Disney Dreamlight Valley Memory Magnification: How To Craft A Dreamlight Magnifier

Written by Vlad Susanu
September 15, 2022

If you wonder how to unlock Minnie Mouse in Disney Dreamlight Valley, then the answer is by completing the Memory Magnification friendship quest for Mickey Mouse.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Memory Magnification is the sixth quest in Mickey’s questline, and it is focused on bringing Minnie back to your Village; thus, you’ll be able to start a new series of quests for Mickey’s spouse in the video game developed by Gameloft.

Unlocking Minnie as a playable character in Disney Dreamlight Valley, however, also requires some Star Coins, and it involves building a unique item named the Dreamlight Magnifier.

So, let’s see how we can finally reunite Mickey and Minnie and how to complete the Memory Magnification quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How To Start Memory Magnification In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Since Memory Magnification is part of a long series of quests you get from Mickey, it goes without saying that to be able to start this quest; first, you’ll need to complete the previous one named Shadows And Bows.

Furthermore, you’ll need to unlock the Forest of Valor Biome because the Crafting Materials for the Dreamlight Magnifier are found in that area. So you’ll have to finish With Great Power main quest we covered here, and you’ll need 3000 Dreamlight, assuming it’s the third Biome you unlock.

Finally, you’ll need to increase your Mickey Friendship Level to 8, again a task that requires time and for which you may want to check out the in-depth Friendship Leveling Guide here.

When all these requirements are met, open your map and find Mickey’s icon, then travel to his location.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Memory Magnification Quest Walkthrough

When talking to Mickey, ask him what he needs to bring Minnie back, and he’ll tell you about Merlin’s latest invention, the Dreamlight Magnifier.

According to Merlin, the Dreamlight Magnifier requires the following crafting materials:

  • 1 Emerald
  • 2 Hardwood
  • 6 Tinkering Parts

So that you know, everything you need for the Dreamlight Magnifier is in the Forest of Valor Biome. Here is what you are looking for.

Dreamlight Magnifier Crafting Materials Locations

Let’s start with the Hardwood you’ll need to find because it’s the most accessible, even though it’s pretty rare and has a slow respawn rate.

Luckily you only need two units, and while exploring the forest, you’ll want to find some piles of sticks.

In the picture below, you can see an example, and you can also see that the color of Hardwood is different from that of Softwood. Meaning that it is an intense brown.

disney dreamlight valley a house fit for a duck hardwood location - GameClubz

Make sure you find two piles and collect them by pressing A on Xbox while next to them.

The Emerald and the Tinkering Parts work hand in hand because the Emeralds are found in the Rock Spots or mining deposits which also contain Iron Ore.

Unfortunately, early in the game, you’ll have access only to a small area of Forest of Valor, and this area includes a total of 3 Rocks Spots:

  • One deposit is on the left side of the Pillar, where you found Kristoff
  • The second is on the right side of the stairs leading to Frosted Heights
  • The third one is on the left side of the same stairs, by the river.

These are the three deposits you’ll have to constantly mine until you get one Emerald and a total of 20 Iron Ore.

You can see one of the Iron Ore mining deposits in the following screenshot.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Memory Magnification Emerald Location

Upon getting 20 Iron Ore, head back to Scrooge McDuck’s shop, and inside, look for the Crafting Table on the right side of the Vault.

Interact with it, and in the Refined Material tab, craft 2 Iron Ingots using Iron Ore and the Coal Ore obtained by mining the three deposits.

Then, using the 2 Iron Ingots, craft 6 Tinkering Parts.

Finally, go to the Functional Items tab and craft the Dreamlight Magnifier in the next screenshot. Just select the item, then the Make button.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Memory Magnification How To Craft Dreamlight Magnifier

How To Bring Minnie Mouse To The Village

With the Dreamlight Magnifier in your Inventory, head outside Scrooge’s Shop then you should be able to find Minnie in the Plaza area next to the fountain.

Talk to her, then watch the cute cutscene before returning to Mickey nearby, who will ask for the Magnifier. Once you talk to Mickey, you’ll have to build Minnie’s house.

To do so, open your backpack by pressing Y on Xbox, then in the Furniture tab, you’ll see Minnie’s pink house.

Now find a suitable spot in your Village. A good idea is to place Minnie’s house next to Mickey’s, but you’ll have to clear all obstacles using the Furniture options in your Inventory. Now, place Minnie’s House.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Memory Magnification Minnie House

To complete the construction, you’ll need to approach Scrooge McDuck’s construction sign and agree to pay 5000 Star Coins. If you don’t have enough money, consider mining, gardening, or fishing, then sell the goods to Goofy’s Stalls.

Once you pay the amount asked by Scrooge, Disney Dreamlight Valley Memory Magnification quest ends, and Minnie’s first quest (The Language Of Flowers) becomes available alongside Mickey’s last quest in Early Access, named The Secret Door.

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