Disney Dreamlight Valley Fishing Expedition Broken Lucky Rod: Where To Find And How To Use

by Vlad
September 8, 2022

Disney Dreamlight Valley Fishing Expedition is one of the early quests you can complete in the Peaceful Meadow area for Goofy, who is willing to teach you how to fish if you find his Lucky Broken Rod.

The Fishing Expedition quest featured in the game developed by Gameloft is interconnected with the Royal Tools quest, meaning that one of the Royal Tools you must find is the Fishing Rod you can get from Goofy.

However, Goofy’s Lucky Fishing Rod, or the Broken Fishing Rod, must be found first, and below, we’ll discuss its location and how to complete the Fishing Expedition quest.

So let’s start from the beginning with the quest’s requirements.

How To Start The Fishing Expedition Quest In Disney Dreamlight Valley

To start the Fishing Expedition quest or unlock the fishing activity in Disney Dreamlight Valley, first, you’ll need to get the Pickaxe, one of the Royal Tools we covered in-depth here.

As part of the Royal Tools quest, you’ll have to find the Pickaxe, Shovel, Watering Can, and Fishing Rod, but you only need the Pickaxe to get the Fishing Rod.

Therefore, focus on the first tool, and if you can’t find it, refer to this guide.

Once you get the Pickaxe from the Plaza near your house (where the well is found), head south towards the Peaceful Meadow.

Eventually, you’ll reach some stairs, but the path ahead is blocked by some rocks. On Xbox, press RT to equip the Pickaxe, then X to smash the stones and clear the way toward the next area.

Now, you can choose how to start the Disney Dreamlight Valley Fishing Expedition quest because you have two options:

  • You can talk to Goofy inside his house, and he’ll send you to find his Lucky Fishing Rod
  • You can find the Broken Fishing Rod and then look for his owner, which is Goofy

Just so you know, in Disney Dreamlight Valley, the Lucky Fishing Rod and the Broken Fishing Rod are the same.

So, let’s visit Goofy first.

From the stairs connecting the Plaza area and the Peaceful Medow, head down the path ahead, and you’ll see Goofy’s house on the left side (pictured below).

Disney Dreamlight Valley Fishing Expedition Quest Walkthrough

Approach the house and clear the Thorns blocking the door by pressing A on Xbox. Now, head inside and talk to Goofy.

Eventually, you’ll learn that Goofy is a fisherman who runs several Stalls but lost his Lucky Fishing Rod. Your objective, as you can guess, is to find it.

Where To Find The Lucky Fishing Rod In The Meadow

To find the Lucky Fishing Rod, first head outside Goofy’s house. Now open your map, and you’ll see two ponds or small lakes west of your current location.

The Disney Dreamlight Valley Lucky Fishing Rod is next to the northwestern pond in the Peaceful Meadow.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Lucky Fishing Rod Location

So head to the location you see marked on the map above, and you’ll eventually spot one of Goofy’s Stalls.

Next to the small pond nearby, you’ll also see the Lucky Fishing Rod or the Broken Rod.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Fishing Expedition Lucky Fishing Rod Location

Now, this is the Fishing Rod Goofy is looking for, and as outlined above, you can get it before visiting Goofy, but in this case, you will be asked to find the person it belongs to.

With the Fishing Rod in your inventory, head back to Goofy’s House and talk to him. He’ll fix the Rod for you and turn it into a fully functional Fishing Rod you can use.

Furthermore, you’ll also complete one of the four objectives of the Royal Tools quest, but the current quest continues because Goofy will teach you how to use the Rod he just restored.

How To Fish

After you give Goofy the Broken Fishing Rod, he’ll ask you to follow him to a fishing spot. He’ll also reward you with the Pale Green Fishing Hat.

You can equip it if you wish, but there are no benefits from wearing it, except for changing your appearance.

Now, exit Goofy’s House and follow him to the pond that’s across the street from his building.

Here you’ll learn how to fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and things are pretty straightforward:

  • Approach a source of water (pond or lake) and press RT (on Xbox) to select your Fishing Rod
  • With the Rod equipped, face the water ripples, then press hold X to see a marker moving forward
  • Release X when the marker is close to the ripples
  • After the fish bites the lure, wait for the outer circle to get close to the one in the middle, and press A when the latter turns green
Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Fish

Whether you catch a fish or seaweed, Goofy will be thrilled that you learned how to fish, so talk to him again to continue the Fishing Expedition quest.

The next step is to follow him to the Stall north of your current location (where you found the Rod).

Repairing Goofy’s Stalls

Upon talking to Goofy again, he’ll tell you he has multiple Stalls you can use to sell the fish you catch. But they must be repaired.

To repair Goofy’s Stalls in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll need to call Scrooge McDuck, and you can do this by interacting with his sign next to the Stall you want to repair.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Goofy Stalls Repairing Guide

Since this is the first Stall you need to repair, Scrooge, won’t charge you after you call him but remember that for the next ones, you’ll need to pay, so start saving Star Coins as early as possible.

Now that you repaired his first Stall, Goofy has no additional tasks for you as part of this quest, so it’s time to talk to him and claim your rewards. For completing the Disney Dreamlight Valley Fishing Expedition, you’ll receive 2 Lettuce Seeds, 2 Wheat Seeds, and 2 Carrot Seeds.

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