Disney Dreamlight Valley On The Trail Of Minnie’s Memory: Where To Find All Lost Memories

by Vlad
September 24, 2022

On The Trail Of Minnie’s Memory is the second Disney Dreamlight Valley Early Access quest you need to complete for Minnie to help her recover her lost Memories.

Although you managed to save Minnie and bring her back to your Village, she still doesn’t remember Mickey or her other friends.

Therefore in Disney Dreamlight Valley On The Trail Of Minnie’s Memory, you’ll need to play detective and find out why Minnie disappeared from the Village.

On The Trail Of Minnie’s Memory doesn’t involve any Crafting Materials, and it’s very accessible; however, as part of our complete Disney Dreamlight Valley Wiki, we’ll tell you what you have to do to finish it.

How To Start On The Trail Of Minnie’s Memory In Disney Dreamlight Valley

As with all other quests in Gameloft’s latest video game, On The Trail Of Minnie’s Memory features several requirements you’ll need to meet.

As you can guess, the first one refers to the previous quest in Minnie’s storyline (The Language Of Flowers), which must be completed.

Next, you’ll need to reach Minnie Mouse Level 4 by increasing your Friendship Level with Mickey’s spouse. For this, you’ll have to complete various tasks like the ones outlined in our guide here.

Finally, you’ll have to unlock Dazzle Beach and Forest of Valor Biomes since the current quest takes you to these areas.

With all these requirements met, it’s time to talk to Minnie Mouse again and see what you can do to help her.

Disney Dreamlight Valley On The Trail Of Minnie's Memory Walkthrough

When talking to Minnie, you’ll find out that since she returned to the Village, she’s been drawn to a location in Peaceful Meadow, so she wants to take a closer look and figure out why.

Make sure you agree to help her, and she’ll kindly ask you to follow her. Stay close to Minnie, and she’ll take you to a pond in Peaceful Meadow Biome. The same pond where you found your Fishing Rod as part of the Fishing Expedition quest.

The pond is close to Goofy’s Stall in Peaceful Meadow, and once you get close, you’ll see a glowing Fishing Pole.

Disney Dreamlight Valley On The Trail Of Minnie's Memory Meadow Location

Since you can’t interact with the rod, talk to Minnie and tell her that the object is flickering like she was.

When she asks you how you brought her back, tell Minnie you used a device called the Dreamlight Magnifier. You may remember it from the Memory Magnification quest or from Donald’s Forgotten Project.

Obviously, you don’t have the Dreamlight Magnifier, but Mickey does, so you’ll need to open your map, find Mickey and talk to him.

When he asks you how he can help, tell him to borrow you the Dreamlight Magnifier, then head back to the pond in Peaceful Meadow.

Approach the sparkling fishing pole and interact with it by pressing A on your Xbox controller.

Great job, not speak to Minnie again, and she’ll remember that she was fishing by the pond with Goofy, but then they moved to the beach. So that’s where you’ll need to go next.

Dreamlight Magnifier Lost Memory Beach Location

From your current location by the pond above, head south toward Dazzle Beach.

Descend the stairs, then turn left to see a sparkling hat.

Disney Dreamlight Valley On The Trail Of Minnie's Memory Beach Location

As you can see, it’s close to the wooden bridge. Interact with the sparkling hat and then talk to Minnie again. Now, the cute mouse remembers that the hat belongs to Donald, and she was fishing for him.

Specifically, Minnie was packing food for Donald, who was about to embark on a dangerous mission. Tell her you found Donald in the Forest since you already played Lost In The Dark Grove.

So, the next area you’ll want to visit is the Forest of Valor.

Where To Find Minnie’s Lost Memory In Forest Of Valor

Again, from your current location, head north towards the Plaza, then east towards the ramp connecting the Plaza and Forest of Valor.

When you enter the Forest of Valor, turn right to spot the pillar where you found Kristoff at the beginning of the Lost In The Dark Grove quest.

In front of the pillar, as you can see below, is Minnie’s package, also known as the Sparkling Package.

Disney Dreamlight Valley On The Trail Of Minnie's Memory Forest Location

Interact with it, then talk to Minnie again. Now, she remembers everything, including Mickey Mouse.

Let’s reunite the cute couple now, so make sure that Minnie follows you and then head back to Mickey’s location using his icon on your map.

To complete Disney Dreamlight Valley On The Trail Of Minnie’s Memory, wait for them to celebrate, talk to Mickey and return his Magnifier. Finally, speak to Minnie again, and she’ll thank you for your help unlocking the last quest in her story: Remembering Old Times.

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