Disney Dreamlight Valley A New Enchantment: How To Remove The Meadow Mushrooms

by Vlad
September 12, 2022

A New Enchantment is a Disney Dreamlight Valley fetch quest you can complete for Merlin if you wish to learn how to remove the Mushrooms in the Peaceful Meadow area of the video game developed by Gameloft.

While inoffensive, the Peaceful Meadow Mushrooms disturb Merlin with their smell; therefore, the great wizard wants to get rid of them. Obviously, with your help.

The Disney Dreamlight Valley A New Enchantment quest is the second one you’ll get from Merlin, and if you manage to complete it, you’ll receive 180 XP.

So, let’s see how to complete all objectives in this quest.

How To Start A New Enchantment In Disney Dreamlight Valley

To start A New Enchantment in the Valley, first, you’ll need to finish the quest named Royal Tools for Merlin.

That’s because, during that quest, you’ll receive the Watering Can, which you’ll need in A New Enchantment.

Next, you’ll want to progress through Scrooge McDuck’s questline up to the point where you unlock the Crafting Table inside his shop.

The said table becomes available upon completing Scrooge McDuck’s Grand Re-Opening quest covered in this guide.

Last but not least, Merlin’s Friendship Level must be 2, which is a requirement easy to achieve, provided you know how to Level Up Friendship Levels.

Once all the requirements above are met, open your map and look for Merlin, the friendly wizard you met at the beginning of the game. After you find his icon, go and talk to him.

Disney Dreamlight Valley A New Enchantment Quest Walkthrough

When talking to Merlin, accept to help him, then when he asks you What do you want most from magic?, tell him that you want to help Dreamlight Valley. Now the quest starts, and you’ll receive your first objective.

Dream Shards Locations

The first objective in A New Enchantment quest is to get 10 Dream Shards. Most likely, you already have them, but assuming you don’t, it’s worth knowing where to look for them.

The fastest way to get 10 Dream Shards is to remove the Night Thorns like the one in the screenshot above.

Disney Dreamlight Valley A New Enchantment Dream Shards Locations

It’s an easy task since the whole Valley is full of them, and they also respawn. Feeding critters such as Squirrels in the Plaza is also an activity that provides Dream Shards, but you’ll need to feed them their favorite food, which in this case is apples.

Furthermore, feeding critters takes more time. So, first, check your inventory to see if you already have 10 Dreamshards and if you don’t, start removing Night Thorns by stepping next to them and pressing A (on Xbox).

Once you have 10 Dream Shards, return to Merlin, who patrols in all areas, and he’ll ask you to craft a Dreamlight.

How To Craft A Dreamlight Using Dream Shards

To craft a Dreamlight in Disney Dreamlight Valley, as you can guess, you need 10 Dream Shards and a Crafting Table.

Early in the game, you’ll find Crafting Tables near Goofy’s house and inside Scrooge McDuck’s shop in the Plaza.

Visit the old duck and check out his shop in the Plaza area near the fountain.

On the right side of the vault inside the shop, you’ll see the Crafting Table you have to interact with.

Press A on Xbox to access the table, then use RB to access the Potion & Enchantment tab.

Now, select the Dreamlight in the screenshot below, then select Make in the lower right corner.

Disney Dreamlight Valley A New Enchantment How To Craft Dreamlight

Great job! With the Dreamlight in your inventory, exit McDuck’s shop and find Merlin’s location using his icon on the map.

When approaching Merlin, Goofy joins the conversation. Pay close attention to the dialogue, and when Merlin asks Well…can you discern what this means?, make sure you answer with, It means that Thorns are made of Dreamlight.

As a result, Merlin sends you to fetch some items for him so that he can study them.

Where To Find Dandelion, White Daisy, Apple, And Banana For Merlin

The complete list of things Merlin needs includes:

  • 4 Dandelion
  • 4 White Daisy
  • 6 Apple
  • 6 Banana

All of them are very common and easy to find if you know where to look. So let’s start with the six bananas which require your presence in the Peaceful Meadow area.

Head to the southern border towards the stairs leading to Dazzle Beach, and you’ll see 2 Banana Trees (pictured below).

Disney Dreamlight Valley A New Enchantment Banana Locations

After you harvest both trees, look around, and you should be able to see a lot of White Daisies because they also grow in the Peaceful Meadow. Pick 4 of them.

disney dreamlight valley hanging with mickey white daisy location - GameClubz

Now, visit the Plaza area north of your current location, and as you follow the stairs up on the right side, you’ll see some Apple Trees.

Get 6 Apple, then look around for some yellow Dandelions (pictured below). Collect 4.

Disney Dreamlight Valley A New Enchantment Quest Guide

Now that you have all items, find Merlin once again using your map, and he’ll ask you to hand over the flowers and the fruits.

Give him the samples, then he’ll tell you about his plan to get rid of the Mushrooms in the Meadow.

Ask him what’s wrong with the Mushrooms, and you’ll find out that he hates their smell. Next, Merlin tells you that he’s ready to start the test and that you should follow him.

You’ll find Merlin south of his tower near the stairs leading to Glade of Trust. Talk to him again, and he’ll enchant your Watering Can, asking you to water the nearby Mushroom.

Disney Dreamlight Valley A New Enchantment Mushrooms Locations

Press RT (on Xbox) to equip the can, then X while standing next to the Pink Mushroom. You’ll notice how the Mushroom vanishes.

Finally, talk to Merlin again, and Disney Dreamlight Valley A New Enchantment quest ends, unlocking the next one in line named A Lesson In Frustration.

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