Disney Dreamlight Valley Dinner With A Friend: How To Cook Bouillabaisses

September 13, 2022

To complete Goofy’s friendship quest named Dinner With A Friend in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you have to cook two Bouillabaisses, which are 5-star dishes.

The meals are for Goofy, who wants to invite Mickey for dinner, so you get to be their cook and don’t even receive an invitation. Not cool, Goofy, not cool at all.

Of course, you first have to gather the ingredients, which can take some time if you don’t know what you are doing.

Therefore, check the walkthrough below to not waste a single second in the video game developed by Gameloft.

How To Start Dinner With A Friend In Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are 3 requirements you need to meet in order to start the Dinner With A Friend quest, and you can probably guess one of them: complete the previous quest from Goofy, named Photographic Memory (covered in this guide).

Another requirement is to reach Friendship Level 6 with Goofy, which shouldn’t cause you too much trouble if you check this Friendship Level Up guide.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Dinner With A Friend Quest Walkthrough

And the last thing you must do is unlock the Disney Dreamlight Valley Dazzle Beach Biome, which will cost you 1000 Dreamlight.

You should have enough Dreamlight by now to do this. To unlock the Biome, you must go to the big Night Torns covering the entrance to the beach on the east side of the Peaceful Meadow area.

Check your map if you have problems finding the Dazzle Beach area so that you don’t waste your Dreamlight opening another Biome by mistake.

Once you’re all set, talk to Goofy and see what you must do to complete the quest.

Where To Find Clams

As I mentioned before, Goofy wants to invite Mickey over for dinner, and he wants to serve Bouillabaisse.

You must first gather the needed ingredients, of course.

Checking the list of ingredients, you now see why you needed access to the Dazzle Beach area in Disney Dreamlight Valley, so head to the beach to find 2 Clams for starters.

You can easily see the Clams on the beach because they are large enough and purple, as shown in the next image.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Dinner With A Friend Where To Find Clams

Where To Find Scallops

Once you have the Clams, move on to the Scallops, of which you also need 2.

The Scallops stand out on the beach because they are blue and not as small as you might think, just like in the following screenshot.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Dinner With A Friend Where To Find Scallops

It shouldn’t take you too much time to gather them.

How To Get Shrimp

This next part is the trickiest because you’ll need to fish 2 Disney Dreamlight Valley Shrimps.

First of all, you should check our fishing guide here to make this task a lot easier.

Then go to the beach and start fishing until you get 2 Shrimps.

A good tip is to try and focus on the blue ripples in the sea because I’ve gotten Shrimps only from those spots.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Dinner With A Friend Quest Guide

New ripples appear over time so keep your eye on the sea.

It may take some time, but like any good fisher, you must have patience.

It’s also worth mentioning that I’ve asked one of the characters with the Fishing Role assigned to accompany me, and the extra Shrimp I got from him didn’t count for progress, so you have to fish both Shrimps yourself.

How To Get Tomatoes

After you have all the seafood needed for the Bouillabaisses, talk to Goofy, and he will tell you that you also need Tomatoes and some vegetables.

Goofy will also give you the Recipe for the Bouillabaisses needed for Dinner With A Friend, so open your backpack by pressing Y on your Xbox controller and interact with the cooking book icon.

You can also learn this Recipe and many others from our Cooking And Recipes List Guide here.

You probably have no idea how to get Tomatoes at this point in Disney Dreamlight Valley because the game doesn’t tell you. It’s not hard getting the vegetables, but it will require some Star Coins.

So, open your map and locate Goofy’s Stall in the Dazzle Beach area, then go to it and interact with the blue sign.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Dinner With A Friend Goofy Stall

As you can see, you must pay 1000 Star Coins to set up the Stall, and that’s not all! You have to pay another 2000 to upgrade it, making a hole in your wallet.

Once you’ve upgraded it, you can buy Tomatoes at the cost of 33 Star Coins a piece. I know, it’s like everybody is trying to rob you.

You can also buy Tomato Seeds if you have time to wait for the vegetables to grow.

How To Cook The Bouillabaisses

All that’s left is to cook the meals for Goofy’s dinner with a friend, so head to your house and interact with the Stove.

Then press Y to open the Recipes tab, select the Bouillabaisse, press the Autofill button, and then the Start Cooking one.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Dinner With A Friend How To Cook Bouillabaisses

Repeat the process because you need 2 Bouillabaisses, and you’re done with the cooking.

You also need any 2 vegetables for the meals. You probably have 2 Carrots or something, but just in case you don’t, go to Goofy’s Stall in the Peaceful Meadow area and buy some from there.

Well done, chef! You can now talk to Goofy and give him the meals to complete Disney Dreamlight Valley Dinner With A Friend, gaining 530 XP points.

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