Disney Dreamlight Valley The Forgotten Project: Where To Find All Sunlit Plateau Memory Crates

by Vlad
September 22, 2022

The Forgotten Project continues Donald’s story in Disney Dreamlight Valley and his search for the Time Capsules that will eventually help him remember his plans for the Village.

Unlike the previous quest in Donald’s storyline, named A Fishy Dispute, The Forgotten Project Disney Dreamlight Valley quest requires some crafting materials as well as some specific flowers you’ll need to find.

Furthermore, your job as a detective tracking down Donald’s Capsules continues, which means that this quest is a bit longer and requires some extra work.

Nevertheless, since Donald is such a funny character, it is worth helping him despite his constant anger outbursts. So, let’s see how to complete The Forgotten Project and help Donald Duck recover his lost Memories.

How To Start The Forgotten Project In Disney Dreamlight Valley

To be able to play The Forgotten Project friendship quest in the latest game released by  Gameloft, you’ll need to meet several requirements.

The first one refers to the previous quest in Donald’s story (A Fishy Dispute), which is mandatory, as you can guess.

The second requirement is to increase your Friendship Level with Donald Duck to Level 6, which is relatively easy, as we have explained in our guide here.

Next, you’ll want to unlock the Glade of Trust Biome for 5.000 Dreamlight (the amount changes depending on how many Biomes you have opened up to this point). As a suggestion, you’ll also want to complete The Curse story quest.

Last but not least, you’ll want to progress Mickey’s storyline and finish his 6th quest named Memory Magnification because Donald needs Mickey’s Dreamlight Magnifier.

With all the requirements met, open your map and find Donald Duck.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Forgotten Project Walkthrough

When you talk to him, he’ll tell you that after your last adventure, he asked around the Village about the locked Time Capsule. Ask him what he found, and he’ll tell you that you couldn’t open it because Merlin enchanted it.

So, it’s time to ask Merlin what’s up with his enchantment. Travel to Merlin’s location on your map, and when you talk to the Wizard, you’ll find out about the Odorous Magnificus enchantment he has used on Donald’s Capsule.

To remove the scent-based enchantment, the Wizard wants you to create a perfume by finding the following ingredients:

  • 2 Yellow Bromeliad
  • 3 Pink Houseleek
  • 2 White Marsh Milkweed
  • 3 Blue Hydrangea
  • 1 Empty Vial

Great, now you know what you need to do next, so let’s see where to find all the items for the Odorous Magnificus enchantment.

Yellow Bromeliad Locations

Yellow Bromeliad is the first ingredient you’ll want to look for because it’s rare even though it respawns fast.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, Yellow Bromeliad is a yellow flower that grows exclusively in the Sunlit Plateau Biome.

So travel to the desert area and look for a medium-sized flower like the one in the following screenshot.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Forgotten Project Yellow Bromeliad Location

Remember that you need two of these, so if you can’t find both of them, you’ll have to return later.

Where To Find Pink Houseleek

While in the Sunlit Plateau, you should also look for Pink Houseleek, which, unlike the Yellow Bromeliad, is a very common flower.

In the screenshot below, you can see two of them and notice that they are medium-sized and have an intense-pink color.

For the scent you need to create, you need three.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Forgotten Project Pink Houseleek Locations

How To Get White Marsh Milkweed

For the White Marsh Milkweed, you’ll want to travel to the Glade of Trust Biome. The flower you are looking for grows exclusively in the swamp area and is widespread.

What you are looking for is a tall flower like the one pictured below, but be advised that its color is not white but green, as you can see.

Again, you’ll need 2 White Marsh Milkweed for the scent.

Disney Dreamlight Valley White Marsh Milkweed Location

The Forgotten Project Blue Hydrangea Location

Last but not least, for the current quest, you’ll also need 3 Blue Hydrangea. This flower requires your presence in the Dazzle Beach Biome.

Since it’s very common, you’ll most likely find it pretty fast, but if you encounter difficulties, consider checking the patch of grass in front of the Mystic Cave.

You are looking for a medium-sized blue flower that grows in bouquets, as you can see in my screenshot.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Blue Hydrangea  Locations

Crafting An Empty Vial

Now that you know how to get all flowers in The Forgotten Project quest, it’s time to craft a Vial to store the scent.

The Vial is a craftable item obtained from 3 Glass. In Disney Dreamlight Valley, Glass is also a craftable item you’ll get from 5 Sand and 1 Coal Ore.

This means that for an Empty Vial, you’ll need 15 Sand and 3 Coal Ore.

Sand is very common in the Dazzle Beach area, and you have two methods to obtain it:

  • You can mine the large round blue shells on the beach (pictured below)
  • You can dig it out using your Shovel at any location along the beach
Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Get Sand

Coal Ore is also very common, but if you miss it, try mining the black Rock Spots (Mining Deposits) in all Biomes. You’ll find them on the mountain’s walls surrounding each area.

After you have all Empty Vial crafting materials, head back to a Crafting Station (near Goofy’s House, for example), and in the Refined Material tab, craft 3 Glass.

Now, look for the Empty Vial in the same tab and craft one. Finally, switch to the Potion & Enchantment tab and craft the Odorous Magnificus in the screenshot below.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Odorous Magnificus How To Craft

With the scent in your backpack, you’ll want to open your map and find Merlin’s icon. Travel to his location, and give him the Vial.

He’ll use it to unlock Donald’s Time Capsule, but you are the one who will open it. So, select it from your inventory (Y on Xbox) and choose Use.

The Time Capsule reveals another part of Donald’s Memory which looks like a map. On it, you can see three marked locations.

Now, talk to Donald, and he’ll tell you that the area on the map is Sunlit Plateau, so that’s where you need to go next.

Forgotten Project Suntit Plateau Memory Crates Locations

When you arrive at Sunlit Plateau, head northeast on your map towards the elephant graveyard.

On the ground, you’ll see a highlighted crate like the one below.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Forgotten Project Sunlit Plateau Memory Locations

Approach the crate, then talk to Donald, who tells you that you can’t pick it up because it’s between worlds. Luckily Donald outlines that Minnie was also stuck between worlds, and Mickey managed to bring her back using the Dreamlight Magnifier.

So, it’s time to visit Mickey and ask him to give you the Dreamlight Magnifier you crafted during the Memory Magnification quest.

After you get Mickey’s Dreamlight Magnifier, return to Sunlit Plateau and to the crate picture above. Check the crate to bring it to your world, then pick it up by walking over it.

But there are two more crates you’ll need to find to complete the quest.

The second Sunlit Plateau Crate is behind Goofy’s Stall, as you can notice in the following screenshot.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Forgotten Project Sunlit Plateau Crates Locations

After you check the crate, walk over it, then from your current location, walk along the river moving south.

You should be able to spot the third crate behind a rather large tree at the edge of the area.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Sunlit Plateau Crates Locations

Great job! Now that you found all crates, talk to Donald one more time and give him all three boxes. Finally, Donald Duck remembers his Village project, which is a fountain.

Now, Disney Dreamlight Valley The Forgotten Project quest ends, and the next one becomes available. It is Donald’s final quest in Early Access, named The Dreamlight Fountain.

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