Disney Dreamlight Valley The Language Of Flowers: How To Craft Minnie’s Flower Arrangement

September 24, 2022

Upon finding Minnie in Disney Dreamlight Valley, while playing Mickey’s questline, you’ll need to complete a series of three quests available in Early Acces, and the first one is The Language Of Flowers.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Language Of Flowers is a cute fetch quest during which you’ll need to gather flowers and craft Minnie’s Flower Arrangement.

The said Arrangement is a gift for Mickey Mouse, but to craft it, you’ll need to know where to find all flowers Minnie is looking for.

As such, throughout the following Disney Dreamlight Valley The Language Of Flowers walkthrough, we’ll tell you where to find the flowers and how to craft the Flower Arrangement.

How To Start The Language Of Flowers In Disney Dreamlight Valley

To start The Language Of Flowers, there are several requirements that must be met, and the most important one is to unlock Minnie Mouse.

To do this, you’ll need to complete Mickey’s Memory Magnification quest or the 6th quest in his storyline.

Then you’ll need to place Minnie’s house in your Village so she can become a permanent resident.

Once you build her house, you’ll have to focus on reaching Friendship Level 2 with Minnie by completing various tasks as we outlined here.

Furthermore, you’ll have to unlock two Biomes: Forest of Valor and Dazzle Beach, for a total of 4000 Dreamlight obtained when you complete tasks in the Dreamlight tab of your in-game menu.

Last but not least, you’ll need to progress further with Merlin, preferably finishing his storyline by completing the Final Trial quest.

With all Language Of Flowers requirements met, open your map and find Minnie.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Language Of Flowers Walkthrough

When talking to Minnie, she’ll tell you she wants to pick some beautiful flowers, so agree to help her.

Now, she’ll tell you that she saw some in the Forest and that she may give them to Mickey to apologize for not knowing who he is.

The Language Of Flowers Blue Star Lilies Locations

To progress the quest, follow Minnie to the Forest of Valor Biome; however, be advised that Minnie must be by your side during this part of the quest.

This means that if you interrupt the current quest, you’ll have to find her again and choose the quest when talking to her.

Furthermore, if you already have Blue Star Lilies in your inventory, you’ll want to drop them on the ground and pick them up again while Minnie is next to you.

Assuming you don’t have any Blue Star Lilies, you’ll want to enter the Forest of Valor Biome and look for some medium-sized blue flowers like the one in my screenshot.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Language Of Flowers Blue Star Lilies

Disney Dreamlight Valley Blue Star Lilies grow only in the Forest of Valor and respawn slowly, so you’ll need to visit this biome often.

It is worth knowing, though, that you can speed up the collecting process if you upgrade your shovel by completing Anna’s Icy Invitation quest because it allows you to remove the tree stumps in the Forest of Valor.

Once you get rid of them, you’ll be able to cross the bridge and find more Blue Star Lilies. Again, remember that Minnie must be next to you for the flowers to count as collected.

After you get 6 of them, talk to Minnie and hand them over, then she’ll tell you that she wants to use them to create a Flower Arrangement.

She’ll also give you the pot you’ll use to craft the Arrangement, and you already have the Blue Star Lilies, which means that you’ll only need the following flowers:

  • 1 White & Red Hydrangea
  • 4 Red Bell Flowers

Let’s see where to find them.

Where To Find Red Bell Flowers

The Red Bell Flowers in Disney Dreamlight Valley also grow in the Forest of Valor Biome.

As you can see below, they are medium-sized flowers that look like tiny bells. They are red and quite hard to miss.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Language Of Flowers Red Bell Flowers

You’ll need four of them, and they spawn randomly. This means that just like the Blue Star Lilies, you can gather them faster if you gain access to the northern side of the Forest of Valor.

If not, check the area available early in the game as often as possible.

How To Get White & Red Hydrangea

White & Red Hydrangea is a flower that, unlike the previous two, grows only in the Dazzle Beach Biome.

So, from the Forest of Valor, enter Dazzle Beach and start looking for a medium-sized plant with multiple flowers that grow in bouquets.

Make sure the bouquets are red and white, not pink, like the second flower in the screenshot below.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Language Of Flowers White & Red Hydrangea

Collect one White & Red Hydrangea, then visit a Crafting Table like the one next to Goofy’s House in Peaceful Meadow or the one inside Scrooge’s Shop in the Plaza.

Access the Crafting Station, then the Furniture tab. Now craft Minnie’s Flower Arrangement using the pot and the flowers you collected.

Next, talk to Minnie, and she’ll send you to deliver the Arrangement to Mickey Mouse, so open your map and find him.

When talking to Mickey, hand over the Arrangement, then speak to Minnie one last time and tell her that Mickey loved the gift.

Now, the Disney Dreamlight Valley The Language Of Flowers quest ends, and you’ll unlock the next one in line, named On The Trail of Minnie’s Memory.

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