Disney Dreamlight Valley The Curse: How To Retrieve The Orb Of Trust

by Vlad
September 19, 2022

The Curse is the Disney Dreamlight Valley story quest associated with the Glade of Trust Biome featured in the video game developed by Gameloft, and it is mandatory for unlocking a new character that will eventually join your Village.

Similar to the story quest named With Great Power we have covered here, Disney Dreamlight Valley The Curse unlocks a villain named Mother Gothel.

If you are unfamiliar with this name, Mother Gothel is the main antagonist of Disney’s 2010 animated feature film, Tangled.

For her to join your Village, though, you’ll have to break a spell and retrieve the Orb of Trust, which is your main objective in this quest.

So, throughout the following guide, we’ll cover all objectives in Disney Dreamlight Valley Curse quest and unlock Mother Gothel.

How To Start The Curse In Disney Dreamlight Valley

To unlock Mother Gothel in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll have to start The Curse quest by unlocking the Glade of Trust.

There are no other requirements for this quest, but you’ll need 5.000 Dreamlight, which, as you may remember, is obtained by completing tasks listed in the Dreamlight section of the game’s menu.

The amount of Dreamlight required to enter the Glade of Trust might differ based on how many Biomes you’ve unlocked so far.

Upon removing the Night Thorns southwest of Peaceful Meadow, enter the Glade of Trust, and The Curse is automatically triggered.

Now, you’ll be sent to find Merlin, so open your map and look for his icon. Approach the Wizard and from the list of dialogue options, pick The Curse quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Curse Quest Walkthrough

At this point, Merlin tells you that there is some Dark Magic over the great tree in Glade of Trust, so he’ll send you to investigate.

Tell him you won’t let him down, and you’ll get your first objective.

Glade Of Trust Cursed Tree Location

From your current location, enter Glade of Trust, located southwest of Peaceful Meadow.

Cross the bridge over the river behind Goofy’s Stall, and you’ll find the Disney Dreamlight Valley Cursed Tree.

Approach the entrance (pictured below) to meet Mother Gothel.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Curse Glade Of Trust Cursed Tree

While talking to Mother Gothel, there are several dialogue choices available. Pick the ones you want, as they will not affect the story or the current quest.

Eventually, you’ll find out that by freeing Mother Gothel, you also released her Dark Magic spell over your Village, locking almost every Villager.

So, it’s time o fix this by retrieving the Orb of Trust. The first step is to follow Mother Gothel to the Pillar of Trust, located in the Glade of Trust.

Exit her house, cross the bridge on the left side, then turn right to find the Pillar.

Talk to Mother Gothel again, and she’ll show you the Orb of Trust waiting for you on a ledge on the other side of a gap.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Curse Orb of Trust Location

The problem is that you can’t reach the Orb of Trust by normal means because it’s between worlds.

Ask Mother Gothel what’s the plan, and she’ll send you to find Merlin. Use your map and look for Merlin’s icon, which should be close to Ursula’s.

Approach the Wizard and pay close attention to his discussion with Ursula. Now you’ll need to talk to both Merlin, then Ursula.

When talking to Merlin, exhaust all dialogue choices, then do the same with Ursula, who tells you that to lift the Curse, you need :

  • 5 Night Shard
  • 5 Dream Shard
  • Convince Kristoff to help you with the spell

Let’s see what you have to do next.

How To Get Night Shards

Disney Dreamlight Valley Night Shards are Crafting Materials that can be found in all Biomes.

To get them, you’ll need to dig the small mounds that sparkle when you get close. You can see one of them below.

disney dreamlight valley a dark experiment night shards - GameClubz

Night Shards are pretty common; however, assuming you don’t have 5, consider taking a companion specialized in Digging with you to get them faster.

Again these spawn in all biomes.

Where To Find Dream Shards

Unlike the Night Shards, the Disney Dreamlight Valley Dream Shards are pink and drop when you remove Night Thorns.

They are also found in all Biomes, so you will most likely have the amount required for this quest.

If not, start looking for Night Thorns and remove them by getting close and pressing the A button on Xbox.

disney dreamlight valley lost in the dark groove dream shards locations - GameClubz

How To Convince Kristoff To Help You With The Spell

After getting the 5 Dream Shards and Night Shards, you’ll have to convince Kristoff to help you with the spell.

Kristoff is unlocked alongside Donald in the Forest of Valor by completing the Lost In The Dark Grove story quest here.

Assuming you already unlocked him, use the map to find his location, then talk to him. Tell Kristoff that you need his help to lift the Curse, then that he has to give up his memories about Anna.

When he asks why tell him, it is the only hope you have, and he’ll agree to help.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Curse How To Convince Kristoff

Great job! So now you’ll need to head back to Ursula, in the cave where you first met.

It is the same Dazzle Beach Cave you visited at the beginning of the story quest named With Great Power.

Talk to Ursula, give her the Shards, then agree to give up your magic. After a short cutscene, she’ll send you to Here and There, where you need to find the Orb of Trust.

Retrieving The Floating Island Orb Of Trust

After the cutscene, you’ll notice that you turned into some sort of a ghost.

Exit Ursula’s cave to Dazzle Beach and keep moving along the shoreline to cross the sandy Biome. Alternatively, you can fast-travel to Glade of Trust using the well.

When you reach the glade, head south where Mother Gothel showed you the Orb pictured below.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Curse Orb of Trust How To Get

Move over the broken stone bridge, and retrieve the Orb of Trust. With the Orb in your backpack, cross the broken bridge again; then, on the right side, you’ll see the Pillar of Trust.

Place the Orb in the Pillar by interacting with it (A on Xbox), and the Curse in your Village is removed.

To complete Disney Dreamlight Valley The Curse main quest, pay one more visit to Mother Gothel, and she’ll tell you that you are, in fact, the Ruler who once reigned over the Valley.

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