Disney Dreamlight Valley The Search For Pua: Where To Find Pua’s Tracks

September 21, 2022

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Search For Pua is Moana’s seventh quest in the Early Access version of the video game developed by Gameloft, and it focuses on finding Moana’s pig-like friend.

The Search For Pua Disney Dreamlight Valley friendship quest allows you to become a detective because you’ll have to find Pua’s tracks and use some of the clues you receive from Moana to find the pet’s location.

This quest doesn’t involve any materials or ingredients, but you’ll need to do a lot of tracking. So, let’s see how you can help Moana find Pua throughout the following Disney Dreamlight Valley walkthrough.

How To Start The Search For Pua In Disney Dreamlight Valley

To be able to unlock The Search For Pua, as you may remember from all other quests we covered as part of our Disney Dreamlight Valley Wiki, there are several requirements you’ll need to meet.

The first requirement refers to Moana’s questline in the video game, meaning that you’ll have to complete her previous quest named The Remembering.

After finishing the said quest, make sure Moana’s Friendship Leve is 8, and if not, complete the tasks outlined in our Friendship Leveling guide here.

Finally, you’ll need to progress further with Remy, up to the point when you open his Chez Remy restaurant.

Now, assuming all these requirements are met, open your map and find Moana’s icon, then travel to her location and see what she wants.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Search For Pua Quest Walkthrough

After talking to Moana, she’ll tell you that she put the Coconuts you gave her at the end of the previous quest to work. Now, she wants to check them, so she’ll ask you if you want to go with her.

Agree to help Moana, then follow her to Dazzle Beach. She’ll take you to her fishing boat, pictured below.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Search For Pua Walkthrough

On the left side of the said boat, you’ll see the Coconuts she placed in the sand to lure Pua.

If you pay close attention, you’ll be able to spot several small tracks near the Coconuts.

Talk to Moana again, and you’ll find out that Pua tried to eat the Coconuts but didn’t manage to open them.

Ask Moana where did Pua go, and she’ll tell you that she has no clue, but she’s sure he is not on the beach.

When she asks you if you can track Pua for her, pick any dialogue option you want, then Moana outlines that Pua most likely went to an area with fresh water.

Now, tell Moana that to get fresh water, Pua went to the Meadow, and she’ll send you there to look for him.

How To Track Pua In The Meadow

To track Pua in the Meadow in Disney Dreamlight Valley from your current location, turn around and head up the slope leading to Peaceful Meadow Biome.

Remember that you are looking for small golden tracks on the ground. When you enter the Meadow area, head towards Wall-E’s garden, and by the pond, you should see two tracks (pictured below).

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Search For Pua Meadow Tracks Locations

Check both locations I have marked above, then talk to Moana again regarding the hoofprints.

Now, she’ll ask you what Pua would do next now that he has water. Answer with finding something to eat.

Tracking Pua Near The Restaurant

As you probably know, Chez Remy is the best place to get good food, so that’s where you’ll want to go next.

Now, from your current location, you’ll want to head to Remy’s Restaurant, which should be in the Plaza, assuming you did not move the building.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Search For Pua Restaurant Tracks

When you get close, without going inside, approach the leftovers on the right side of the door.

It looks like Pua barely touched the food, so let’s see what Moana suggests we should do next.

Talk to her, and she’ll tell you that something scared Pua. Tell her he probably went to the Forest, and she’ll agree that that’s where you should check next.

Where To Find Pua In The Forest Of Valor

Once again, from your current location, follow the slope east towards the Forest of Valor. When you enter the Biome, don’t bother looking for tracks.

Instead, cross the area towards Anna’s house on the other side.

As you get close, you should be able to see some Night Thorns close to the stairs leading to Frosted Heights Biome.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Where To Find Pua

Get close to the Night Thorns, and you’ll see Moana’s little friend Pua trapped in the middle.

Obviously, you have to free him, so start removing the Night Thorns by pressing A on Xbox. Once you set him free, Pua drops another Leader Shard.

Make sure you get it, then give it to Moana. She’ll thank you for saving Pua and ask you to visit her later.

Now Disney Dreamlight Valley The Search For Pua quest ends, and you’ll be able to start Moana’s last quest in Early Access, named The Ceremony.

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