Diablo IV Worthy of Arreat: Where To Find an Ancient Crane Sword

June 21, 2023

Diablo 4 Worthy of Arreat is a gather quest you can tackle after completing the Fury Against Fate questline in the video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

Worthy of Arreat counts as one of the 38 Dry Steppes side-quests, and if you’re a completionist, it’s mandatory that you finish it.

However, the quest can get tricky because of a specific item you must find within a dungeon; the problem is that the item doesn’t have a marker unless you get pretty close.

Therefore, make sure to check the following walkthrough to learn how to complete D4 Worthy of Arreat side-quest quickly.

How To Start Worthy of Arreat Quest in Diablo 4

As mentioned, to unlock Worthy of Arreat, you must first complete a questline, with the last quest being Fury Against Fate.

Then you must head to Crane Tribe Hutmoot on the north side of the Untamed Scarps area and look for Ealda, the tribe’s chieftain.

Diablo 4 Worthy of Arreat quest becomes available after completing the Fury Against Fate questline

Now talk to the NPC, who will tell you that last night her ancestors spoke to her, and because the Cranes fought well, they can rejoin the tribes.

But to do so, the Crane Tribe Chieftain says that proper tribute must be made, like Arreat steel from the mountain that fell.

So the NPC asks you to recover the steel and deliver it to the Oxen forgemaster.

As such, let’s see how to find an Ancient Crane Sword, which is made out of Arreat steel, of course.

Where To Find an Ancient Crane Sword in Diablo 4

An Ancient Crane Sword can be found in the Ancient’s Lament dungeon in the northeastern corner of the Untamed Scarps area.

The exact location of the dungeon’s entrance is pinpointed on the D4 map below.

The Ancient's Lament dungeon is located in the northeastern corner of the Untamed Scarps area

Note that Untamed Scarps has only one Waypoint, making it really hard to explore the area, especially without a mount.

Considering that you get a mount only at the beginning of Act 4, it’s probable that you haven’t unlocked it yet and have to traverse the dangerous area on foot.

Nevertheless, you’ll eventually reach the dungeon and enter it.

Once inside, start exploring and completing the objectives.

However, keep an eye open for a Dead Barbarian, just like the one in the next image.

Look for a Dead Barbarian in the Ancient's Lament dungeon

The problem is that the Dead Barbarian is placed randomly in the dungeon, so we can’t help you with the exact location; you have to carefully explore every inch of the dungeon yourself until you find the corpse.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on your minimap, as the Dead Barbarian gets marked with a blue waypoint once you get close.

After you find the corpse, you must interact with it, and it will drop an Ancient Crane Sword.

Now that you’ve completed the side-quest objective, you can get out of the dungeon or finish it as well and receive some loot, which we recommend.

Anyway, once outside, head to the town of Ked Bardu and go see Gerti, who is located near the Blacksmith.

Talking to Gerti, you complete Diablo 4 Worthy Arreat quest and get a Cache, Renown points, XP, and Gold. But you can now start other Dry Steppes quests, like Dust Daisy.

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