Disney Dreamlight Valley Photographic Memory: How To Take Photos For Goofy’s Scrapbook

by Vlad
September 12, 2022

Disney Dreamlight Valley Photographic Memory is Goofy’s third quest and also a tutorial focused on learning how to use the camera in the video game developed by Gameloft.

For the Photographic Memory quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll need to take a couple of photographs (selfies) and help Goofy with his Scrapbook.

While this quest may look straightforward at first, things can get a little messy because you need to know how to position your camera to complete all objectives.

So, to help you with your objectives, the Photographic Memory walkthrough below covers everything you need to know about Goofy’s third request.

How To Start Photographic Memory In Disney Dreamlight Valley

When it comes to the requirements you’ll need to meet for this quest, as you can guess, the most important one is to complete the previous one from Goofy’s questline.

Specifically, A Warm Welcome quest we covered here.

The second requirement is to increase Goofy’s Friendship Level to 4. If you don’t know how to achieve this, refer to our Disney Dreamlight Valley Friendship Leveling guide here because it covers every aspect of this game feature.

Now, when you reach Level 4 with Goofy and finish A Warm Welcome, open your map and look for Goofy’s icon.

Mark the funny character, then approach him to start the quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Photographic Memory Quest Walkthrough

When talking to Goofy, choose I’m super creative! to trigger the quest and receive the first objective.

Furthermore, a small tutorial explaining how to use the camera in Disney Dreamlight Valley should appear on your screen.

Now, it’s a good time to switch to your camera by pressing RT (on Xbox) and selecting it from the Tools Wheel.

So, for the first objective, Goofy wants you to photograph an Apple Tree, Raspberry Bush, and Banana Tree. Let’s see where to find them.

How To Photograph The Apple Tree, Raspberry Bush, And Banana Tree

When looking to complete the first Photographic Memory objective, there are several aspects you have to be aware of:

  • The tree’s location
  • The tree’s state
  • Your position when taking a picture

Let’s go over these three aspects, and the first one is the tree’s location.

The Apple Tree in Disney Dreamlight Valley grows in Forgotten Lands and Plaza areas. They are pretty common in the Plaza, and one of them should be next to your house.

You can also find more behind Scrooge McDuck’s shop.

Regarding the tree’s state, the objective clearly outlines that the tree you have to photograph must be full of fruit. This means you are not allowed to photograph an empty or recently harvested tree. Keep this in mind.

Last but not least, your position must be as close as possible to the tree you have to photograph, and when activating the camera, the tree and the fruits must appear in the picture.

Now that you know these requirements get close to an apple tree with fruits in it in the Plaza area; select your camera by pressing RT (on Xbox) and take a photograph by pressing X (also on Xbox).

Disney Dreamlight Valley Photographic Memory Apple Tree Photo

The Banana Tree is also quite common in the Disney Dreamlight Valley, but you’ll find it in Dazzle Beach and Peaceful Meadow.

Suppose you didn’t unlock Dazzle Beach yet; head to the Peaceful Meadow south of the Plaza. After descending the stairs on the right side, you should be able to see a ruined house, and behind it is a Banana Tree.

You can see it below and notice that it’s full of Bananas. If you already harvested the Banana Tree, you’ll have to find another one or wait for the Bananas to grow.

Again, get as close as possible and take a picture in which both the tree and the Bananas are visible.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Photographic Memory Banana Tree Photo Location

Finally, the Raspberry Bush is a common plant that grows in both Plaza and Peaceful Meadow Areas.

The one closest to you when you start the game is in front of your house, in Mickey’s garden. Another one is behind Chez Remy.

Follow the same steps as above, first check if it has fruits, then get close to it and take a selfie.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Photographic Memory Raspberry Bush Photo Location

Great, now that you photographed the trees, open your map, find Goofy and talk to him.

The clumsy character tells you he needs two additional photographs, but you’ll need to exercise your photographing skills on animals this time.

Photographic Memory Squirrel And Rabbit Locations

Similar to the trees above, the animals you need to photograph are in specific areas; however, unlike the trees, they are mobile, so you’ll have to do a bit of chasing.

The Disney Dreamlight Valley Rabbit is found in the Meadow. Explore the area, and you’ll most likely see one, as it’s pretty common.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Photographic Memory How To Take Photo Of A Rabbit

The Rabbits usually run when you get close, but after moving once, they stop for several seconds. Have your camera ready and quickly take a picture when the rabbit is resting, but make sure the animal is visible in the photograph.

After photographing a rabbit, move north to the Plaza area and explore it because that’s where you’ll find Squirrels.

Although some species have specific schedules, Squirrels are frequent, but they are a bit faster than Rabbits and rarely stop. So you’ll have to be quite fast when taking a photograph.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Photographic Memory Squirrel Location

Excellent job on capturing the wildlife of the Valley! Now, show Goofy your photos to receive the last objective for the Photographic Memory quest.

Where To Find Red Daisy, Green Rising Penstemon, Dandelion, And White & Pink Falling Penstemon

As Goofy tells you, to complete his Scrapbook, he needs you to photograph 4 different flowers.

The good thing is that they are static, and you can capture more than one in a single photograph.

To find Red Daisy and Green Rising Penstemon, head to the Peaceful Meadow and check the area on the right side of the stairs as you descend from the Plaza.

Look for red flowers and get close to them while making sure they are visible in your photo.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Photographic Memory Red Daisy Location

In the screenshot above, you can see a Red Daisy and a Green Rising Penstemon in the distance.

You can notice that the Red Daisy has red flowers while the Green Rising Penstemon has green flowers.

After photographing these two, go to the Plaza and look for a Daisy with yellow flowers, then for the White & Pink Falling Penstemon with pink and red flowers.

Both of them are very common in the Plaza, and again you can photograph both of them at the same time.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Photographic Memory Penstemon Location

Excellent job! So, now that you found all flowers, again, track down Goofy on your map and show him your collection of photos.

He’ll be quite happy with the photographs you managed to take and agree that you are super creative. Now, Disney Dreamlight Valley Photographic Memory quest is complete, and you’ll earn 350 XP points.

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