Disney Dreamlight Valley The Dreamlight Fountain: How To Craft Donald’s Project

by Vlad
September 22, 2022

The Dreamlight Fountain, or Donald’s last Early Access quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, finally allows you to complete the project Donald Duck planned for his friends before the Forgetting.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Dreamlight Fountain is the 4th quest in Donald’s questline and the longest because of the amount of Crafting Materials you’ll need to craft the beautiful Fountain for Donald.

If, by any chance, you started to stock up on Crafting Materials earlier in the game, you’ll save a lot of time. If not, get ready to do a bit of mining, and digging, because even though Donald’s Fountain is small, it requires an impressive number of resources.

So, throughout the following guide, I’ll tell you the fastest way to get the required materials for the Dreamlight Fountain and how to craft it.

How To Start The Dreamlight Fountain In Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Dreamlight Fountain friendship quest unlocks after you meet three important requirements.

The first one refers to the previous quest, which is mandatory because you’ll need to progress Donald’s story. Refer to our Forgotten Project walkthrough here if you need help with it.

Once you finish the previous quest, focus on reaching Friendship Level 10 with Donald, and feel free to check our tips & tricks on how to do it.

Finally, you’ll want to unlock the Forgotten Lands Biome because that’s where you’ll place Donald’s Fountain. The said Biome opens for 15.000 Dreamlight you can obtain by completing various tasks listed in the Dreamlight section of your in-game menu.

Now that you know what you need to do, when the quest becomes available in your journal, open your map and find Donald Duck using his icon.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Dreamlight Fountain Walkthrough

Upon approaching Donald, tell him that you are ready to help him with the project, and you’ll find out that he was patrolling the Sunlit Plateau, making sure there is no sign of trouble.

Tell him you appreciate how brave he is (he’ll love hearing this; then he will inform you that he found a Campsite during his patrol.

Most likely, he built that Campsite with Kristoff before the Forgetting. He also remembers that he left something important there. So, your first objective is to find the Campsite and Donald’s belongings.

Searching The Sunlit Plateau Campsite

Let Donald take the lead and follow him to the Sunlit Plateau. The Campsite he is looking for is in the elephant graveyard in front of the elephant skull.

When you get close, you’ll want to retrieve the note on the ground (pictured).

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Dreamlight Fountain Sunlit Plateau Campsite

Give the note you found to Donald, and he’ll remember that he left it there because he keeps forgetting things.

Tell him it is a good habit, and he’ll remember that he wanted to build something in the Forgotten Lands. Agree that the place could use some work (pick this line), and Donald finally remembers that he wanted to build the Dreamlight Fountain in the Forgotten Lands.

The problem is that the note you found is incomplete, so you’ll need to look for the remaining instructions at the second Campsite. Since the area is a bit spooky, you’ll lead the way.

Where To Find The Second Campsite In The Forgotten Lands

From your current location, head up the ramp on the left side of the giant skull, then you’ll enter Forgotten Lands Biome.

Head west on your map towards the fast travel well, and when you find it, you should also see the second Campsite several steps northwest of it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Dreamlight Fountain Forgotten Lands Campsite

Forgotten Lands Campsite Dreamlight Fountain Instructions

After you reach the Campsite, you’ll be asked to find the Dreamlight Fountain instructions, which are pretty easy to spot.

They are buried near the oven. So, pull out your Shovel, then start digging the glowing mound I have marked below.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Dreamlight Fountain Instructions Locations

After you dig the hole, you’ll find a glowing orb or the last part of Donald’s Memory. Pick it up, and now Donald’s Memory is complete.

Talk to Donald again and pick any dialogue line you want, and he’ll present you with the list of Crafting Materials you’ll need to gather. For the Dreamlight Fountain, you need:

  • 35 Stone
  • 5 Iron Ingots
  • 18 Soil
  • 8 Hardwood
  • 10 Clay

Just so you know, absolutely all materials on Donald’s list can be found in the Glade of Trust; however, to get them faster, there are additional aspects you’ll need to know.

For now, head to your Village and get a companion specialized in Mining.

How To Get Iron Ingots

The Iron Ingots are the first Crafting Materials you’ll want to get because you need Iron Ore and Coal Ore. For 5 Iron Ingots, you want to mine 25 Iron Ore and 5 Coal Ore from the Rock Spots (black Mining Deposits) on the mountain’s walls surrounding the following areas:

  • Glade of Trust
  • Forest of Valor
  • Sunlit Plateau
  • Fristed Heights
  • Forgotten Lands

The best drop rate for Iron Ore is in Glade of Trust, so start there and move from one Rock Spot to another.

If you unlocked the Watering Can upgrade by finishing Merlin’s Final Trial quest, you can remove the pink mushrooms blocking the path across the river, thus gaining access to more deposits like the one below.

disney dreamlight valley broken sled where to find iron ore - GameClubz

While waiting for the Iron Ore Deposits to respawn, you can look for more Ore in the biomes listed above or focus on other Crafting Materials below.

When you have the required amount of Ore, head to a Crafting Table such as the one near Goofy’s House, and in the Refined Material tab, find the Iron Ingot. Craft 5 of them.

Where To Find Stone

While mining the Iron Deposits above, you’ll also get Stone, but most likely, you’ll need more.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, Stone is a common material, and you can quickly obtain it in every Biome by mining Rocks Spots like the one above or Stone Deposits (small and big) like the one pictured below.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Dreamlight Fountain Stone

Getting Hardwood For The Dreamlight Fountain

While waiting for the Rock Spots in Glade of Trust to respawn, you can also look for Hardwood which is obtained in two ways:

  • By picking the small piles of reddish branches on the ground (see the screenshot)
  • By removing small and large tree stumps if you unlocked the shovel upgrade at the end of the quest named An Icy Invitation
Disney Dreamlight Valley The Dreamlight Fountain Hardwood

Regardless of how you decide to obtain Hardwood, if you run out in Glade of Trust, you can also look for this material in Forgotten Lands, Frosted Heights, Sunlit Plateau, and Forest of Valor.

Where To Find Soil And Clay

The next Crafting Material you’ll want to contain for the Fountain is Soil. It is probably the most accessible because it is found in all Early Access Biomes except Dazzle Beach.

You don’t have to look for specific locations. Just pull out your Shovel and start digging around, preferably while in Glade of Trust, because you’ll also get Clay.

If you need additional Clay, you can look for more in Sunlit Plateau and Forgotten Lands, as explained in our Clay Farming guide.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Dreamlight Fountain Clay Soil Locations

Great job. Now that you need where to look for all Crafting Materials make sure you get the amounts listed above.

How To Place The Dreamlight Fountain Celebration Ribbon

When the list is complete, head to the nearest Crafting Station and access it.

In the Furniture tab, you’ll see Donald’s Dreamlight Fountain, so use the materials you gathered to craft it. Now, head back to the Forgotten Lands area and find Donald.

Use his icon on your map if needed, and talk to him. Hand over the Fountain, and he’ll ask you to place the Celebration Ribbon next to it.

This way, the characters of your Village will come to celebrate. Open your inventory (Y on Xbox), go to the Furniture tab and pick Donald’s icon in the Requests section.

Now select the Celebration Ribbon and place it anywhere near the Fountain. Make sure you find a suitable (green) area with no obstacles.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Dreamlight Fountain Celebration Ribbon

Don’t worry about the aspect or the position of the Ribbon because once you take one final selfie with your friends, the celebration ends, and it will vanish.

Now, Disney Dreamlight Valley The Dreamlight Fountain quest is complete, and so is Donald’s questline in the Early Access version of the game.

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