Disney Dreamlight Valley A Lesson In Frustration: How To Cook Merlin A 2-Star Meal

by Vlad
September 13, 2022

A Lesson In Frustration is a Disney Dreamlight Valley cooking-based quest you can complete for Merlin, provided you know how to cook a 2-Star Meal.

Disney Dreamlight Valley A Lesson In Frustration quest can be very accessible or problematic, depending on the cooking recipes you have unlocked; however, for the sake of the funny wizard who needs a decent meal, throughout the following guide, we’ll go over this quest.

Before starting, it is worth knowing how to cook in Disney Dreamlight Valley, so you may want to check our cooking guide here, along with all recipes available so far in the video game developed by Gameloft.

Now let’s see how to feed Merlin an outstanding dish and how to complete A Lesson In Frustration.

How To Start A Lesson In Frustrationt In Disney Dreamlight Valley

To start Merlin’s A Lesson In Frustration quest, there are several requirements you must meet. First, as you can guess, you’ll need to complete the second or the previous quest in Merlin’s questline.

Specifically A New Enchantment quest we covered here.

Next, you’ll want to reach Merlin Level 4 Friendship Level, which is an easy task, especially if you use the hints & tips we outlined in our Friendship Leveling Up guide.

And finally, you’ll have to unlock the Dazzle Beach Biome by completing the Friendship Is Everything main quest and spending 1000 Dreamlight.

Upon all these requirements have been met, A Lesson In Frustration becomes available, so open your map and look for Merlin’s icon.

Once you find it, travel to the wizard’s location and talk to him.

Disney Dreamlight Valley A Lesson In Frustration Quest Walkthrough

Upon finding Merlin ask him what is wrong, and he’ll tell you that he’s working on an experiment, but things don’t go very well, most likely because he’s exhausted.

Now, you’ll want to ask him when did he last eat, and he’ll tell you that several days ago. So you need to help Merlin recover his energy by cooking him a meal.

How To Cook Merlin A 2-Star Meal For Merlin

Disney Dreamlight Valley 2-Star Meals are very accessible because you only need two ingredients to make them.

Obviously, you can cook Merlin better meals if you want to impress him, but the minimum rating must be 2. Or, simply put, you can’t cook a 1-Star Meal.

Again, it is recommended that you check our complete list of recipes and required ingredients here and cook any 2-Star Meal based on the ingredients you have.

However, for the sake of this guide and assuming you have no ingredients, we’ll cook a Grilled Veggie Platter, which is a 3-Star Meal very accessible early in the game.

For this meal, you need 3 Vegetables. They can be different, or they can be the same.

For example, you can cook this meal using only three Carrots. As you may remember, you can buy vegetables from Goofy’s Stalls, such as the one in Peaceful Meadow below.

Disney Dreamlight Valley A Lesson In Frustration 2 Star Meal

If you can’t see the Carrots available at Goofy’s Stall, make sure you upgrade it using Scrooge McDuck’s sign.

Alternatively, if you have seeds, you can also plant your own Carrots, you can plant Tomatoes or even buy them from Goofy’s Dazzle Beach Stall.

Regardless, when you have three veggies, head back to your house. Approach the oven and add any three vegetables to the pot. Again they don’t have to be different.

Disney Dreamlight Valley A Lesson In Frustration 2 Merlin Star Meal

Now, select Start Cooking, and you’ll obtain a delicious Grilled Veggie Platter using only three vegetables.

Excellent job, chef! So, open your map to see where Merlin is located, then give him the meal you have cooked. You won’t receive an extra reward for cooking a 3-Star Meal instead of a 2-Star recipe, but you’ll know you did better than the rest.

Once you feed Merlin, Disney Dreamlight Valley A Lesson In Frustration quest ends, and you’ll receive 350 XP, as well as access to the next quest, Crystal Mystery, covered in this walkthrough.

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