Disney Dreamlight Valley Remy’s Recipe Books: Where To Find And How To Cook Peanuts Meals

September 15, 2022

After helping Remy to restore the Chez Remy Restaurant during A Restaurant Makeover quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, he seems a bit upset.

He recalls that he used to have more Recipe Books but can’t remember where they are. So, during the Remy’s Recipe Book quest, you will offer your help to find these books.

Therefore, follow this guide if you want to learn where to find the hidden books and complete the Remy’s Recipe Book quest in the video game developed by Gameloft.

How To Complete Disney Dreamlight Valley Remy’s Recipe Book Quest

If you are looking to complete Remy’s Recipe Book quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will need to fulfill the following tasks:

  • Talk to Remy to begin the quest (Friendship Level 4 required)
  • Ask Mickey about Remy’s Recipe Books
  • Examine the list Mickey gave you
  • Use Mickey’s Memory to find the hidden Books:
    • First Book’s location
    • Second Book’s location
    • Third Book’s location
  • Bring all the Books to Remy
  • Go to the Ratatouille Realm to find what’s missing.
  • Bring Remy the Bag of Peanuts
  • Cook meals that contain Peanuts (x2)
  • Talk to Remy

Once you complete A Restaurant Makeover quest by unlocking the Chez Remy Restaurant and With Great Power story quest by removing all Magic Gates in Dazzle Beach Mystical Cave to restore the Pillar of Power, talk to Remy after you reach Friendship Level 4 with him.

He seems upset because he can’t remember where he left his Recipe Books, and you have to tell him that he left them with Mickey Mouse.

After seeing Mickey, you will learn that he hid the Recipe Books from the Forgetting Curse all over the Village, but he kept a list to remind him where.

But the list got wet, and you have to figure out where Mickey hid these Recipes Book based on a Memory.

Open your inventory and interact with Book Hint List to reveal the following Memory.

How To Complete Disney Dreamlight Valley Remy's Recipe Book Quest

In the following, we will explain how to find each Remy’s Recipe Book location and what places you need to unlock.

First Book’s Location In Remy’s Recipe Book Quest

Go to the top of the stairs leading to Dazzle Beach and look for a sparkling dirt pile between two white trees.

Dig the spot to reveal Mickey’s Notes on Remy’s Special Recipe I and pick it up.

First Book's Location In Remy's Recipe Book Quest

Second Book’s Location

The Second Book can be found inside the Mystical Cave on Dazzle Beach, near the Cooking Station in the last area.

To unlock the Mystical Cave, you must progress and complete With Great Power story quest.

After unlocking the second Magic Gate, you will find the Second Book stuck in the ground near the Cooking Station.

Dig onto the tip of the Book to pull Mickey’s Notes on Remy’s Special Recipe II and add it to your inventory.

Second Book's Location In Remy's Recipe Book Quest

Where To Find Remy’s Third Recipe Book Location

The Third Book can be found in front of the Goofy’s Stall and near the docks on Dazzle Beach.

If you didn’t clear the sea debris yet, the location of the sparkling sand pile might be slightly different, but still around the marked area.

Dig the sand pile to find Mickey’s Notes on Remy’s Special Recipe III and add it to your inventory.

Third Book's Location In Remy's Recipe Book Quest

Once you’ve gathered all of Mickey’s Notes on Remy’s Special Recipe, return them to Remy, and then he’ll ask you to get some Peanuts from his Realm to prepare some dishes.

Peanuts Location In Ratatouille Realm

Travel to Remy’s Realm and look in the back of the Kitchen for nine bags of peanuts on the kitchen trolley.

Interact with the trolley and collect the Bag of Peanuts from the ground.

Peanuts Location In Ratatouille Realm

Return to the Village and bring Remy the Bag of Peanuts you just gathered.

Meals That Contain Peanuts In Remy’s Recipe Book Quest

After you give him the Bag of Peanuts, he will task you with preparing his favorite two recipes that contain Peanuts. You’ll also receive the two recipes in your inventory, which are:

  • Peanut Butter Sandwich: Peanuts, Wheat
  • Peanut Butter Waffles: Peanuts, Wheat, Egg, Milk

To prepare these two dishes, make sure you have Wheat (x2). Behind the Cooking Station, you will find on the shelf the rest of the ingredients, including Peanuts.

Gather Wheat (x2), buy Peanuts (x2), Egg, and Milk, go to the Cooking Station and start preparing the two meals.

Return to Remy with the two dishes to conclude Remy’s Recipe Book quest and unlock the next quest in line.

Also, the Peanuts will be permanently available to buy at Chez Remy and create new dishes. Check this Disney Dreamlight Valley Cooking & Recipes List Guide to learn more recipes using the new ingredients available.

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