Disney Dreamlight Valley Village Project The Garden: How To Craft Trellis And Burlap Bags

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September 13, 2022

It will take a lot of work to restore the Village in Disney Dreamlight Valley after the damage created by the Forgotten Curse.

Fortunately, through the Village Project The Garden quest, our favorite and beloved robot WALL-E will aid us by building a garden that will help sustain the plant life in the Village.

But to build WALLE-E’s Garden, you will need a lot of supplies. So, if you’re having difficulties completing the Village Project The Garden quest, follow our comprehensive guide to make the task more accessible in the video game developed by Gameloft.

How To Complete Disney Dreamlight Valley Village Project The Garden Quest

All of the steps for completing each part of the Village Project The Garden quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, are as follows:

  • Talk to WALL-E in your Village to initiate the quest
  • Follow WALL-e
  • Talk to WALL-e again
  • Gather the items required to start the Garden:
    • Sugarcane Seeds (x5)
    • Wheat Seeds (x5)
    • Craft Trellis (x1)
    • Craft Burlap Bags (x3)
  • Bring WALL-E the items required to start the Garden.

After you complete the It’s Good To Be Home quest by introducing WALL-E to Goofy, picking up flowers, and feeding an animal around the Village, return to WALL-E and talk to him again to start the quest.

He will then lead you to an old dirt pile in the Peaceful Meadow. Talk to him again, and he will tell you that he wants to turn these ruins into his Garden.

You will accept the task and help this little guy by gathering the required materials to build WALLE-E’s Garden.

The materials required to start the Garden are Sugarcane Seeds (x5), Wheat Seeds (x5), Trellis (x1), and Burlap Bags (x3).

Where To Find Sugarcane Seeds

You can purchase Sugarcane Seeds from Goofy’s Stall in Dazzle Beach.

To unlock Dazzle Beach for 1000 Dreamlight, you must complete the Friendship is Everything quest first.

Then proceed to the Beach, near the dock, to repair Goofy’s Stall with Scrooge Mcduck’s help for a 1000 Star Coins fee.

Where To Find Sugarcane Seeds In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where To Find Wheat Seeds In Village Project The Garden Quest

You can buy Wheat Seeds at Goofy’s Stall in Peaceful Meadow (near the stairs to the Plaza).

To unlock the Wheat Seeds, you must upgrade Goofy’s Stall once for 500 Star Coins.

Where To Find Wheat Seeds In Village Project The Garden Quest

How To Craft Trellis

To craft a Trellis, you will need to gather Softwood (x15), Soil (x3), and White & Pink Falling Penstemons (x2).

Softwood can be found scattered all over Plaza and Peaceful Meadow. It looks like a couple of branches on top of each other.

Dig around Plaza and Peaceful Meadow to find Soil using your shovel from the tools menu. Keep in mind that you can’t find Soil from the glowing digging spots (dirt piles).

If you don’t know what White & Pink Falling Penstemons look like, check the image below and pick two of them.

How To Craft Trellis In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you’ve gathered all the required materials, go to a Crafting Station (near Goofy’s house), select the Furniture tab, and craft the Trellis.

disney dreamlight valley village project the garden trellis - GameClubz

How To Craft Burlap Bags In Village Project The Garden Quest

To craft three Burlap Bags, you will need to gather Soil (x30) and Fiber (x60).

Fiber is also a craftable material which can be found under the Refined Material tab in the Crafting Station. So, to craft Fiber (x60), you will need to gather Seaweed (x12).

To find Seaweed, you will need to cast your line into the water away from the bubbling fishing spots where fish are caught. You’ll either catch a bunch of common fish or Seaweed.

Also, to speed up the process of gathering Seaweed, you can hang out with a friend who specializes in Fishing to obtain additional Seaweed.

Once you have Seaweed (x12) and Soil (x30), go to the Crafting Station, select the Refined Material tab, and craft Fiber (x60). Then, select the Furniture tab and craft Burlap Bags (x3).

How To Craft Burlap Bags In Village Project The Garden Quest

When you have all the required materials, give them to WALL-E, the Garden will be assembled, and the Village Project The Garden quest will be completed.

WALL-E will take care of the Garden, which acts as a harvesting source, so you don’t have to be present all the time to take care of it.

You can simply upgrade WALLE-E’s Garden using Star Coins to boost crop growth and efficiency.

And that’s how you complete the Village Project The Garden in Disney Dreamlight Valley. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.

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  1. After I gave wall E the requested items he is still asking for dirt sacks, a trellis & seeds, I’ve made the items it’s asking for now but the garden quest is not complete still. Can anyone help?

    1. Did you interact with Scrooge’s sign? The garden has multiple levels, and you’ll need a lot of Star Coins to build it.

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