Disney Dreamlight Valley A Tale Of Stone And Fire: How To Cook 5-Star Meal And Craft Granite Fire Bowl

September 13, 2022

At the start of the Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will come into possession of the Royal Tools that are crucial to progress through the game.

These Royal Tools can be upgraded by completing quests. A Tale Of Stone And Fire quest is one of the quests that can improve your Royal Pickaxe to break the big hunks of sea debris.

So, follow this comprehensive guide if you want to learn how to upgrade your pickaxe and complete A Tale Of Stone And Fire quest in the video game developed by Gameloft for PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation platforms.

How To Complete Disney Dreamlight Valley A Tale Of Stone And Fire Quest

A Tale Of Stone And Fire quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley comes with the following objectives:

  • Talk to Maui to begin the quest (Friendship Level 4 is required)
  • Follow Maui to Dazzle Beach
  • Gather the items needed for Maui from his basket in the Moana Realm (x5)
  • Bring Maui the items you gathered
  • Cook a fresh 5-star meal for Maui
  • Bring the meal you cooked to Maui
  • Follow Maui back to the sea debris
  • Break the sea debris and collect what you find inside
  • Show Maui what you found
  • Gather the following items to craft a Granite Fire Bowl:
    • Sand (x20)
    • Stone (x25)
    • Coal Ore (x10)
    • Red Falling Penstemon (x3)
  • Place the Granite Fire Bowl in the Village
  • Return to talk to Maui

After you complete the Burying The Eel quest by crafting a Fishing Trap, catching and burying an eel to grow a Coconut Tree for Maui, return to him once you’ve reached Friendship Level 4 to begin A Tale Of Stone And Fire quest.

He will tell you about big hunks of storm debris that made their way onto Dazzle Beach, prompting you to follow him and see what he discovered.

Follow him to the big hunk of storm debris with a yellow treasure chest stuck in it.

Maui will offer to upgrade your pickaxe so you can break the big hunks of stone debris, but first, you’ll have to go to Moana’s Realm and bring him back some stuff left in a basket next to his boat.

Travel to Moana’s Realm and proceed to the nearby beached ship. Interact with the basket to find a couple of different seashells and Scraping Stones (x5).

Pick up the Scraping Stones (x5) as well as the seashells because they will be very important to progress later in A Tale Of Stone And Fire quest. Now, return to Maui and give him the stones.

How To Cook a 5-Star Rating Meal In A Tale Of Stone And Fire Quest

After delivering Maui the Scraping Stones, he will get hungry and requests a fresh 5-star meal. If you picked up the seashells from the basket, the easiest meal to prepare is the Bouillabaisse.

The recipe for the Bouillabaisse contains the following ingredients: Any Seafood, Any Seafood, Shrimp, Tomato, and Any Vegetable.

How To Cook a 5-Star Rating Meal In A Tale Of Stone And Fire Quest

Also, if you want to cook a different 5-star meal for the demigod, please refer to our Disney Dreamlight Valley Cooking & Recipes List Guide and look for meals with five ingredients.

So, to quickly prepare the meal, use two Seashells, a Shrimp, and two Tomatoes. Since you already have the Seashells, let’s see where you can find Shrimp and Tomatoes.

To catch a Shrimp, cast your line into white and blue fishing spots on Dazzle Beach’s water. The highest chance of catching a Shrimp is from the blue fishing spots, so keep an eye out for them.

In A Tale Of Stone And Fire Quest Shrimp

To acquire Tomatoes for the recipe, you will need to repair Goofy’s Stall on Dazzle Beach and upgrade it once until you unlock Tomato Seeds.

Buy a couple of Tomato Seeds (in case you need them for another Bouillabaisse or other recipes), plant the seeds, water them, then wait 25 minutes to grow or complete some dailies in the meantime.

In A Tale Of Stone And Fire Quest Tomatoes

Once you have all the ingredients, find a stove and cook the 5-star meal. Then find Maui and give it to him.

In exchange, he will upgrade your pickaxe, allowing you to break the big hunks of storm debris around Dazzle Beach.

How To Craft A Granite Fire Bowl In A Tale Of Stone And Fire Quest

Before doing so, follow Maui back to the sea debris with the yellow treasure chest, break it and collect the piece of sandstone off the ground.

Show him the sandstone, and Maui will suggest recreating a Granite Fire Bowl with it. But to do that, you will have to gather some additional materials: Sand (x20), Stone (x25), Coal Ore (x10), and Red Falling Penstemon (x3).

To acquire Sand, use your upgraded pickaxe and break the sea debris around Dazzle Beach until you gather 20 pieces. The big hunks of sea debris contain high amounts of Sand.

A Tale Of Stone And Fire Quest Sand

If you don’t have enough Stone or Coal Ore already, use your pickaxe and mine the black rock spots around the cliffsides.

Red Falling Penstemons can only be found around the Plaza. If you don’t know what they look like, check the image below and pick three of them.

A Tale Of Stone And Fire Quest Red Falling Panstemons

If you don’t find three Red Falling Penstemons, wait for a couple of hours until new ones spawn in the Plaza.

After you’ve gathered all the required materials, go to a Crafting Station (near Goofy’s house), select the Furniture tab, and craft the Granite Fire Bowl.

How To Craft A Granite Fire Bowl In A Tale Of Stone And Fire Quest

Now, open your inventory, select the Furniture tab, go to Maui, and select Granite Fire Bowl to place it in the Village.

Once you’re done, return to Maui and speak to him one last time to complete the A Tale Of Stone And Fire quest and unlock the next quest in line named Demigod Of The Wind And Sun.

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