the bracelets, and return to Nekhii.

However, when you get back, you’ll find Nekhii dead in the pool and her confession letter on the ground.

It seems Nekhii is the reason for all the suffering here, and she couldn’t handle the blame, so she killed herself.

Now, to complete Diablo 4 Weight Sin quest, you must place the bracelets in the pool, and after you do, you’ll receive the following: 20 Dry Steppes Renown points, XP, Gold, and a Murmuring Cache. You can now continue your adventure and complete another side-quest available in the region, like Hunger for a New Life.

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