Disney Dreamlight Valley Do You Wanna Build A Snowman: How To Get A Birthday Cake

Written by Alexandru Popescu
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September 23, 2022

Wanna Build A Snowman is the fifth and final quest you get from Anna in Disney Dreamlight Valley Early Access version.

In the Build A Snowman quest, you and Anna will try to cheer up Elsa by nicely reminding her that there are people who care about her.

However, there are a lot of tasks you must complete in the said quest, and some of them may cause you problems.

Therefore, checking the following walkthrough is definitely a good idea, provided you want to complete Anna’s fifth friendship quest without breaking a sweat.

How To Start The Build Snowman Quest In Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are a couple of requirements you need to take care of in order to start the quest.

First, complete The Enchanted Ring, Anna’s previous quest that we covered in this guide.

Then, you need to concern yourself with reaching Friendship Level 10 with Anna. If you need ideas on how to do so, check our Friendship Level Up guide here.

You’ll also need to complete Elsa’s quest, Breaking The Ice, and Remy’s quest, A Restaurant Makeover.

Finally, you must unlock the Sunlit Plateau and Frosted Heights Biomes, for which you’ll need to spend some serious Dreamlight; the exact amount depends on when you unlock the areas.

When you are done, find Anna with the help of your map and start the Do You Want To Build A Snowman friendship quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Build Snowman Quest Walkthrough

Where To Find The Book Of Portraits

Anna thinks that you can cheer Elsa with a book with drawings of their family.

You can get the Disney Dreamlight Valley Book of Portraits from Anna’s house, which is located on the east side of the Forest of Valor area, as you can see on the following map.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Build Snowman Anna's House

Make your way to the house and go in to find the said book on the floor in the room to the left.

The book stands out because it has orange covers.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Build Snowman Book Of Portraits

Now talk to Anna again to see what’s next.

How To Get The Ingredients For Elsa’s Birthday Cake

Anna now says that you should bring her sister a chocolate Birthday Cake along with the book. She will also give you the Recipe for the Cake so you’ll know how to make Elsa’s favorite dessert.

So, open your inventory and learn the Chocolate Birthday Cake Recipe. To make it easier, I’ll give you the list of the ingredients:

  • 1 Wheat
  • 1 Sugarcane
  • 1 Cocoa Bean
  • 1 Butter
  • 1 Egg

The simplest way to get Wheat is to buy seeds from Goofy’s Stall in the Peaceful Meadow area. Goofy may sell Wheat directly if you are lucky; if not, stick with the seeds.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Build Snowman How To Get Wheat

Then plant the seeds, water them and wait for the Wheat to grow (1 min).

For the Sugarcane, you’ll need to buy seeds from Goofy’s Stall in the Dazzle Beach Biome.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Build Snowman How To Get Sugarcane

Sugarcane takes a little longer to grow, 7 min.

You can find Cocoa Beans in the following areas:

  • Sunlit Plateau
  • Glade of Trust

Look for the small trees with the big brown beans, as shown in the next image.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Build Snowman Where To Find Cocoa Bean

Finally, you’ll have to go to Remy’s restaurant to get the Butter and Egg.

The restaurant is located in the northeastern corner of the Plaza area, and it says CHEZ REMY on the entrance, so you can’t miss it.

Once inside, go in the back on the right side, where the kitchen is, and interact with the shelves left of the refrigerator.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Build Snowman How To Get Butter And Egg

Buy the Butter and Egg, then go to the stove in front of the refrigerator to make the Disney Dreamlight Valley Birthday Cake.

Interact with the stove, press Y on your Xbox controller to enter the Recipe list, select the Birthday Cake Recipe, add the ingredients and start cooking.

How To Get Snowballs

Now that you have both the Birthday Cake and Book of Portraits in your inventory, give them to Elsa and then speak to Anna.

Don’t forget to check the in-game map if you have problems finding a character.

Anna wants to continue bringing joy to Elsa, and she thinks building a Snow Family is the way to go, so you have to gather the following materials:

  • 40 Snowballs
  • 12 Pebbles
  • 8 Fabrics
  • 8 Dry Wood
  • 4 Carrots

Start with the Snowballs by going to the Frosted Heights area. Then get your Shovel out (press RT) and start digging.

You have a chance to get Snowballs with each hole you dig. Alternatively, you can break the ice provided you have upgraded your Pickaxe by completing Elsa’s Breaking The Ice quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Build Snowman Where To Find Snowballs

Where To Find Dry Wood In Disney Dreamlight Valley

The next material you should gather for the Do You Wanna Build A Snowman quest is Dry Wood, which can be found in the following areas:

  • Forgotten Lands
  • Frosted Heights
  • Sunlit Plateau

The more Biomes you have unlocked from the list above, the faster you’ll get the Dry Wood.

Look on the ground for gray branches in the said areas until you find 8.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Build Snowman How To Get Dry Wood

How To Get Fabric

Another material you need to gather is Fabric, which can be crafted at any Crafting Station, but you’ll need Cotton to do so.

Thus, make your way to Goofy’s Stall in the Sunlit Plateau area and buy Cotton seeds.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Build Snowman Where To Find Fabric

You need to buy 40 Cotton seeds to craft the 8 Fabrics.

However, you’ll first need to plant the seeds, and the time needed for the Cotton to grow is quite long (25 min). You’ll also have to water the crops several times.

Once you have enough Cotton, go to a Crafting Station and make 8 Fabrics in the Refined Material tab.

How To Get Carrots

You can’t build a Snowman without carrots; you want him to be able to smell, right?

If you don’t already have 4 Carrots in your inventory or storage, go to Goofy’s Stall in Peaceful Meadow and buy seeds.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Build Snowman Where To Find Carrots

You’ll have to wait 15 minutes for the Carrots to grow. Patience is key in the video game developed by Gameloft.

Where To Find Pebbles

The last material needed to craft a Snow Family is Pebbles, which can be found in the following Biomes:

  • Dazzle Beach
  • Forest of Valor
  • Sunlit Plateau
  • Forgotten Lands

I had the most success finding the Pebbles by digging in Dazzle Beach.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Build Snowman How To Get Pebbles

Now that you’ve gathered all the materials speak to Anna again, and then go to a Crafting Station.

How To Craft The Snow Family

Interact with the Station, go to the Furniture tab, select the Snow Family icon and press the Make button in the bottom right corner.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Build Snowman How To Make Snowman

And finally, you have to place the Snow Family in the Forest of Valor area, so head there.

Then open your inventory, go to Furniture, then to Anna’s icon under requests, and select the Snow Family.

Now find a place to set the Furniture so that the ground under it is highlighted green.

Take a picture of the lovely family and talk to Anna to complete Disney Dreamlight Valley Do You Wanna Build A Snowman.

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