Diablo IV What Remains: Where To Find Yeshi

June 21, 2023

Diablo 4 What Remains is a delivery quest in which you’ll have to take the remains of Erdene to his family in the town of Farobru.

What Remains is a quite accessible quest, part of the 38 Dry Steppes side-quests, and it’s mandatory if you’re aiming for 100% completion in the region.

However, What Remains has a requirement you must first meet, which doesn’t allows you to start the quest as soon as you get to Act 3.

As such, it would be best to check the walkthrough below, where we’ll explain everything you need to know about how to start and complete D4 What Remains side-quest.

How To Start What Remains Quest in Diablo 4

To be able to play the side-quest, you must first reach Act 3, then progress with the story to the Oasis of Memories main-quest.

When you are ready, you have to travel to the Hidden Overlook in the Jakha Basin area and look for Bayarma, a female NPC who is also the quest-giver.

To make things easier for you, we’ve pinpointed the location of the NPC on the following map.

Diablo 4 What Remains becomes available after starting the Oasis of Memories main-quest

Note that the Sentimental Value side-quest is also available in the Hidden Overlook if it interests you.

Once you’ve found your way to Bayarma (right near the Waypoint, which you can use to fast travel if you have it unlocked), talk to her, and she’ll explain how she barely got out of Guulrahn.

However, her friend Erdene was not so lucky; thus, she went back and got his remains because she thought they belonged with his family, even if they didn’t get along.

The family is located in Farobru, and considering Bayarma doesn’t have the courage to make the trip herself, you should step in and help.

Where To Find Yeshi in Diablo 4

So the first objective is to bring Erdene’s remains to Yeshi, the father, in Farobru.

Farobru is a small town on the east side of the Kotama Grasslands area, and it’s quite far away, but luckily it has a Waypoint.

Hopefully, you have the Waypoint unlocked, or you have a lot of distance to cover.

Also, Yeshi’s exact location is marked on the next D4 map just in case you can’t find him.

Yeshi is located in the town of Farobru

After you get to the spot, you’ll find Yeshi between two fences, and when you tell him the sad news, he will ask you to bury the remains outside the walls next to a little prayer shrine to the south.

Upon finishing your conversation, you can open your map to see the quest’s waypoint, which you need to track because it marks the location of the shrine.

Now make your way to the shrine, and once you reach it, interact with the Loose Dirt to place the remains.

The little prayer shrine is foud south of Farobru town

Be aware that as soon as you finish digging, you’ll get attacked by a Hungry Bloodhawk, an Elite enemy, which you have to slay to complete the current quest objective.

Then head back to Yeshi and talk to him to finish Diablo 4 What Remains quest. As a reward, you get the following: 20 Dry Steppes Renown points, XP, Gold, and a Leather Cache. To continue questing, you can try to complete Currencies From Afar, also available in the Dry Steppes region.

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