Disney Dreamlight Valley Crystal Mystery: How To Gather Night Shards

September 16, 2022

In Merlin’s friendship quest Crystal Mystery, you have to help the wizard investigate a Mysterious Shard in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Your curiosity will be rewarded with 530 XP, provided you manage to complete the said quest, which can be tricky if you don’t know how to procure a certain crafting material.

Therefore, we will explain exactly what needs to be done throughout the Crystal Mystery quest guide below.

How To Start Crystal Mystery In Disney Dreamlight Valley

As always, the developers at Gameloft have prepared a few requirements you need to take care of before starting the friendship quest, so here is the list:

  • Unlock Characters: Donald Duck
  • Reach Friendship Level 6 with Merlin
  • Unlock Biomes: Forest of Valor
Disney Dreamlight Valley Crystal Mystery Quest Walkthrough

If you’re having problems unlocking the Donald Duck character or the Forest of Valor Biome, make sure to check our guide here.

Also, if you want assistance with raising Merlin’s Friendship Level, refer to this guide.

And, of course, you have to complete Merlin’s previous friendship quest, named A Lesson In Frustration (covered in this guide).

When you are done, find the wizard with the help of the in-game map and speak with him to start the Crystal Mystery quest.

How To Explore The Forest Of Valor With Merlin

Upon talking to Merlin, the first thing you need to do is take your wizard friend and go to the Forest of Valor area to look for a strange black crystal.

You’ll find the mysterious black crystal a few meters west of the Pillar holding the Orb of Courage.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Crystal Mystery Where To Find Mysterious Shard

The strange shard looks like a small black rock that is sparkling yellow, as shown in the image above.

Take the Disney Dreamlight Valley strange black crystal to Merlin and see what the wizard has to say.

How To Gather 5 Night Shards

Merlin says now you need to get more Night Shards which should be buried around the Village.

You need to get 5 Night Shards to complete this objective, and you should already have them in your inventory or storage by now.

If not, select your Shovel by pressing RT on your Xbox controller, look for the glowing holes around the Village and start digging.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Crystal Mystery Quest Guide

The sparkling holes can be found everywhere, and when you have dug up enough Night Shards, go to Merlin again.

How To Craft A Purified Night Shard

The wizard has a new task for you, and that is to combine the Night Shards with a Dream Shard, so go to a Crafting Station.

Interact with the Station, go to the Potion & Enchantment tab, select the Purified Night Shard and press the Make button.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Crystal Mystery Purified Night Shard

Now talk to Merlin again and then think of a friend who will receive the Purified Night Shard as a gift from you.

Go to the friend of your choosing, probably Wall-E because he is adorable, talk to him, and select “I have something to give you.”

Then choose the blue shard from the list and gift it to the NPC to make him feel special, at least until he realizes he is just a character in a game.

And that’s all, Villager! You’ve completed the Disney Dreamlight Valley Crystal Mystery friendship quest.

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