Disney Dreamlight Valley With Great Power: How To Remove All Magic Gates In Dazzle Beach Mystical Cave

by Vlad
September 13, 2022

Disney Dreamlight Valley With Great Power is the first story quest you’ll have to complete in the Dazzle Beach Biome, and it involves a series of puzzles you’ll have to figure out to remove several Magic Gates in the Mystical Cave.

In the video game developed by Gameloft, With Great Power is also the first quest involving Ursula, or the Sea Witch, the main antagonist of Disney’s 1989 animated film The Little Mermaid.

Furthermore, With Great Power is a quest that allows you to unlock other Biomes, provided you know how to remove the Magic Gates inside the Mystical Cave.

To help you with this task, throughout the following guide, we’ll fully cover the story quest named With Great Power, and we’ll tell you how to solve every Mystical Cave Magic Gate Puzzle so you can retrieve the Orb of Power.

How To Start With Great Power In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley With Great Power story quest can be played the moment you unlock the Biome named Dazzle Beach.

This happens at the end of the previous main quest named Friendship Is Everything, after you reach Friendship Level 5 with three characters.

Although this task may look complicated or time-consuming, if you check our Disney Dreamlight Valley Friendship Leveling Up guide here, you should be able to reach level 5 with three characters in no time.

Once you Level Up your characters, you’ll also need 1000 Dreamlight to unlock the Dazzle Beach Biome and the Orb of Friendship. These items will grant you access to Dazzle Beach, where Ursula is found.

So, finish Friendship Is Everything and talk to Merlin again.

Disney Dreamlight Valley With Great Power Quest Walkthrough

When talking to Merlin, you can share your opinions on the Dark Entity and the cursed Cave, but the dialogue options do not affect the story or the quest you’ll play.

So feel free to answer as you like and agree to find the secret behind the Cursed Cave. But to do so, first, you’ll need to find it.

Where To Find The Cursed Cave

To find the Disney Dreamlight Valley Cursed Cave in Dazzle Beach, first, open your map and locate the Peaceful Meadow.

From the Peaceful Meadow, head east on your map towards the Dazzle Peach Biome.

Upon entering the beach, hug the left side mountain wall and keep moving east.

The Dazzle Beach Cursed Cave is on the left side behind a large rock, as you can see in the following screenshot.

Disney Dreamlight Valley With Great Power Cursed Cave Location

Once you find it, head inside to meet Ursula. While talking to Ursula, you’ll have various dialogue options, but all of them have the same outcome, and eventually, you’ll have to set her free.

To do this, you’ll have to place Ursula’s Crystal Key in a device near the locked entrance to a cave on Dazzle Beach.

Crystal Key Device Location

After receiving the Crystal Key from Ursula, exit her Cave, then turn right. Keep moving south along the beach but pay close attention to the eastern (right side) mountain wall.

The device where you have to place Ursula’s Crystal Key is on the right side of a stone door on the beach.

You can see its location in the following screenshot.

Disney Dreamlight Valley With Great Power Crystal Key Device Location

Approach the device and from the inventory, select the blue Crystal Key you got from Ursula to place it in the slot on the right side of the screen.

Upon using the Crystal Key, the stone door nearby opens, and you’ll enter the Mystical Cave.

How To Explore The Mystical Cave

Disney Dreamlight Valley Mystical Cave features multiple floors, and each floor comes with a puzzle you’ll have to solve.

While some are straightforward and easy to figure out, others can become problematic. Furthermore, they all require resources, so get ready to spend time mining and gardening.

Let’s see how to open all Mystical Cave Gates.

Once you enter the Dazzle Beach Mystical Cave, head down the ramp. Eventually, you’ll get to the first gate and puzzle.

How To Remove The First Magic Gate In The Mystical Cave

When you get close to the first Mystical Cave Gate, look around, and you’ll see three statues facing a runestone on the ground.

Check the runestone to get the first puzzle which reads:

Provide a gem that matches best to continue on your hero’s quest.

First Mystical Cave Magic Gate Puzzle

Now take a closer look at the three statues around the runestone, and you can notice that all of them have some lights on their chests, but they have different colors.

Disney Dreamlight Valley With Great Power Cursed Cave First Magic Gate Puzzle Solution

This means that you’ll need three different gems that match the colors on the statues, as follows:

  • For the statue with a red light on the chest (right side), you need a Garnet or a Shiny Garnet
  • For the statue with a blue light on the chest (middle), you need an Aquamarine or Shiny Aquamarine
  • For the statue with a green light on the chest (left side), you need a Peridot or a Shiny Peridot

Obviously, if you have the gems in your backpack, you can open the gate immediately, but if you don’t, you need to do some mining.

Furthermore, you’ll need to know the locations of each of these stones because even though they all come from Rock Spots, they drop in specific Biomes, as follows:

Gem TypeLocation (Where To Find)
Garnet & Shiny GarnetPeaceful Meadow & Plaza
Aquamarine & Shiny Aquamarine Dazzle Beach & Forest of Valor
Peridot & Shiny PeridotDazzle Beach & Peaceful Meadow

Knowing the Biomes where you can find the three types of gems is mandatory for opening the first gate, so head outside and start mining the Rock Spots (pictured below) in the Biomes listed above until you get one gem of each type.

Disney Dreamlight Valley With Great Power Quest Guide

With the gems in your inventory, return to the first Mystical Cave Gate and place them on the statues by interacting with them.

Keep in mind that the gems you place on the statues must match the colors on their chests. Great job! Now, let’s check the next gate.

How To Remove The Second Mystical Cave Magic Gate

To open the second Magic Gate in the Cave, once again, you’ll start by checking the runestone on the ground.

The second puzzle reads:

Discover the right crops to grow to continue on below.One is underground the other gold and brown. What remains is red and round.

Second Mystical Cave Magic Gate Puzzle

While the previous puzzle we solved was focused on mining, the second one is focused on gardening.

So, on the right side of the runestone, you’ll see three new statues. The idea here is to plant three different crops in front of the statues, but these crops are different, and you have to solve the puzzle to figure out what type of seed you need to plant.

Let’s see what’s the solution to the second puzzle:

  • One crop is underground – The answer is Carrot
  • One crop is gold and brow – The answer is Wheat
  • One crop is red and brown – The answer is Tomato

This means that to open the second gate, you must plant one Carrot, one Wheat, and one Tomato in front of the statues.

But for this, you’ll need seeds, and if you don’t have any, you’ll have to look for them. Here is where to find the seeds you need.

Seed TypeLocation (Where To Find)
CarrotPeaceful Meadow Goofy Stall or dropped when destroying Meadow & Plaza Night Thorns
WheatPeaceful Meadow Goofy Stall or dropped when destroying Meadow & Plaza Night Thorns
TomatoDazzle Beach Goofy Stall or dropped when destroying Dazzle Beach Night Thorns

As you can see above, the fastest way to get the seeds you need is by purchasing them from Goofy’s Stalls in specific Biomes.

Disney Dreamlight Valley With Great Power Cursed Cave Second Magic Gate Puzzle Solution

However, you should know that the seeds sold by Goofy rotate, which means that not all of them may be available. To fix Goofy’s stock problem and increase the type of seeds he sells, consider upgrading his stalls using Scrooge McDuck’s sign.

Alternatively, you can get the seeds you need by removing Night Thorns, but they drop randomly in the Biomes listed above.

Great, now that you have the seeds return to the second Magic Gate and place them as follows:

  • Plant the Carrot Seed in front of the first statue that’s closest to the gate
  • Plant the Wheat Seed in front of the statue in the middle
  • Plant the Tomato Seed in front of the last statue
Disney Dreamlight Valley With Great Power Cursed Cave Second Gate Puzzle Solution

Once you plant the seeds, you’ll also need to water them, so select the Watering Can and make sure you water all three crops.

If by any chance you plant the wrong seed, make sure you wait for the plant to grow, harvest it, then dig another hole.

Now, you’ll have to wait for the plants to grow, and the slowest one is the Tomato which takes 25 minutes in real-time. Furthermore, you’ll have to water the Tomato twice; otherwise, it won’t grow.

The Carrot needs 15 minutes to grow, and the Wheat Plant takes 1 min.

After 25 minutes, you’ll notice that the second Magic Gate opens so you can proceed further into the Cave.

How To Remove The Third Magic Gate In Mystical Cave

The third Magic Gate you have to remove to progress the Disney Dreamlight Valley With Great Power quest is also the most accessible because it’s focused on the cooking activity.

This time, in front of the gate, you won’t find any statues but an oven and the usual runestone you’ll want to check to get the following clue:

The final riddle let it be known: to cook and eat what you have grown.

Third Mystical Cave Magic Gate Puzzle

So to open the next gate, you’ll need to use the oven and cook what you have grown. This means that you’ll want to interact with the oven by pressing A (on Xbox), then from the list of ingredients, you’ll want to add:

  • 1 Tomato
  • 1 Carrot
  • 1 Wheat
Disney Dreamlight Valley With Great Power Cursed Cave Third Magic Gate Puzzle Solution

Now, choose Start Cooking from the bottom of the screen, and if you don’t have any Coal consider mining the stones in front of the over.

By using the ingredients above, you’ll cook Veggie Pasta, one of the Disney Dreamlight Valley Recipes (refer to this guide for a complete list of meals you can cook).

With the Veggie Pasta ready to eat, open your inventory and consume the delicious recipe; otherwise, the third Magic Door won’t open.

How To Remove The Magic Gate In Mystical Cave (Fish Orb Of Power)

After eating the Veggie Pasta, head to the next area and check the last runestone:

One last thing and you can go. Catch the Orb that lies below.

Fourth Mystical Cave Magic Gate Puzzle

The final Mystical Cave Puzzle is also accessible because it requires you to fish the Orb. Assuming you already checked our Disney Dreamlight Valley Fishing guide here, then you know how to properly fish in the game.

If not, approach the water and equip your Fishing Rod by pressing RT on Xbox and selecting it from the Tools Wheel.

Now, while facing the water, press and hold X, then wait for the small marker to be on top of the golden circle in the water. Remember that you can’t change its direction, so you’ll have to change your position on the ground.

Disney Dreamlight Valley With Great Power Cursed Cave How To Fish Orb of Power

Release X, then get ready to press A when the Orb of Power is in the hook. Now, you’ll need to complete 3 QTEs (quick time events) in quick succession by pressing A when the circle on the water turns green.

How To Place The Orb Of Power In The Pillar

Assuming you managed to catch the Orb of Power, exit the Cave, and the moment you get outside on the left side, you’ll see the Pillar where you need to place the Orb.

Disney Dreamlight Valley With Great Power Orb Pillar Location

Approach the Orb of Power Pillar and select the orange Orb to place it in the slot. Now, return to Ursula inside her Cave and talk to her.

Again, the dialogue choices won’t affect the story so take your time to find the secret behind the Forgotten. Finally, open your map and look for Merlin’s location, then talk to him about freeing Ursula.

Although she is a villain, Ursula’s presence in your Village unlocks more quests, and Merlin will still reward you 1000 XP for finishing the Disney Dreamlight Valley With Great Power quest.

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