Disney Dreamlight Valley Mickey’s Memories Chez Remy Fruit Salad Recipe Location

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September 8, 2022

Completing the Disney Dreamlight Valley Mickey’s Memories quest is the first step to learning how to cook or prepare delicious meals in the video game developed by Gameloft.

That’s because Mickey’s Memories quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley requires you to find your first Cooking Recipe, eventually leading to learning how to cook a Fruit Salad.

But to get the Recipe, there are additional objectives and tasks you must complete for Mickey Mouse.

So, throughout the following Disney Dreamlight Valley Mickey’s Memories walkthrough, we’ll discuss the first Mickey Mouse quest and where to find the Cooking Recipe near Chez Remy.

How To Start Mickey’s Memories Quest In Disney Dreamlight Valley

To start Mickey’s Memories in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you only need to find Mickey Mouse’s house; however, to complete the quest, you’ll need an additional tool.

Specifically, the Shovel, which is obtained by completing the Royal Tools quest we’ve covered here.

As such, before visiting one of Disney’s most beloved characters, it’s a good idea to complete the Royal Tools quest for Merlin, and while playing the said quest, you’ll also have to finish the Fishing Expedition quest for Goofy; otherwise, you won’t be able to obtain the fourth tool.

Once both of these quests are completed or after you find the Shovel, head back to your house, and across the street, you’ll see Mickey’s house.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Mickey's Memories Walkthrough

Head inside the house, and you’ll find Mickey, who, as you can guess, has some tasks for you.

Removing The Night Thorns In Mickey’s House

The first objective you must complete inside Mickey’s House is to remove the Night Thorns, and this task is pretty straightforward since it doesn’t require any tools.

Basically, you need to approach the Night Thorns and use your bare hands to make them disappear. On Xbox, this can be done by pressing A, while on Playstation X.

There are 4 Night Thorns you must remove inside the house, and the most important one is by the fridge because it contains a Memory.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Mickey's Memory Location

By removing the Thorn marked above, you’ll unlock the second Dreamlight Valley Memory, and Mickey will ask you to investigate it.

So pick it up by pressing A on Xbox, and you’ll see a beautiful picture showing Mickey Mouse in front of Chez Remy.

If you don’t know, Remy (also known as Little Chef) is the protagonist of Disney Pixar’s 2007 animated feature film, Ratatouille.

So, talk to Mickey again, and he’ll offer some valuable tips on Remy’s Recipes and what you can do with them. For the first Recipe, you’ll need to find the location of Mickey’s Memory.

Mickey’s Memory Location

The location of Mickey’s Memory is shown in the image you just discovered. Or simply put is Chez Remy restaurant.

Exit Mickey’s House, turn right, and you’ll reach the round Plaza with a fountain in the middle.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Mickey Memory Location

As you cross the plaza moving east, you’ll see the Chez Remy restaurant marked above.

When you get close to the restaurant, your objective changes, and you’ll be asked to search the area to find the Recipe.

Mickey’s Memories Recipe Location

The location of the Recipe needed for Mickey’s Memories quest is also provided by the picture you found in Mickey’s House.

If you take a closer look at the said picture, you’ll notice a hole in the corner of the restaurant, next to Mickey’s table. It is the same spot where you find the Shovel.

The hole indicates that the Recipe is buried, so you’ll need to dig a hole and remove all obstacles around it.

To dig the hole, you’ll need the Shovel; that’s why completing the Royal Tools is mandatory. Assuming you have the Shovel, select it by pressing RT on your Xbox controller, then dig a hole at the glowing spot on the ground.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Mickey's Memories Recipe Location

Upon digging at the location marked above, you’ll reveal your first Disney Dreamlight Valley Cooking Recipe that can be used to learn how to prepare a Fruit Salad. But first, you need to learn it.

As such, open your backpack by pressing Y on your Xbox controller, then select the Fruit Salad Recipe.

Finally, select Use from the drop-down menu, and the Recipe will be added to the Meals list.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Fruit Salad Recipe Location

If you check the bottom of the screen, you’ll learn that you need apples to make a Fruit Salad; however, for now, you’ll have to talk one last time to Mickey. Feel free to pick whatever answers you want, as they won’t affect the gameplay or the game’s story.

After showing him the Fruit Salad Recipe, Disney Dreamlight Valley Mickey’s Memories quest ends, and you’ll unlock the Gray Jean Overalls alongside the next quest named Foodception, which sets you one step closer to unlocking the cooking activity.

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